Graham Sporting Goods High School JV Football Finals Tonight for (11/5/15):Dudley, Page, HP Central, HP Andrews, Ragsdale, EA, EF all in the bank

Posted by Andy Durham on November 5, 2015 at 10:19 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

We are looking for all of those JV Football Finals for this Thursday night…The floor and the board are open and we are ready to start posting those scores….
Ragsdale 19, Glenn 16,
Eastern Alamance 57, Northeast Guilford 0
Eastern Alamance(10-0)/Northeast Guilford(6-3)
High Point Central 12, Southwest Guilford 6
HP Central(5-5)/Southwest Guilford(7-3)
Dudley 36, Southeast Guilford 8
Dudley JV finish 5-0 in Metro/(9-1) overall…SEG(4-6)…Dudley Panthers Metro 4-A Conference Champs…
Page 28, Southern Alamance 24
Page(9-1/4-1 Metro)….SA(5-4)
East Forsyth 54, Northwest Guilford 0
East Forsyth(8-2/5-0)…NWG(4-6)….East Forsyth Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference Champs…
Southern Guilford(10-0/6-0) and Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference Champs…SG, season is complete….
High Point Andrews 50, Trinity 0
HP Andrews finishes (7-3)/5-0 in the PAC 6:Conference Champs…
Smith 8, Grimsley 6

Morehead(1-7) at Northern Guilford(4-5)
Eastern Guilford(3-6) at Rockingham County(2-6)
Western Guilford(1-8) at Southwestern Randolph(3-5)

  • really though said,

    EF-54 NWG-0 East Forsyth Piedmont Triad 4A JV conference champions. Undefeated in conference.

  • Page Dad said,

    Page 28
    Southern Alamance 24

  • Dudley Parent said,

    Dudley 36
    Southeast 8

    Dudley JV finish 5-0 in Metro

  • Raider121215 said,

    Andrews 50
    Trinity 0
    Andrews finishes 7-3 5-0 in the PAC 6
    Conference Champs!

  • Tiger said,

    Ragsdale 16
    Glenn 12

  • Go away said,

    Ok Really….you say something like that every other week. Nobody especially the Coach gives a heck what you or anyone else thinks. Grow up already…..I think everyone has moved on except you. I guess its obvious he must of not played your kid or something.

  • .... said,

    Smith 8
    Grimsley 6

  • NWGDad said,

    As far as the East Forsyth – NW JV game last night, I don’t think East ran the score up. They had their backup in early, as did NW. They ran their offense and there was A LOT of bad play on NW side of things and East played great.

    As far as the JV team goes, there is a culture difference at NW under the new regime. There is probably 8-12 Freshman/Sophomores on varsity either starting or getting heavy playing time. If NW JV had those kids, I’m sure their record would be a lot different. For varsity, having the backup quarterback in for the past few weeks didn’t help either. Either way, both the JV and varsity teams are very young.

  • Andy Durham said,

    11/5 @ 7p	Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
    Glenn	        0	0	0	16	16
    Ragsdale	0	6	0	6	12

    Here is what Glenn had on MaxPreps for the final score last night and they had the same thing over at Ragsdale’s site…Could be wrong and you may be right, we will do some checking and thanks…..

    +++++Did do some checking and per what I got info-wise from Ragsdale AD Brian Herndon is that Ragsdale came back and won this game 19-16 and that is the final result, Ragsdale JV’s a WINNER last night/Thursday….+++++
    *****Thanks to the person that brought this to our attention and I am glad we were able to get that corrected…..Thanks again….*****

  • Andy Durham said,

    Can we do a little bit better job of looking out for our coaches???Times change, circumstances change, teams change and we all need to work to change and be more sensitive to what goes on down there on the field and support our coaches and players and for the coaches that been down there for many years, you/we need to stop and thank them once and a-while…

  • NW2014 said,

    To Really ????
    Firstly the coach you are talking about that did not come down on the field is one of the best coaches around here and gave his heart and soul to the NW Vikings. I have never seen a coach more committed to the development of his players and the respect he got back from them in return. I know that E. Forsyth has acquired a great coach and if he did not come down on the field last night it was not out of disrespect or bad feelings as he truly cares about NW players.