Louisville basketball facing allegations about escorts being hired for their basketball recruits

Posted by Andy Durham on October 3, 2015 at 12:34 pm under College | Read the First Comment

*****Just when you thought you had heard and seen it all, something like this comes along and you realize that things just keep on getting crazier and crazier….*****

[from Gary Graves with AP Sports:]

A book by an escort alleging that former Louisville basketball staff member Andre McGee brought escorts into dorm parties, and paid for the women to strip and have sex with the Cardinals’ recruits, their fathers and players is available online.

The woman, Katina Powell said that she and three of her daughters, along with other women, danced and stripped for Louisville recruits and players and performed sex acts with them, according to the book. Katina Powell, 43, also said McGee offered recruits alcohol at those parties.

CLICK HERE to read all from Gary Graves with the Associated Press and there is much to read here, we have only given you the thumbnail sketch of what is going on…..

  • DrVinnyboombatz said,

    Another ACC basketball program in trouble.