High School Football Today with practice set to begin on Saturday and Top Five Teams going into the new season

Posted by Andy Durham on July 29, 2015 at 10:54 am under High School | 25 Comments to Read

We have been covering the high school football scene for about two months now, as we head into the new season and we do have one set of 7 on 7 action going on for today:Northeast Guilford at Graham in 7 on 7 at 5pm and there may some more we don’t know of and if that is the case, send it our way…

The new season kicks off on Saturday with the first official practices of the 2015 season and we do know that Dudley, Page and Ragsdale have Midnight Madness Practices set and Northeast Guilford is going at 9am and we will have the other Saturday practice times for you, as they become available…Northwest Guilford will begin their practice at 9am and go until 12 NOON on Saturday and the Vikings are in mini-camp sessions this week prior to Saturday, going from 6-8pm……Add in Southern Guilford to the teams doing the Midnight Madness….Mini-camp for SG this week, going 9-11am and will finish that up on Thursday….Rayshawn Knight vying for the SG QB spot…

Western Guilford is in the process of hiring a new football coach and Western has only had four head football coaches that I know of since I have been alive and that goes back 57 years and those would be:
Joe Robinson
Doug Henderson
Charlie Griffin and
Chris Causey….Pretty good run of tenure for those coaches…..I have been playing, following this sport for many years and I was thinking back to the coaches that were at the different Guilford County Schools when I first started broadcasting these games on radio around 20 years ago and they were to my recollection:

Jeff Smouse-Grimsley
Bill King-Page
Tony McKee-Smith
Michael Ferguson-Dudley
Tommy Norwood-Ragsdale
Tommy Pursley-Northeast Guilford
Greg King-Northwest Guilford
Dick Kemp-Southwest Guilford
Gary Whitman-High Point Central
Charlie Griffin-Western Guilford
Mickey Atkinson-Southern Guilford
Ken Helms-Southeast Guilford
Tommy Grayson-Eastern Guilford
David Mizzel-High Point Andrews
+++++May be wrong about one or two, but I’ve got most all of them on the money….+++++

Top Five Teams for Guilford County for 2015 and how do you stack them up?????(We will look at the “Second Five” on Thursday.)

2)Northern Guilford
4)Northwest Guilford
5)Southeast Guilford

  • Top 5 said,

    Here is what I think the Pre-season top 5 should look like.

    1-Dudley (All around Best team in the Triad)
    2-Page (Is going to surprise some people)
    3-NW Guilford (Might be the best offense in the Triad finally beat Northern this year)
    4-Northern Guilford (CJ, CJ, CJ, Not much depth)
    5-HP Central (Offense is loaded again this year)

  • Andy Durham said,

    With CJ Freeman at RB, the new QB Myles Timmons and the WR’s Tucker Hord and Max Maynard, Northern Guilford has some offense….The Hord kid may have the best verticle leap in the county….That little kid can get up and you and I are not that far off on our Top Five….

    HP Central could easily be in there and they do need QB help after losing J. Mack, but they have the runners in Little and Wall…

    Southern Guilford may be the sleeper….They lost Reggie Gallaspy and their QB, but if they can find a QB, they can still be OK….SG has some good RB’s and some very good WR’s….

    More Top Five Talk, it is that time to talk Top Five and beyond….

  • Wait just one second said,

    Ok Andy,

    neither Hord or Maynard are receivers that can stretch the field IMO. They don’t have the size to be a major deep threat. Hord is also 5’9″ish and is a good HS Player but not so fast with saying he has the best vertical leap in the county.

    I think Timmons is the wildcard for Northern. He may look okay in 7 v 7 but when defenses start blitzing him and he can’t throw the ball up to Cam Harris or Mook Reynolds he may be in trouble.

    The key to Northern this year is can you stop CJ. If teams can somehow (easier said than done) hold CJ Freeman under 100 yards a game you can beat Northern.

  • Andy Durham said,

    You may be right, but the teams couldn’t stop TJ, now can they stop CJ???

    I will take that Hord kid as a possession receiver….If I need the big pass play, I’m going his way…The kid has springs or something like that in his legs…

    Timmons will have to put it there and let Hord or Maynard go get, but you have to stop CJ and force Northern into having to make that Big Play….

    Dudley can power run you with Young and slip their receives loose and run them run so Go routes and have Hooker roll out right or left, and let the pass rip…..

    Page can play you with Jones to Overton and this year Page will use the run to set up the pass…..Overton has a chance to be All Right, all year long….

    Northwest as a kid in the backfield named Zack Welch that came in from Reidsville and he is going to help Kyle Fennie and the Vikings running game….NWG is expecting a big year from Welch…..And never forget Hennigan, he could be lining everywhere as Coach Rolfes likes to say….Good battle at QB with 1A and 1B and both Jake Smith and Caleb Homol can run the team and they are almost like interchangeable parts at this time…..

    We will keep talking and keep adding info until they kick the first ball on August 21….

  • Ed McDaniels said,

    3)High Point Central
    4)Southern Guilford
    5)Southeast Guilford

  • Vegas Mike said,


    Vegas Mike

  • Just sayin said,

    One thing you guys keep forgetting about them Nighthawks: HEAD COACH IS JOHNNY ROSCOE!!!

    No way NW gets the win in Johnny Roscoe stadium!!

  • just sayin (the original one) said,

    Not so fast there fake just sayin. Get your own name! NW Guilford is pretty dynamic on offense this year and last time I checked Johnny Roscoe’s D1 stable only had one horse in it this year. That is unless he was able to hit the recruiting trail and pick up a few we haven’t heard of yet. You never know when it comes to Roscoe and his shenanigans! Sorry to burst your bubble but Tucker and Maynard are not Mook and Harris.

    On the other hand it looks like NW got several dynamic kids who transferred in. Ol Rolfes may have a stronger hand to play than Johnny boy this year.

    Either way this will be his final season. We all know Roscoe won’t be hanging around with zero D1 talent on the field next year. Wouldn’t want to hurt his fake record.

  • Sorry OB1 just sayin said,

    You just don’t understand…it’s not the talent you need to worry about! You will get out coached!! Over the years what have we heard, not after Keenan leaves, not after TJ leaves, not after Mook and Harris leave! All we do is win win win no matter what! How’s that fake record of his look against NW, I believe you guys are 0-fer.

  • Are you forgetting? said,

    Looks like the copy ‘just saying’ forgot about 2 years ago when ol’ cheater Rosco had to forfeit those games for using Juniors players on JV and Varsity the same week.

    But none of that matters to this year’s team. We will see how things finish up on September 4th – every thing else is just words.

  • Just a football Fan said,

    To “Just sayin” and Andy,
    First off let me adress I’m not a pure Northern fan but I do have ties with them and keep up with them. With that saying, that kid CJ is the best damn back Ive seen in the state so far. Last year (rumors so don’t pounce on me if I’m wrong) he rushed for 2000 yards while being hurt the whole season. I heard he was never fully healthy. Now given the injury he had and the recovery time I think he should be a fully healthy RB and there’s no defense northern plays that I think can stop CJ to 100 yards
    Now for Hord and Maynard, Hord is probably one of the most skilled wrs in the county even given his small size. Due to the absence of Harris and Reynolds this could be his breakout year and same thing with Maynard. Both of them have shown improvement in 7om7s especially hord with that amazing catch he had at Guilford college. Don’t be surprised when there at the top of statistics during the season for the county
    The one thing however that really is the X factor for northern is Miles Timmons. Now I’ve heard this is his first year starting so we don’t know what to expect from him but as long as he can make decent throws I think the receivers can handle the rest. And also if CJ is running the ball good then everything will open up for the nighthawks offense.

    On a side note,
    I think northern a toughest game will be NW. Predicting an early score of 35-28 northern.

  • no way said,

    No way that Hord and Maynard are going to top the statistics list of receivers Roscoe will never throw the ball that much. I will agree that CJ is a top RB in the area. The top 2 are probably him and Christian Beal over at East Forsyth.

  • Just Sayin said,

    Ok let me break it down for you the difference in Northern then and Northern now.

    Northern then—Best player was TJ Logan. Did TJ have to play defense? No! Because they had mook, Coltrane, and cam along with a lot of other great defensive players

    Northern last year—-Did CJ have to play defense after carrying the ball a couple hundred times? No! Because they had Mook and even Cam could play some defense because he played QB and didn’t take the beating that CJ and TJ did.

    Northern this year—-CJ is going to have to play defense along with Maynard and Hord because they don’t have enough quality depth on that side of the ball. How long will CJ last if he’s carrying the rock every play and playing a total of 60 snaps a game? Plus everyone is ready to name Hord the next Odell Beckham Jr from one catch at a 7 on 7. Not so fast!

    Facts are Northern will roll everyone on their conference schedule until they face East and West Alamance. They could get beat by both Page and NW to start the season. We shall see

  • just sayin (whata tool) said,

    Johnny has something for ya…Just wait!

  • Andy Durham said,

    I may be missing or forgetting something, but I don’t think Coach Roscoe was there the year that Northern had to forfeit those games, I may stand to be corrected, but I’m thinking he was gone that year….

  • Nighthawk said,

    Also I think everybody here is forgetting the real reason why northern has been the dominant team in the county………. DEFENSE. Northern has always had a defense filled with players who are average or who’ve nobody heard about but they always have the best defense. Coaches over there know what they are doing

  • Nighthawk said,

    I personally don’t think CJ will have to play defense because northern always have guys that step up or names that will break into the scene this season. But there won’t be to much damage done if he does given his athleticism. I’m pretty sure the coaches know this and already have a solution nobody knows about yet. That’s why northern is going back to states off of good coaching and players exceeding people’s expectations.
    No coach roscoe was not there that year it was head coach Brian Thomas. And no they are not cheaters, sadly to say they used too many JV players in a varsity game they were winning by over 50 points! Then they told on themselves by telling the state nchsaa there mess up it was a class act. Unlike Dudley who hid it the whole time northern knew hey made a mistake and told the board and yet everybody calls us cheaters smh

  • Gamecock said,

    CJ Freeman will lead his team to states and prove why he’s the best RB in the nation and going to SC! He’s going to be a force by his freshman year!

  • just sayin (whata tool) said,

    just sayin will be a NG troll from now until States…

  • Foregetting something? said,

    You are right – it wasn’t Rosco that had to forfeit the games. But it is also a fact that Northern didn’t just self-report. Another coach notified them they had used juniors on JV and varsity in the same week. They self-reported, then went back and reviewed other games and found they had done it there too. They made the call, but they didn’t really have a choice.

    On Northern’s talent level, I know Hord and Timmons worked hard this offseason and they are going to surprise some people. CJ is a stud and he will dominate games this year. Nevertheless, Mook and Cam Harris were their playmakers on both sides of the ball – they will be sorely missed.

    On the game – I think NW will be better this year (more experience and talent, 2nd year under Rolfes schemes) and Northern will be slightly down from last year. Since Northern thumped NW last year, it should be a great HS football game. Looking forward to it.

  • Just Sayin said,

    Glad to see I have a fan club now on this site. LOL!!! I’m sorry if the truth hurts so bad (TOOL!) Fact is that Coach Roscoe is an average coach who’s mistakes have been covered up for years by his amazing ability to have parents, assistant coaches (who are off staff) and personal trainers to talk players into transferring in.

    I know for a fact because I’m good friends with one of the players who transferred to Northern after the assistant coach begged him to move for 6 months. No need to name this kid he’s already graduated…..

  • Nighthawk Camp said,

    Dear Just Saying,
    What are you smoking? No team or athletic group is perfect. That being said, I have been an “insider” in the very mix of the Nighthawk Football camp for 4 years now and work very close with the Coaching staff and The Roscoes. These folks care about these players. Not only do they teach leadership and ethics to the young men under their watch, they consistently live it out. Every i is dotted and every T is crossed on Athletic and residency participation forms and checked by up to 6 different individuals in independent reviews. It is amazing to me the energy you waste trying to stir up controversy against a good solid team and coaching staff. Winners always have haters who are “winner wannabes”. Go Nighthawks!

  • And another thing said,

    Just sayin’, do not forget the huge role that Momma’s and Daddy’s play in where “junior” gets to play. Everyone wants to be associated with winners. “Junior” is the ticket out for them and they are banking on the future. They will do anything to move into the area for “junior” to have that visibility. You know I speak truth on this. Shoot, even Tim Tebow’s Mom, Pam moved herself and little Timmy to the Neece High School area and lived apart from their family for 9 months of each year for Tim to have that chance. It happens. It is the LAW of attraction. No disputes here.

  • Andy Durham said,

    As one of the old sayings goes, “Nuff said here”…

  • just saying(tool) said,

    you misguided son…