Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department 2015 Youth Football Champions:Windsor and Lewis Blue

Posted by Andy Durham on November 16, 2015 at 10:07 pm under Amateur | 3 Comments to Read

Pee Wee Championship:Windsor 7, Warnersvulle 6
Mite Chsmpionship:Lewis Blue 20, Warnersville 6
Midget Championship:Lewis Blue 28, Warnersville 12

2015 Champions:
Windsor-Pee Pee
Lewis Blue-Mite
Lewis Blue-Midgets

Late long run and the conversion run win the game for Windsor over Warnersville..Warnersville led late in the game 6-0….Excellent effort turned in by both teams and these young men gave their all…

Lewis Blue took off in the Mite game and proved to be too strong for Warnersville, but again outstanding work on the part of both teams and their coaches and what a fan turn out for both 6:15 games….The crowds really come out on Championship Night…

Lewis Blue in charge, though Warnersville got on the board first and led in the game in first quarter 6-0 and then Lewis Blue responded and was leading 28-6 and that lead was standing firm until about the last minute of the game and Warnersville went on a drive behind their QB and he hit the end zone for the final touchdown of the 2015 Greensboro Parks and Recreation season, as the horn sounded ending the game…No two-point conversion attempt after the last TD, since time had expired….Warnersville showed us there is something to be said for playing hard until the last whistle and the horn to end the game sent the fans and their families home for the night…

Congrats to Windsor and the Lewis Blue teams on their Titles and you have to give it up to the Warnersville Community Center for sending three teams to the final stage…Great job by the kids, the coaches and the parents(from all of our teams), who all seemed to enjoy being out there in the Championship Football element this evening…

Don Tilley, Phil Hardin and Clayton Nance holding down the fort for the GPR tonight and Austin Homan on the scene holding the camera….

Hold on to your hats/helmets after what you witnessed tonight, because the 2016 season is just 8 1/2 months away

  • Addison Edwards said,

    So I guess the years of complaining about Lewis having an unfair advantage because they had more kids doesn’t hold a lot of water all.

  • Anwar Alston said,

    Namon Williams deserves the most props. Congratulations to Coach Williams and the Windsor Center Tiny Rams.
    Warnersville teams are closing in and the pressure thickens. I commend both Windsor and Warnersville for their continued efforts.

  • Tiffany Armstrong said,

    I believe Trotter Center didn’t get enough recognition being a small team. THEY didn’t metion that Trotter almost beat Lewis blue two weeks ago.Congratulations Lewis Blue for your win. Congratulations to the wonderful coaches at Trotter Center.