Question of the Day? What happened to the 1320/1230/1200 afternoon show? No QCB and Hitman talking about the Old Ball Coach and the Cubs today

Posted by Andy Durham on October 13, 2015 at 7:16 pm under College, High School, Professional | 9 Comments to Read

We have Spencer Turkin(1320/600 AM Sports) set to join here at the site on Thursday night, but for today, the question has come in by way of phone at our mobile phone office….

This was and is the Question of the Day:

What happened to the 1320/1230/1200 afternoon show??? No QCB and Hitman talking about ‘The Old Ball Coach’ and the Cubs today…..We have had that show locally now for quite a while, going back to the PacMan/Mark Packer days and they made a change this week and no QCB and Hitman on the radio here locally today…

I got the call/question wanting to know what was going on and I had already scanned the dial and could not find the PrimeTime Show with Chris Kroger available in our area….

There was a new man on today and he was interviewing coaches, reporters and the like, but a lot of people liked the old show and you know how all of that goes…Gonna have to give the new guy a chance, but you kind of get used to things a certain way and find the routine that works for you…

Let us know if you know anything and we will keep this question on the shelf for a few more hours and into the overnight….

What happened to the 1320/1230/1200 afternoon show???

Who knows, maybe they are going to start spinning off the stations separately and offering several different shows???…..We will wait and see…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Pretty sure the show that they had on today was the “Scott Hamilton Show”….Scott Hamilton from the Winston-Salem Journal newspaper…

    Looks to be a show set to appear on a regular basis on the 1320/1230/1200 daily rotation from 3-6pm…

    Others would have more, so we are waiting for the beans…

  • we need an upgrade said,

    The primary concern that I have is that the triad has no real programming related to sports during the week. Even the weekend only has a high school review type of show. The Raleigh/Durham area has original local shows from 6am-8pm Mon-Fri and part of Saturday morning. The triangle also has 2 AM stations and 5 FM stations with sports. Charlotte is similar. Nearly all of the sports related stations around here are owned by the same company that runs all of the stations/programming in the triangle. We do not have a professional team or a large number of college teams here but this area is close enough to all of these team and we have enough local players and interest on these various college/professional teams to maintain interest in local personalities talking about these teams. The guy that I heard on the radio yesterday was boring. I love the David Glenn show from 12-3pm. You can’t follow the DG show with someone that does not provide a fast pace show in the afternoon.

  • Andy Durham said,

    A lot of people liked the old show that used to originate from Charlotte…I spoke to one man by phone and his name was Don and he said he would walk to Charlotte to get the old show back…He liked the variety of hosts and the variety of involvement from the guys on the sidelines…

    I heard Mark Amazon on the radio one night last week. He used to be on 790 The Ball here in the Triad and now is on 700 WLW in Cincinnati…

    Also saw where Big Mo Stanfield, formerly of ESPN 1590 here in the Triad, is now radio one day a week, Sundays is think it is at ESPN 730 in Charlotte…

  • RJ said,

    I never liked the show after the Pac Man left. It never was the same. New show may be better than old shows with Packer wannabes.

  • start our own show said,

    Here is the solution. Let’s start greensborosports radio using streaming live. Promote it on this site and get the necessary sponsorship to cover the cost. This area need and can support a local show. The other markets of Raleigh and Charlotte are doing with 5 or more stations each so we could absolutely do 1 or 2.

  • LLSportsFan said,

    I would love for and Andy Durham to start a local sports talk radio show. I would support it. Andy already does more for local sports than all of the other media outlets in the triad. Andy, please give it some thought

  • Tommy said,

    I am going to miss that QCB. That guy was crazy.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here is the word from the web site:

    The Scott Hamilton Show

    [Weekdays: 3pm-6pm]

    Scott is one of five sports columnists in the state and writes for the Winston Salem Journal.

    Scott’s an AP Top 25 football voter (one of only 60 nationally) and on the panel for several other national college football awards.

    He was formerly a senior writer at Golfweek magazine and the SportsBusiness Journal, and a Division I basketball beat writer for 5 years.

    *****You know we will keep you guys/folks informed….*****

  • Andy Durham said,

    Don’t forget our sports show on Thursday night at 6pm from the Shane’s Rib Shack…We will have Spencer Turkin from 1320 with us talking about the moves at the Triad Sports Network and high school football with big Page-Grimsley game as well…

    Thursday at 6 and we are working on some future shows here at the site to go along with our Thursday night lineup…..