Which way for Kwe? Parker still looking to make his pick and looking for one that will stick:Michael Fields on where Kwe will stay and play?

Posted by Guest Columnist on November 8, 2015 at 2:46 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

Courtesy of Michael Fields at UNCG and 103.1 FM and covering basketball for GreenboroSports.com

Kwe Parker plays at Wesleyan Christian Academy. He is a senior this year and is a highly recruited high school basketball player. He is currently the 80th ranked player in the nation (ESPN).

He is the fifth best player in the state, but he is the best shooting guard in North Carolina. This is important, because North Carolina is one of the best states in terms of talent in men’s high school basketball in the country, especially in the class of 2016. For a while, everyone thought that Kwe was going to Rutgers University.

He had committed to play at Rutgers, but that was about to change. Kwe announced in a tweet this week that “After much thought and prayer, I have decided to de-commit from Rutgers & re-open my recruiting. I thank Rutgers for their time & interest”.

This is huge, because Kwe was highly recruited by multiple ACC schools to play. Many people thought that he would go to an ACC school the first time that he committed to play in college. However, he decided Rutgers at first, but it was not a good fit for him.

The question now is: Where will Kwe go? Fortunately, he has many schools that still want him to play for their school at the collegiate level. Here are the top options for Kwe now:
-Boston College
-Virginia Tech
-Wake Forest

I am sure that many local people want Kwe to stay close to home and go to Wake Forest. It will be interesting to see what ACC school Kwe decides to play for. I know that he will make the right decision and will have a fantastic senior season at Wesleyan and collegiate career. I wish the best of luck to Kwe Parker as he makes this important decision of where to play college basketball!

  • Basketball said,

    I believe Kwe is taking an official visit to Tennessee this weekend.

  • better now than later said,

    It’s better to step aside while still in High School than lost an entire season at college unhappy and loss another season of college because you sat out due to transfer rules. Hopefully he finds the right fit. I wonder if the issues with many of the football players at Rutgers had anything to due with him changing his selection.