4th Annual Novant Northern Family Medicine Football Classic(Ragsdale vs. Northern Guilford, EG vs. North Forsyth)

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4th Annual Novant Northern Family Medicine Football Classic
August 12, 2015
Kickoff will be at 6:00
Tickets are $6.00

Home			                Visitor	                        Times
North Forsyth				Eastern Guilford 		6:00 p.m.
Marlboro County			        Reidsville			7:30 p.m.
Northern Guilford			Ragsdale	                        9:00 p.m.

Classic Rules
1. There will be no break between games. Teams will warm up on the practice field and arrive in their respective end zones 5 minutes before the start of their contest. The home team will start the contest with the kickoff from the scoreboard end of the field. There will be no coin toss.
2. The Classic will be 3 Quarters or 1 ½ hours based on the referee’s time. Time starts with the kickoff. Quarters will be 12 minutes.
3. Officials will call water timeouts at their discretion.
4. All National Federation rules and NCHSAA rules will apply.
a. All kicking will be live
b. Food will be provided for each team following your contest, teams must go with their coaches to the concession area to receive their food.
c. Bus Parking: Parking will be at the Middle School next to sidewalk for easy access to stadium and practice field.

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