High School Football Saturday Morning rewind as we look back at the names, numbers and links from the Friday games

Posted by Andy Durham on November 14, 2015 at 11:37 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

We are going to build as we go along today adding in the names, numbers and links from the Friday night games and Round One highlights from the playoffs…We are still building…

350:Will Jones(Page HS) with 223 yards on 11-22 passing and 2 TD’s plus 6 carries for 127 yards and 3 TD’s….Three TD’s on 6 carries and not too shabby…
256:From the Northern Guilford-Corinth Holders game C.J. Freeman had 256 yards rushing with 91, 66 and 11-yard touchdown carries/18 carries total, so with 3 TD’s Freeman led the Nighthawks to victory and here’s your game report coming from WRALSportsFan.com CLICK HERE……….CLICK HERE for the News and Observer report on Northern Guilford and they have 42 photos that you can Click On and check out….
218:Connell Young(Dudley HS) with 127 yards receiving and 91 rushing with 2 TD’s and two, two-point conversion runs in one half of playing time…
CLICK HERE for the News and Record game report with Joe Sirera
205:Javon Leake from Page HS with 205 yards rushing and two TD’s in the Pirates win over Lumberton and CLICK HERE for the News and Record report with J.P. Mundy…
139:First half passing yardage for Southern Guilford’s Rayshawn Knight on just four completions with 1 TD pass and 3 TD’s rush for the game, while teammate Kenyon Taylor had 1 TD catch for his Storm team and caught two passes on interceptions from the opposing team(Southern Lee) and Taylor had a LONG kickoff return to open the game and opened up what proved to be a very productive night for the SG Storm and read more when you CLICK HERE for Ryan Besesi at the News and Record….

Some problems with HP Andrews, Southwest Guilford, HP Christian Academy and HP Central numbers today…Here is what the HP Enterprise is putting out today on-line and that sure cramps our style and way of doing things….Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading.…..Have seen that one other places before, but not lately…On to the next stop…

Three TD’s and a very solid rushing night for High Point Central’s Chavis Little in the Bison’ loss to South Caldwell from the Hickory Daily Record and Corey Spiers and HP Central went back to L.J./Larry McLean at QB last night and moved Geoffrey Wall back to WR and CLICK HERE to read all from Spiers…

A bit on Northwest Guilford-Fuquay-Varina for you from WRALSportsFan.com….CLICK HERE

Dominique Graves, Bryant Barr and James Artis playing well for Eastern Guilford at Havelock CLICK HERE to read all from the Halifax Media Group(Ken Buday), by way of the Burlington Times-News….

  • WilliamP said,

    The three runs you have for CJ Freeman of Northern Guilford are only his tds…he had several more rushes for 10+ yards including one of around 35. In my estimation he was closer to 300 than 168.

  • lewis alum said,

    Congrats to coach Tom former Lewis ctr coach along with coach Steve I remember that both CJ Freeman and Connell Young were the backfield for Lewis a few yrs back, gotta respect rec ctr coaches because their the first to evaluate talent cause we all know everyone thinks their child is a qb lol GREAT JOB ALL AROUND

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes sir on the CJ numbers, would liked to have more, but all the WRAL Report had was the TD info…Like to get more details if we can locate them…But the celebration is on for all of our teams that won last night and the work for next week must commence/begin right now….

  • Anwar Alston said,

    If Coach Tom developed Connell & CJ, then why did CJ defect to the Greensboro Giants? I remember watching Connell Jr run every single play in one game while other coaches developed talent by playing to develop young talent while losing to rigged Lewis teams.

    I remember watching Tom using his Jedi mind tricks on poor coaches to influence them to change their lineups to his benefit. Tom would say, “hey, why don’t you place that young guy here.”

    Of course Tom would have the second longest winning streak next to Coach Jake at Windsor, the Coach Jake Trophies he has, because the largest district in the city is Northern Greensboro. Nonetheless, ponder his development of the following

    Dudley’s State Championship Appearances in the 21st Century:
    2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2013
    Regional Appearances: 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013

    Tell the folks from Lewis, Mendenhall, and Page to sleep on those numbers. Not the 80s when the mullet era persisted.

  • go see said,

    go to the news and observer they have the numbers. 268 rushing for freeman

  • lewis alum said,

    Anwar you’re a troll have u ever played a sport probably a couch potato always saying negative things but Jedi mind tricks that’s original,oh yeah I played with Shawn cheek at page and Colvin was the man then ur a pathetic loser give props where props are due geesh guy ur so upset every article u write let it go!!! Cheek was good but wat scholarship did Kirby hold back lol