Greensboro Colts vs. Hooiser North Friday at 4pm in 2015 COLT Baseball World Series

Posted by Andy Durham on August 3, 2015 at 1:00 pm under Amateur, High School | 6 Comments to Read

Greensboro White vs. the (host area team)/Hooiser North at 4pm Friday in the 2015 Colt Baseball World Series at Lafayette, Indiana…

CLICK HERE for the full 2015 Colt Baseball World Series Brackets…

Greensboro White Colt Baseball Team
Parker Strader
Brody Holloman
Jacob Brown
Matthew Nusdeo
Nick Goard
Jacob Edwards
Patrick Callaghan
Tommy Zente
CJ Neese
Logan King
Jalen Pruitt
Camden Williamson
Desmond Hargrove
Ellis Stokes
Travis Hunt
Kevin Westlake
James Watkins
Chase Ebert

  • Of Course said,

    Come on, West and South Zone? Really Colt Gods?? Good luck boys!

  • bob said,

    Andy would be nice to know what schools these
    athletics went to. Also, how come our local
    paper didn’t publish any info on this

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here’s what I have so far on the kids and their schools and I will have to get the coaches to send me the rest…I’d planned to get that up here in a day or so, but here we go:

    Greensboro White Colt Baseball Team
    Parker Strader-Northeast Guilford
    Brody Holloman-Northeast Guilford
    Jacob Brown-Northeast Guilford
    Matthew Nusdeo-Western Guilford
    Nick Goard-Southern Guilford
    Jacob Edwards-Southwest Guilford
    Patrick Callaghan-Southwest Guilford
    Tommy Zente-Southwest Guilford
    CJ Neese-Grimsley
    Logan King-Northern Guilford
    Jalen Pruitt-Dudley
    Camden Williamson-Dudley
    Desmond Hargrove-Dudley
    Ellis Stokes-Dudley
    Travis Hunt-Eastern Guilford
    Kevin Westlake-Page
    James Watkins-Page
    Chase Ebert-Eastern Alamance

  • Blizzard said,

    Nick Goard – S. Guilford

  • Jim Holmes said,

    Jacob Edwards and Patrick Callaghan – Southwest Guilford

  • tccowboys said,

    James Watkins – Page