Seeing signs of some movement in this week’s News and Record Top Ten Poll:EF still top team, Dudley solid #2, HP Andrews up to #3 and Page at #4

Posted by Andy Durham on November 2, 2015 at 2:42 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

This week’s News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll, with East Forsyth still the top team and only remaining unbeaten squad and your #1, the Dudley Panthers now a solid #2 pick, High Point Andrews steady and climbing at #3, Page falls to #4 for the rest of the 10, CLICK HERE and do it now…Time to see what Joe Sirera, J.P. Mundy and the area coaches have been up to and time to converge on this week’s Top Ten Poll from the N&R’s HS Xtra Blog…

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  • Anwar Alston said,

    N&R’s high school “panelist” ranked EF #1 due to its scrimmage performance against Dudley. The News & Record blog, I meant newspaper propagates and touts teams it wants to win on Fridays.

  • Anwar said,

    From the highlights shown on this blog, one would believe Page won 35-7 Friday, but Andy is a big cheerleader/fan of Page. Way to go Pirates.

  • ross said,

    Andy picked Dudley to win. Andy cheers for all the Guiford County teams. C’mon mannnn

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, Andy picked Dudley to win 24-20 and was expecting a closer game, but I picked Dudley Thursday night, Friday morning and again on Friday night, in fact on all my pick calls I chose Dudley…I was (12-2) last week and (13-0) the week before on my picks and be it some were not all that hard, I did do OK..I go with Guilford County teams, unless it just looks to be a landslide…

    My feeling has always been in Guilford County we are all on the same team together and we need to pull for each other and lift each other up….That’s why when the kids go off to college, we work to follow them there too…

    Sometimes we hit these slack spells, but most of the time you know where to find us and we hold up the Guilford County banner…

    You have to look out for your people and your peoples…

    I am going to pull for the T.J. Logans, Reggie Gallaspys, James Summers, Will Johnsons, Lamar Raynards, and Emmanuel Moseleys of the football world every time…The are from Guilford County and we saw and knew them back when and they might not even know us now, I don’t care, we still have to pull for the locals as they move on past us and into the college and pro worlds…

    Just saw Kahlil Vance from Dudley and now at UNC-Pembroke at the Dudley game back on Friday night…And we saw the Ed Hardin article on D.J. Reader from Ed Hardin at N&R on-line and was very happy to D.J.(Grimsley) back in action for Clemson..

    I don’t mind saying and don’t mind giving credit where credit is due…All of those kids and the kids still out there today, helped make us what we are today….
    (A good source for local sports information.)

    I did not say great, but that is a good goal to have in mind for down the road one day, whenever that day might arrive….

  • Just Sayin said,

    @ Anwar

    Not so Fast… if you have kept up with their poll this season you would have noticed that Dudley was ranked ahead of East Forsyth most of the year. When Dudley lost to Richmond and EF beat Page East jumped Dudley (btw dudley was lucky to have the score against Richmond as close as it was). Since they’re the lone unbeaten team that the N&R covers they should remain the #1. If you also remember EF was ranked ahead of Dudley because of the scrimmage. Then after week 3 or so for no reason at all Dudley jumped East. Do some research or Fact checking before you spew off diarrhea of the Mouth. BTW most of the voters in the N&R Poll are the coaches from around the area. JUST SAYIN

  • say what said,

    @ Anwar

    I agree with Just sayin completely! EF is undefeated and Dudley is not, plain and simple. Also, EF has beaten 4 top 20 4A schoolsthis season. Mt.Tabor was ranked at the beginning of the season, West Forsyth, Reagan, and Page. I don’t think the same thing can be said about Dudley. So yes, check your facts before you start running your mouth and have nothing to back it up.