Friday Night Scoring Desk – November 6, 2015

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Update # 9 – 11:00 PM

Our Game One of the Week – Dudley at Southeast Guilford – RE-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 1) with Andy Durham and Dennis White. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.
Our Game Two of the Week – Eastern Alamance at Northeast Guilford – RE-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 2) with Kris Walser and Coach Steele. Listen on the Internet or at the Stadium on 97.7 FM.

High Point Central (5-6) – 22
Southwest Guilford (5-6) – 36

Dudley (10-1) – 49
Southeast Guilford (8-3) – 6

East Forsyth (11-0) – 58
Northwest Guilford (7-4) – 20

Northern Guilford (7-4) – 27
Morehead (8-3) – 31

Rockingham County (4-7) – 10
Eastern Guilford (5-6) – 28

Southern Alamance (5-6) – 0
Page (9-2) – 43

Trinity (3-8) – 0
High Point Andrews (10-1) – 44

Grimsley (2-9) – 10
Smith (2-9) – 27

Eastern Alamance (11-0) – 45
Northeast Guilford (1-10) – 20

Southwestern Randolph (5-6) – 34
Western Guilford (2-9) – 14

Ragsdale (1-10) – 17
Glenn (5-6) – 44

Western Alamance (9-2) – 61
McMichael (2-9) – 14

Round One – NCISAA Playoff
Fayetteville Christian (2-5) – 0
High Point Christian Academy (9-1) – 53

Walkertown (5-5) – 56
Bishop McGuinness (3-7) – 13

Graham – 59
Bartlett Yancey – 27

Wheatmore – 35
Eastern Randolph – 20

Southern Guilford(OFF)

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  • Hopeful said,

    NW 16 EF 14 2nd

  • RC Fan said,

    Rockingham County 10-7 @ Half Time

  • Ed said,

    Dudley 13
    SE. 6

  • Hopeful said,

    That was a mistake…. 16-14 EF IN 2nd
    Now 31-14 EF @ half

  • Greenlee said,

    Dudley 21
    SE 6
    3 quarter 10:33

  • Greenlee said,

    Dudley 27
    SE 6
    3 quarter 8:05

  • Greenlee said,

    Dudley 35
    SE 6

  • Greenlee said,

    Dudley 41
    SE 6
    4 quarter 3:20

  • Greenlee said,

    Dudley 48
    SE 6
    1:48 4qt

  • Nighthawks said,

    Morehead over Nighthawks 31 to 27. However questions about 1 sec on the clock and the Nighthawks at less than 1/2 yard line. Guess it’s just a matter of watching film now! Anyway congrats Morehead on a good year. #Nighthawkforever

  • FBLover said,

    What’s up with NG ? worst year since they started.3

  • Karma Kid said,

    You have to excuse Zip Code High, I mean Northern. It’s not every day their felon ex-basketball coach is convicted of fleecing clients of millions of dollars and is about to find out his new roommate is named Junkyard Dog. Said former basketball coach was caught red handed playing kids out of his district. Thus vacating the state title.

  • Nighthawks said,

    FB Lover, Northern has had many season ending injuries this year. Tough team that has faced a lot of adversity this year. Proud of the way the team has supported the injured Nighthawks. This team and coaches are a true family and second to none. These guys are champions on and off the field. All teams have a tough year now and then. A true brotherhood through thick and thin.

  • Anwar Alston said,

    Dudley has gone to state championships the following years in the THOUSANDS: 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, & 2013. Dudley has gone to regional finals the following years in the THOUSANDS: 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013…Page owned the 80s, over 30 years ago, but Dudley owns the millennium. Congratulations to the Metro 4A champions for 3 years in a row.

    Does East Forsyth have any rings from the 21st century? Doubt they get any soon. Scoring on Dudley in a scrimmage doesn’t yield any championships. Dudley’s defense doesn’t give too many points…

  • Congratulations! said,

    Congrats goes out to the Southwest Cowboys! My understanding this year is the first year they have beaten all three of the High Point schools in the same year. Possibly even a playoff spot. Much improved squad down there on Barrow Rd.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    What 3 High Point schools did SW beat?

  • Coach said,

    Think he’s talking about Ragsdale. They’re attached to the hip with SWG and since their attendance lines overlap with the three HP schools, they get a few kids out of High Point.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Lots of heat coming toward coaches tonight and I think we need to ease up on the hear…These men have a tough job and some of the stuff I see and hear at times, it is hard for me to believe or accept…We look to support these men as they lead your kids….Too much heat and it usually comes at the time of defeat…Got to get over those defeats, because it is over….The regular season is gone….New day/new season come Saturday….

    Post season is here, because time-wise it is now Saturday…

    SWG won the High Point City High School Football Title by defeating High Point Andrews 28-21 and then they add on their win tonight, 36-22 over High Point Central and Southwest did knock off Ragsdale too, so the Cowboys are the High Point Champs and the extended area Champs too with their victory over Ragsdale…

    SWG is currently one of the most improved teams in the state and they have our area’s top award for improvement cooking too….

    High Point area #’s…
    HP Andrews(1-1)
    HP Central(0-2)

    Looked like HP Central was on the jump and now it looks like SWG is on that jump up, as they close out the season…

    With all of the heat, let’s let it go, the regular season is over and “Bring on the Playoffs”…..

  • Agreed Andy! said,

    I agree 100% Andy. You say for us to give the coaches a break how bout the coaches act like adults and set an example for our young student athletes

  • Dudley1 said,

    It took Dudley a quarter to shake off the rust from last weeks big game. SE had a good first drive but made the mistake of scoring on Dudley first. That woke the sleeping giant. Normally I do not talk about the officiating because for the most part those guys/girls do a pretty good job.

    However, tonight at SE was a little too obvious for my taste. Too many missed calls on both teams and way too many called on Dudley.

    Congratulations to Dudley on their 3rd straight Conference title and good luck in the playoffs!

  • ross said,

    Just finished reading Joe Sirera’s write up of How Dudley dominated SE in the blowout win.

    In the words of James Brown “THE BIG PAYBACK”

  • Andy Durham said,

    With the heat picking up, this becomes more challenging, but we have to keep it cool and work around the heat…

    We hope to be able to keep setting foot on the Guilford County Schools campuses…

    Our best bet is to look out for the coaches and the kids while they are playing for our schools and while our coaches are coaching at our schools….

    Contact your AD’s and this AD is going to try and work this out and keep the opinions in the correct corners and we do not want a boxing match or a verbal slugfest breaking out over here….

    I am going to do what I have to do to keep us up and running….

    You got some heat or bad blood, you need to contact your local AD’s or go face-to-face with your coaches….