Friday Night Finish and how about the Vikings, them Cowboys and those Nighthawks and many others too????

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*****Another interesting score tonight showed Charlotte Catholic over Charlotte Vance, 26-20 in Double-Overtime…..Not a bad call on this one*****

Northwest Guilford wins 29-28 down at Garner and that be one of the bigger wins in Northwest Guilford Viking football history….That was a #13 over a #4 right then, right there and right now….

Northern Guilford goes to Corinth Holders at the #13 seed and they just beat the #4 Seed and what was that final score, 40-7….Another big win for the Nighthawk Nation and Coach Roscoe’s young men are not dead yet….

Southwest Guilford wins in Triple Overtime and the Cowboys will be at Dudley to face the Panthers next Friday night….SWG just beat the #8 seed on the road and now they will face #1 at Tarpley…This might be fast becoming the best season in SWG Cowboy history…

Of all of the big wins tonight, I think this might be the biggest….The SWG win on the road, I mean…
The Cowboys had a big and they let the home team, Watauga come back on them and once that home team gets momentum, they are a tough nut to crack/a hard team to beat…You had them and then the Pioneers of Watauga came roaring back…Had them beat and then had to beat them again in OT…..Wait, that was 3 OT’s…Coach Eric Rainey has to be up for Coach of the Year, along with Coach Gillespie at Page…

I look forward to seeing the Cowboys, led sophomore QB Jaren Rainey, at Dudley next Friday night…Can the Cowboys at #9, make it two upsets in a-row….Two straight weeks, that would for sure make this the best season in Cowboys’ history….Back when the had Brian Williams at RB, they had some pretty good teams back in those days….And I think SWG has played Dudley before…I remember doing a Dudley at Southwest Guilford game back in the late 90’s….

Back on those Vikings, they have to be thinking, “We got a reprieve”….Our season was nearly lost and we pulled it out of the fire…The Vikings have made this a new season, “The post-season” and it looks like they like this extended playing time….Good job by NWG and I get everybody in the Viking Camp is feeling pretty good tonight…They have to be, their season was gone and they went on the road and got it back….

Back on those Nighthawks again….Those guys were made for the post-season…They always play their best football at this time of the year and did it again tonight…..Got to get some numbers, but if Freeman, Timmons, Simmons and Maynard were not in that scoring mix, I may have lost my marbles and that just can’t be the case, not this early in the post-season….I have been there and done that and I am the man that knows what is going on when it comes to this playoff football right????

Well let’s what he did today….Picks from earlier in the day on Friday….

Garner Magnet-Lost
Southwest Guilford-Win
North Davidson-Win
South Caldwell-Win
Northern Guilford-Win
Southern Guilford-Win
High Point Andrews-Win
High Point Christian Academy-Win……I go (11-1) and if I pick the local Northwest Guilford team to win, then I go (12-0), still not that bad for the first week into the playoffs….Any hit the perfect score and go (12-0)….I’d like to hear from you….

Page won big, the Pirates hung up 60 on Lumberton from I was hearing….Dudley wins 54-0 and played the reserves on offense the entire second….I was there and was witness to Panthers in the “Panthers’ House”…”You in the House, you in the Panthers’ House” and I like that chant…Always seems to be a good motivator….Dudley brought in some young kids with kids like DJ Crossen(QB) and Zariek Rush-Foxworth(RB) seeing much/mucho playing time in the second half…Connell Young was his usually big self for Dudley and his big numbers over the past 3 weeks are something in the area code of 1,000 yards, 12 TD’s and loads of two-point conversions on top….Kicker Kinjie Patterson was out tonight, so Ryan Dixon and Rush-Foxworth picked up the slack and handled the kicking….

Don’t have much info on the Page game who did what for the Pirates, but we will have Wyatt Smith’s recap of that game coming up here at the site momentarily…..

Heard Southern Guilford was running on all cylinders tonight and we will photos on that game coming soon from Camerson Robles….

Andrews had a one-on-one talk with one another at halftime and the Red Raiders rolled over the Randleman Tigers in the second half….Slow start by Andrews, but they should have that out of their system and be ready to come out fired up at the opening whistle next week in Round Two at home….Sometimes when you have all of those home game coming your your way, you have to check your ego in at the front gate and get out there and play your butt off, at least lose it before somebody from the other team kicks it….

I would have to say this was a good opening week of the playoffs for our Guilford County teams and we predicted that we would have 6 teams left at the end of Round One of the action and how many do we have??? A bit of a shock, but we have seven teams still in the hunt….Gone are Southeast Guilford, Eastern Guilford and High Point Central….Not too many people had Northwest Guilford on the advance squad and many felt like Northern Guilford was done….Some fans didn’t see Southwest Guilford coming to Dudley either, but here they come…..Most fans had Five teams coming back for Week Two of the playoffs, but Seven????

Guilford County looking pretty good, “In the House”…..

Pretty good publication tonight and not a bad finish, but this baby will not be complete until I get next week’s matchups listed….

Coming here soon…..

Here we go on most of these games for next week:
4-AA East
Northwest Guilford at Fuquay Varina
Page at Wake Forest
Mallard Creek at Butler in Round Two is big in the 4-AA West

4-A West
Southwest Guilford at Dudley

3-AA East
Northern Guilford at Asheboro

3-A East
Wilson Fike at Southern Guilford

2-AA East
Northside at High Point Andrews

  • John said,

    1980 was the best Season in SWG Football history. They went undefeated and won the conference.

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    Go check out my recap, but it was the Will Jones and Javon Leake show at Page tonight. So glad to see that the Vikings and Cowboys both got a win tonight, sounds like there will be some celebrating at “the ranch” on Monday morning. I’m glad to see that Northwest has put a good end to this season. looking forward to more of this playoff stuff, I got the fever!

  • Andy Durham said,

    With Southwest Guilford, you might be seeing the start of something big, and for the Cowboys, the best may be yet to come…

  • Wow! said,

    Wow!!! The East must be really weak when NW and Page go that way and look like Mallard Creek. They basically won the lottery by going East because if they went West their season would be over. Well maybe not Page but NW would be done. Luck of the draw I guess? In the meantime Mallard Creek and Butler will have a 2nd round game and if either one of them played NW they would win by 100 points.

  • PigSkinUmp said,

    Wow…….what a pompous little man you are! Be glad for each and every Guilford County team that won last night, and have the testicular fortitude to wish them luck going forward!!!!

  • Fan said,

    Southwest was in the state championship with the Adams Brothers in the 80s. Can’t remember if they won.
    And as far as Coach of the Year, it should Definitely be Coach Davis from Dudley. He has an undefeated record for the past 3 years with one legitimate loss, (Richmond Co) which was an endowment game, meaning it was dropped this year to give them a 10-0 record in this post season. I would say to be a CONSISTENT WINNER like that would by far get my vote for Coach of the Year. Those other coaches have had commendable seasons, but just to go from sorry to pretty good means your personnel changed. To win regardless of your personnel consistently is a REAL COACH of the YEAR

  • Finally said,

    Finally, SW Guilford vs Dudley… Its ashame the state had to schedule this matchup after all these years of “scheduling conflicts” Cowboys are coming “In The House”… as the announcer says at Dudley watch out for Dudley “Slamming the Door” on this playoff run. Good Luck Cowboys ….Welcome to “THE TARP”… Plenty of popcorn for this one. LONG time coming.

  • Anwar Alston said,

    Page versus Lumberton excited many since it was the Pirates’ first home playoff game since 2012. Page’s Athletics Booster Club does a phenomenal job encouraging the football team to give 100%.

    Mistakes were made, but the football players are wonderful young men who play for each other. They truly love their peers to play for themselves each Friday night. To see camaraderie displayed at that age is a testament of great parenting and great discipline among themselves.

    Despite Lumberton reaching the redzone three times in the first, Page did not relent. Javon Leake along with Ronald Polite broke tackle after tackle to shift the momentum when it looked as if Lumberton would not yield any yards after contact.

    I wish Page well against Wake Forest.

  • Andy Durham said,

    This is all bringing back some long ago memories of Southwest Guilford back when they had Amos, Calvin and Stefon Adams….Ricky’s brothers and one of the Adams brothers, may have been Stefon made it to the pros and most it would have been Ricky…Ricky was at Ragsdale and led them to one State Title and half of another and then the new school at that time came along and took the Three Amigos, Amos, Calvin and Stefon and made them Cowboys….

    One brother Amos I think it was was the QB and Calvin and Stefon were both wide receivers, if I am not mistaken…

    SWG also had Eddie Pope, a Hall of Fame soccer player as their kicker back in the day and I do believe that is back when Donnie Kiefer was coaching there…Roy Broyles was the very first coach if our money is right, either Boles or Broyles they were both around the county about that same time and later on, the big man, Richard Kemp was a Cowboys coach and I think Rusty Lee was the AD and baseball coach over there at one time and much good history and it is good to be bringing it all up on a positive Saturday and the kid that really keeps stirring up my mind was that running back Brian Williams, he was one of the greats and became a DB at N.C. State and then on to the NFL….

    Good info all the way around…

  • Ol' Bawl Coach Jr said,


    You must be a human encyclopedia of local high school athletics. How do you remember all this stuff?

  • Andy Durham said,

    I felt like I knew some of these people back in the days and you try and have a mental vision of what they were doing during that time…I do miss out on a few, but that is when it is good that other people step up and bring the full story to the table….It seems like if one person says one thing it leads to somebody else saying another and having a few more details for us all….

    I do remember broadcasting a game with Dudley at Southwest Guilford back in the day and Coach Michael Ferguson was in charge of Dudley at that time and I think Dick(Richard) Kemp was the head coach for Southwest Guilford…

    I remember meeting Coach Kemp for the first time ever that night and had read about him and played against his outstanding teams back in the day and he had later coached in college, but that night, I was expecting a real dominant persona, but he was real laid back like it was just another day at the market….

    Probably say and write too much sometimes, but I just keep on remembering these crazy little details…

  • Perry Saunders said,

    The last time Southwest Guilford played Dudley was during the 2004 football season. Dudley won the game 13-10 and went on later to go play in the 3AA Championship Game against Shelby Crest that same season.