Checking in at the football practices and Dudley vs. East Forsyth in a scrimmage next week

Posted by Andy Durham on August 5, 2015 at 7:25 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Made to the Western Guilford, Page, Dudley, Southern Guilford practice stops last week and then added Grimsley to my list today, as I stopped in to check out some of the Grimsley evening practice on the grass field around the track over at Grimsley High School…

Last year Grimsley had to practice on the field down in the bottom over at Kiser Middle School and this year, it looks like/appears that Grimsley does have themselves a good/nice practice field with some grass, as someone was mentioning yesterday…

Grimsley going at it today in the afternoon with the Varsity and the JV’s out there and they were running a lot of offensive plays and the running backs looked good, but you can’t get a true indication of what is really going on, since there is still no tackling…

Helmets, shoulder pads and shorts, I was talking about in our post this morning and the running looks good, Grimsley has some quick little backs that can get up the field, but with no tackling, you can not be sure yet, just how good those backs will be…

The problem area, SNAPS, SNAPS and more SNAPS…Got to get those Snaps right in that shotgun/pistol and that area is going to take some work, and that is just based on my observations…Back in the gun and the Snaps to the QB are too high or off the mark by the Varsity and JV centers….Got to get that part of their game in order and that is a crucial element and those Snaps must be on the money and totally correct come game time…

Grimsley is working on it and they will get it ironed out and if they don’t, they got problems, but this is what practice is for, find and locate the areas of your game you need to work on…..Isolate those areas and get those problems corrected….

One week from today, we have Dudley vs. East Forsyth in a scrimmage over at Deaton-Thompson Stadium in Winston-Salem and that is the word I got from a Dudley Panther fan yesterday and I checked it out and that is the word…

August 12 Dudley vs. East Forsyth and both teams are in the Top 10 in many of the state-wide polls and we have seen Dudley as high as #3 in the state….

Dudley-East Forsyth next Wednesday just one week from today….Deaton-Thompson Stadium near WS Parkland and named in part for Homer Thompson, the former Parkland Mustangs’ head coach, who coached RB Kennard Martin, who broke all kinds of running records in Forsyth county….

Looking for this to be a night/afternoon scrimmage and we will let you know for sure, ASAP….Should be a real good test for both teams, that are in the Top 10…

  • Dudley 2001 said,

    Think the coaches said the Dudley scrimmage was at 6 but not 100% sure .I also heard them say between Dudley and East there will be at least 12 Major future D1scholarship players on the field. Should be alot of talent out there but Dudley should be the better team. From what I’m hearing East is full of young talent.

  • Andy Durham said,

    A lot of football fans are pointing toward this scrimmage as one of the big ones of the preseason…You get a couple of Top Ten teams going head-to-head and that’s pretty big stuff…

  • Bennett Grimes said,

    This looks to be a great test for Dudley which I feel will be the #1 team in the state by the end of the season.

    Dudley Panthers State Champs.

  • Meck Co Football said,

    Dudley is good, but they are no match for Mallard Creek! Luckily, they don’t have to play them.

  • Just Sayin said,

    Yeah Meck Co we also saw the Mallard Creek walked on water once too. Who cares!

  • Coach T said,

    Meck Co. Last year we punched Mallard Creek in the face in that scrimmage, The D-BOYZ not scared of those QC boys.Would love to see yall come to the Tarp

  • ToolTime said,

    Just Sayin always running that mouth…

  • Just Sayin said,


    I hope my comments have been received negatively…I hope my comments offend you. If you tell me they did that really warms my heart!

    One more in the win column, one more for the highlight reel, and one more for the Bad Guy!

    Just Sayin