High School Football Practice will begin this week at Midnight on Friday/Saturday and on Saturday morning/afternoon for others

Posted by Andy Durham on July 27, 2015 at 10:11 am under High School | 2 Comments to Read

Some teams are going with a mini-camp of conditioning this week, while others will wait and begin it all with a late-night/early morning start to practice on Friday/Saturday…..

The official start is August 1, or if you want to be money in the bank on it, the first Saturday in August, or the first Saturday after the East-West All-Stars have been done for at least a week…

Not sure if there is a true scientific meaning for the first day of practice, but it will all begin officially for those who want to get a bit of a jump with practice this coming Saturday, August 1, at midnight….But is it Midnight Saturday or is that really Midnight on Friday, or Midnight on Friday/12am Saturday….Teams will get going with practice at 12am Saturday and that seems to be most definitive way to explain it, 12am Saturday…

Dudley has announced that they will start at 12am on Saturday….Do we have others???? Who is going morning and who is going in the afternoon on Saturday??? Dudley will go at 12am on Saturday and then their work will be done at the end of that practice until Monday of the next week(August 3)…

We heard that Northern is a having a mini-camp for conditioning this week prior to the first day of practice on Saturday…Heard that Asheboro was going with their mini-camp at 0am this morning(July 27)….

From previous years I can always remember Page going mornings, Grimsley afternoons, Smith mornings, Southeast Guilford mornings, Northwest Guilford afternoons, Ragsdale afternoons, Northeast Guilford mornings, Northern Guilford mornings, Eastern Guilford afternoons, Southern Guilford mornings, Western Guilford mornings, Eastern Guilford afternoons, High Point Central afternoons and not sure about High Point Andrews….

Mini-camps this week and practice can begin at 12am, this Saturday…..

  • dubgfootballfan said,

    Any idea who Western is looking at since Causey is now the A.D.?

    Head coaching position was posted on July 22nd, hope they can figure it out before practice begins.

  • Pigskin said,

    Page is going 8-12 this week, and will kick-off @ 12am Saturday morning.