Friday Night Finish with many of our predictors going 13-13, Rayshawn Knight(SG) 13-13, NWG bounces back, big night/day C.J. McThay(SEG), Ford Moser(NG) hurt on catch/hit

Posted by Andy Durham on October 23, 2015 at 11:50 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Just a few notes to get the Friday Night Finish started and you have to be getting with it, to get The Finish started…

Ray Knight(Southern Guilford) was 13 for 13, 4 touchdowns and over 300 yards passing and can anybody top that tonight????

Many of our web site predictors went 13-13 tonight and did not miss a game and count me in on that perfect picks list….

How did Guilford County’s Northwest Guilford Vikings pull that game out??? From I kept on hearing, they were behind most of the night….Final NWG over Glenn, 21-14 right???

C.J. McThay had at least 200 yards rushing for Southeast Guilford tonight and 2 TD’s to go with the yards and when was the last time Southeast Guilford threw for 2 TD passes in the same game??? Best to Bonner and Best to Staley…..Southeast back home for the first time in a year and it was a very good Homecoming for the Falcons tonight….

Ford Moser(Northern Guilford) hurt in the NG-NEG game tonight…He caught a Miles Timmons pass and was creamed/hit hard by the Ram DB, but it was a clean hit and Moser was taken to the hospital by the on-site EMS vehicle…..Hope he is doing OK and you have feel Ford can overcome that collision from tonight’s game and be back soon, that is what all of us are hoping for…..A quick return for young Mr. Ford Moser….

A few of those that made a difference on Friday night…
Will Jones from Page with 188 yards passing and 1 TD…
Geoffrey Wall from High Point Central with 142 yards on the ground and 2 TD’s and 94 yards passing and 2 more TD’s…
Connell Young from Dudley with 139 yards rushing on 13 carries with 2 TD’s..
Chavis Little from High Point Central with 134 yards rushing…
Jarious Drayton from Ragsdale with 134 yards rushing and 1 TD…
Javon Leake from Page with 127 yards on 21 carries and 3 TD’s…
Tre Turner from Northwest Guilford had 106 yards on 8 receptions…
Diondre Overton from Page with 99 yards receiving and 1 TD on 7 receptions….
Thomas Hennigan from Northwest Guilford had 8 carries for 89 yards and 1 TD on the, plus 1 TD passing….
Kyle Fennie had 86 yards on 20 carries and a TD for Northwest Guilford…

We are not finished yet, but there you go with a few things to get us started……

  • EddieB said,

    The moser hit was not clean Andy. Denfenseless receiver penalty should have been called. He was hit before he had an opportunity to make the catch. To make matters worse, the player that made the hit along with the ENTIRE defense for NE circled around Moser laying on the ground and danced and cheered the hit while looking down at Ford. It was an unbelievable scene. Not one official made any effort to stop it either. One idiot in the stands said clean hit. Good football play. Told me it was not defenseless because moser was reaching for the ball. Hope Ford is ok.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The call I got said the hit was clean and I was not aware of the other things that went with it…

    Was talking to a person who was at the game and calling the game, but all of that aside, the most important part is, we hope Ford is OK…Young man was carried out and I hope he is back in school on Monday…..

    He has a bright future whether it be on offense or defense….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Heard Hennigan led Northwest Guilford back in the win over Glenn and no real shock there, Hennigan has been getting it done all season long and he carries the key to NWG’s success, from here on out…

    Also heard this week that Hennigan had an uncle Mike, who was a very good college football player and might have spent some time in the pros…

    Shout out tonight for Mike Hennigan…..

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    Thank you SOOO much for sending me to do the NW-Glenn game!!!! I am truly amazed at the athlete that is Thomas Hennigan.. I believe that if it hadn’t been for him, and that PF, that they wouldn’t have won that game. Hope his wrist is OK and that he can continue to lead that team that’s struggling

  • WilliamP said,

    Moser hit was illegal in every way. The hit was way early and dirty and should have been flagged. In college, DB would have been ejected. The ref should be banned for missing the call. And then to top it off, the defense stood over him afterwards and danced and taunted him. And still no flag from the official. It was ridiculous. I’m not sure which officials were working the game but they don’t need to be working any more high school games for the players’ sake.

  • Miles Maynard said,

    I guess I am the “Idiot” in the stands that EddieB is referring to. First and foremost I hope Ford is ok, good kid and football player. Secondly, Yes; the response by the NE players was reprehensible and that is a matter of coaching. Thirdly, could the Defensive Back have pulled up and not delivered such a hard hit, “Yes”; again that’s coaching. However the hit was not targeting, nor dirty. Ford was hit as the ball arrived and he was reaching for the ball. Disagreement doesn’t warrant name calling!

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think the confusion set in when someone told me last night that it looked like a clean hit to them and they relayed that information to me and we posted that here…

    The main thing is we are all in agreement that we hope Ford will be OK and that is really the most important matter at hand as we move on today….

    Good luck and a speedy recovery to Ford Moser….

  • ross said,

    Praying for a full recovery for Ford Moser

  • Stafford Moser said,

    Just a note to thank everyone for their prayers and support for Ford. Our family is overwhelmed by the support we have received by so many…especially the Nighthawk nation. It has been amazing and humbling. Ford suffered a laceration to his liver but is doing well. The doctor’s do not feel surgery is necessary but he remains in the hospital so he can be observed. Unfortunately his football is done for the year but he will be back. All of you…..regardless of the high school program you support, would be very proud of how people respond in times like this. We have had a steady stream of Nighthawk players, families and coaches all making the trip to Winston to see Ford. Thank you all.

  • WilliamP said,

    Andy- yes the important thing is the health of Ford Moser. I hope he recovers and is able to continue his career. However this type of hit and the actions following the play go towards a larger issue. The referees are out there and they expect the players coaches and fans to respect them. However, when something like this occurs, and ALL of the referees stand around and do nothing as a severely injured player is taunted, the referees lose every bit of respect. The referees job is to call the game fairly and to insure the players are as safe as possible. So while there may be disagreement over the hit, there shouldn’t be any over the events following. These referees should be disciplined for their inaction.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think sometimes the officials/referees get overwhelmed by a certain play and all that happens surrounding that certain play and maybe they don’t react soon enough…They are only human and they are going to make mistakes…The officials do have all of the kid’s best interest in mind when they are working to call/officiate these games…The speed of the game is ever-changing the speed of the game is not slowing down, it is only getting faster and that makes it much harder to keep up…

    We will have to keep seeking ways to make this game safer and I feel for certain that this is game and a play that the officials will be going back to review and look with the nature of what has happened to Ford Moser…

    I am glad that Stafford Moser came in here and clarified the injury to his son, I had heard the same thing earlier this morning and it makes it much better with him relaying the news instead of me…

    Again hoping the young man has a speedy recovery and Northern has seen their unfair share of injuries to key players this season and have lost several players in the process, Tucker Hord, Hunter Wade and now Ford Moser….Max Maynard and Tristan Simmons better eat an extra box of Wheaties as the Nighthawks get ready for next Friday night and Coach Roscoe goes for career-win

    Keeping young Mr. Moser in our thoughts and prayers and hoping he is able to come home soon….

  • Tom Briles said,

    Mr Maynard- the hit on Moser was on an overthrown ball that Ford was reaching for that flew over his reach. The DB for NE speared Ford in the torso with his helmet. The hit was late. DB could and should have not speared a defenseless player in the torso. You can disagree with that all you want but I think the takeaway for you should be that when a player on your team is laying on the ground with God knows what type of injury AND the other team is dancing all around the NG player laying on the field cheering along with their fans in the stands…and the refs are just standing around watching this despicable scene take place…the last thing that kid’s family or your team’s fans want to hear is your “expert” football opinion that the hit was not dirty or targeting. At that point, you should probably just keep your “expert” football opinion to yourself. You know, kinda let the fans vent a little. After all, football is just game and people are emotional when their players get hurt. There will be plenty of time for you to enlighten everyone with your football knowledge/ IQ on plays that are controversial yet no one’s kid is laying on the ground injured.

  • Kettle said,

    Northeast probably watched the film of the state championship game last year and wanted to give northern a taste of their own medicine

  • Confused said,

    I don’t recall Northern putting any Weddington player in the hospital? In fact I recall the opposite, Weddington putting CJ Freeman out with a sever ankle injury. Real classy statement there Kettle.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s let both sides process this and we can all move on and head to our best stop/game plan for Sunday…Take it to church or your house of worship….

    But it is time for some Peace in the Valley and time to keep the fallen player in your thoughts and prayers…