High School Football Saturday Morning rewind with Names and Numbers and Links

Posted by Andy Durham on October 31, 2015 at 12:55 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

Looking back at names, numbers and links to/from last night’s games…

306:Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS) went for 215 passing yards with 1 TD and rushed for 86 yards and 2 TD’s…
273:Geoffrey Wall(High Point Central HS) had 211 yards passing, going 14-24 with 2 TD’s and he ran for 62 yards…
246:Stephon Brown(Glenn HS) with 246 yards passing and 2 TD’s
173:DJ Miller(Glenn HS) with 94 yards rushing and 79 yards receiving for Glenn…
167:De’Shaun Taylor(High Point Christian Academy) with 167 passing yards and 2 TD’s, going 11-17…
157:Bailey Willis(High Point Andrews HS) threw for 157 yards and had 3 TD passes for the HPA Red Raiders…
154:Ray Knight(Southern Guilford) with 154 passing yards/1 TD pass/ 1 INT…
148:Connell Young(Dudley HS) with 148 yards rushing and 3 TD’s and we will need to get and add in his receiving yards…Some hard-earned yards and TD’s by Young in last night’s win for Dudley over Page…
101:Will Jones(Page HS) goes 8-20 with 1 TD…
78:Javon Leake(Page HS) with 78 rushing yards on 20 carries…
66:Jeremiah Brown with 66 yards receiving and 1 TD catch for the SWG Cowboys….
On to those terrific two’s….
Isaiah Finerty with 2 interceptions for Eastern Guilford and 1 TD receiving for the Wildcats..
Bruce Knox with 2 TD runs for the Southern Guilford Storm…
Curt Ervin with 2 TD receptions for High Point Central…
Jordan Brown with 2 TD runs for High Point Andrews…
Travis Steele with 2 TD runs for High Point Andrews…
Jamari Palbusa with 2 TD receptions for High Point Andrews…
Miles Timmons with 2 TD’s rushing and 2 TD’s passing for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks…Timmons, NG QB….
Austin Hendley(HPCA) 9 rushes for 85 yards/TD…Kicked 5 of 6 PAT’s/10 Tackles…

CLICK for the links to Friday night games….

CLICK HERE for Dudley-Page from the News and Record:Joe Sirera
CLICK HERE for Southwest-Northwest Guilford from the News and Record:Harrison Houlihan
CLICK HERE for High Point Central-Glenn from the HP Enterprise:Michael Lindsay
CLICK HERE for High Andrews-Wheatmore from the HP Enterprise:Mark Laming
CLICK HERE for Southern Guilford-Ledford from the HP Enterprise:Greer Smith
CLICK HERE for Northeast Guilford-Western Alamance from the Times-News of Burlington:Matt Krause
CLICK HERE for Eastern Guilford-Eastern Alamance from the Burlington Times-News:Andrew Feather
CLICK HERE for Smith-Southern Alamance from the Burlington Times-News
CLICK HERE for Western Guilford-Asheboro from the Courier-Tribune…

  • Dudley1 said,

    OK, just read the article, “Page Blames self for loss to Dudley.” I went to the game and here is my take. It was a big stage, one team handled it(Dudley) and one team did not(Page). There were miscues from both teams, Dudley was able to adapt and overcome, page could not.

    The reason Page could not execute on offense like they had prior to this game, was the pressure, strength, and speed of the Dudley defense.

    Last comment; I think the kickers for Dudley are the MVPs of the game. The much talked about lack of kicking game Dudley was not suppose to have, I think caught Page off guard. Dudley hit all but one PATs’, and Dudley’s punter Miles I thinks his name was, repeatedly hit punts that drove the Page punt receivers back to field the kick.

  • update said,

    Miles timmons ng, 2 tds passing, 2 tds rushing vs mcmichael

  • Andy Durham said,

    Miles Timmons updated and now available…

  • SG said,

    Ray Knight, 154 passing yards with 1 TD pass.

  • SG said,

    Ray Knight, 1interception as well.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Ray Knight now on the site….Thanks for the info and this will help us in our weekly updates….

  • Ricky Roma said,

    Once again, Dudley was the better team Friday night. Congratulations to that fine team.

    To the meathead who claimed Page was “an affluent school of privilege, what world do you live in? I thought only GFan was capable of making such idiotic comments.

    The Page PA’s “arrg” when the Pirates make a first down is nowhere near as annoying as, well, everything the Dudley man on the mic does.

    And to that Alston guy, Marion Kirby was a great coach with a well-earned legacy. Your attempt at revisionist history is pathetic. Grow up.

  • P.Saunders said,

    @Ricky Roma, you calling people outside of their names isn’t showing maturity either. However, I sat on Page’s home side on Thursday night during the J.V. game. I stayed quiet and enjoyed the game, but I heard a lady along with her group of friends making an jokes to a lone Dudley fan that sat behind them {She knew him} about how better off the student were at Page vs. the kids in Dudley’s district. She was saying that most of the Dudley students were on Free or Reduced Lunch getting freebies. As I was about to leave the game, I ran across a good friend & co worker who son plays on the JV and starts. I asked him who was that lady? He told me she was the Mother of another player on the Page JV’s also a starter {Offense}. The way she talked and joked, it seem like she and her school was better than Dudley. Friday night I sat on Page’s side at Dudley near the 50 yd line. I over heard two gentlemen {in their 50 late 40’s talking to other Page fans about how Marion Kirby came down to Florida to see them play and approach them to come up to N.C. and play for him. I heard the men say loud and clear that “Yes, Marion recruited !!!” Plus one of them said “Don’t you see all those sponsorship banners hanging around that fense, how do you think those kids get the big scholarships?” Those two gentlemen play during the 80’s because they talked about Former Michigan Head Coach BO SCHEMBECHLER came to Page to look at Tripp Welborne {Who was born in Reidsville, N.C.}. I said all this in response to why maybe those men said what they said on this blog. I’m a neutral fan in this, because I grad from James Motley Morehead in 1988. But even from little old Eden, N.C. we heard from Coaches on the Football teams and Basketball as well that that a lot of kids on the football & basketball teams was really in Dudley’s district. Heck even my ex wife who was a 1995 Graduated of Page and 3 of my Co workers said they should have been at Dudley {Closer} but ended up at Page High. With that said I wish the best for both programs in the playoffs. I know a few parents that play for both schools. I’m not trying to start nothing and cause a verbal war, I’m just being honest in what I saw & heard Thursday & Friday in those stands.

  • Dudley1 said,

    Like I said earlier, the stage was big and Dudley was the team who performed better under pressure.

    To the Page Players, I understand how you feel having played 3 sports in my day. You look back and say, if we did this or that, we would have won. The Dudley kids can say, if we had secured those 3 interceptions we had in ours hands, we could have scored 50. You know what, that’s football.

    I’m not going to re-live the past like some on here have done. I am going to stay present day.

    Here is what I saw this past Friday.

    1. Dudley controlled the line of scrimmage on offense.
    2. Dudley was able to apply pressure on Page QB and receivers and got them out of their rhythm.
    3. Dudley did not allow Page RBs to use their speed and get to the outside.
    4. Dudley’s kickers had a good night and caught Page off guard. One of the punts forced the receiver from Page to chase the ball and muff the punt and Dudley recovered.
    5.Last but not least, Dudley was able to handle the pressure of the hype and big stage. Dudley had NO PERSONAL FILES!

  • Outsider said,

    I don’t care what any of yall say. If it wasn’t for IB programs half of the kids from Page and Dudley would be at Northeast. Half of the kids who are in the IB aren’t bright enough to be. These schools are trying to put athletic success ahead of academic. I am an athlete so im not hating on athletes.

  • P.Saunders said,

    Outsider, If you were at that Dudley’s – Page game you would have seen the seniors that are on the Dudley football program, marching band and cheerleading squad are ALL GOING TO A 4 {FOUR} YEAR INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING. UNC-G, N.C.A.T., UNC-CHARLOTTE, W-S STATE, UNC-CHAPEL HILL, G.T.C.C., E. CAROLINA, N.C. STATE, N.C. CENTRAL. Some of those players have got offers from L.S.U., NAVY, GEORGIA, SYRACUSE & OTHER BIG NAME SCHOOLS OUTSIDE THE AREA. Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Business, Dentistry. Even some will join the Marines. Some of those kids go to the Middle Colleges of N.C.A.T. and U.N.C.-G…..but they are in DUDLEY’S DISTRICT !!! To be on Coach Davis team, your grades and behavior has to be good and that goes for that band as well.