College Football Rankings and what they mean and what they will look like later on tonight with Bryson Gordon in charge

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College Football Playoff Rankings with all teams now chasing the Clemson Tigers and who will be there later on tonight and who will be there come January and the night they play the Championship Game?????

Bryson Gordon has the good word on College Football Today and read below from Bryson Gordon(GTCC) our college football insider and provider for this week here at……

After a week slated with several very good games that involved some of the top ranked teams. Of course any time you have good games like that, there will be some shakeup in the following polls. Last week the initial College Football Playoff rankings came out and the top four teams that will play in the playoffs, along with the first two out looked like this.
1) Clemson (8-0)
2) LSU (7-0)
3) Ohio State (8-0)
4) Alabama (7-1)
5) Notre Dame (7-1)
6) Baylor (7-0)

Tonight at 7:30, the newest rankings will be coming out, but before they do, I am going to put my spin on the top four, and first two out, and we can check tonight and see where they differed.

1) Clemson (Won 23-13 vs. FSU)
Why? Many people think Alabama has a case for the number one slot after the 30-16 win over number two LSU, but not so fast for me. Clemson beat a pretty good FSU team to clinch the ACC Atlantic division, and in my mind, did enough to hold on to the top spot.
Next game- at Syracuse 11/14

2) Alabama (Won 30-16 vs. LSU)
Why? This team is far removed from its upset loss against Ole Miss earlier this year, and it is starting to really show. Also, Derrick Henry has established himself as a Heisman candidate, after his dominant performance against LSU. This Alabama team is the traditional ground and pound on offense, and the vaunted front seven on defense, that held Leonard Fournette to 31 yards on 16 carries. Nick Saban has his boys rolling again, just in time for the playoffs.
Next game- at Mississippi St. 11/14
3) Ohio State (Won 28-14 vs. Minnesota)
Why? The QB issues have been the Achilles heel to this football team, but do not panic Buckeye fans, JT Barrett will be returning from his one game suspension, and he has run the offense fluently in his time under center. With Ezekiel Elliot carrying the load in the backfield, this team should be just fine when they have to play Michigan State, and Michigan.
Next game- at Illinois 11/14
4) Notre Dame (Won 42-30 at Pitt)
Why? Had it not been for the loss in Death Valley, in the driving rain, this Notre Dame team would be my number one. DeShone Kizer has exceeded all expectations, while replacing Malik Zaire. This Notre Dame team is not flashy or fancy, but they are nitty gritty, and they get the job done. They have the best loss of any team in the Country, and the committee will definitely take that into consideration.
Next game- vs. Wake Forest 11/14
5) Baylor (Won 31-24 at Kansas State)
Why? The Big 12 has a big problem on their hands. They have 4 teams fighting for maybe a non-existing spot in the Final 4. Baylor, Oklahoma State (Who routed TCU 49-29), TCU (1 loss), and Oklahoma (1 loss) are all fighting for a spot that in a playoff that had no Big 12 team last year. This will all sort itself out, because everybody has to play each other, but since the Big 12 has no championship game, this could be the downfall again. Baylor has impressed, even with its backup QB this past week, so right now they are my frontrunner in the Big 12, regardless of the easy schedule.
Next game- vs 15 Oklahoma 11/14
6) LSU (Lost 16-30 at Alabama)
Why? LSU can still win the SEC and get in the playoff. They have Leonard Fournette, and Brandon Harris leading the way on a team, that just ran into an immovable object, that being Alabama’s defense. This spot will be much debated this week, between LSU,
Oklahoma State, Iowa, and Florida, but LSU has the best resume of them all so far.
Next game- vs. Arkansas 11/14

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