High School Football Predictions/Picks for Round Two of the NCHSAA Playoffs from the Carolina Varsity Report

Posted by Andy Durham on November 17, 2015 at 10:59 am under High School | 3 Comments to Read

4-AA EAST Predictions
#3 Wake Forest over #6 Walter Hines Page 33-26
#5 Fuquay-Varina over #13 Northwest Guilford 26-16

4-A WEST Predictions
#1 James B. Dudley over #9 Southwest Guilford 45-0

3-AA EAST Predictions
#5 Asheboro over #13 Northern Guilford 22-20

3-A EAST Predictions
#4 Southern Guilford over #12 Fike 39-13

2-AA EAST Predictions
#1 T. Wingate Andrews over #9 Northside (Jacksonville) 28-18

The Dudley Panthers are the #1 Ranked team in the state in the Carolina Varsity Top 30 Poll for all schools and check out more from Dale, John and their team at the Carolina Varsity Report when you CLICK HERE….Lots to look at and pour over…

  • Just Sayin said,

    What the report doesn’t factor in is how much better the Western part of the State is compared to the Eastern part. If most of those East teams played in the West they would be .500 Football teams. Page and NW were really lucky this year to go East

    Page will beat Wake by 14
    NW will beat Fuquay by 7

  • Here we go again said,

    Here we go again with how the West is better than the East. Next it will be how the West teams beat each other up and that’s why the East might have a chance. Why don’t you bring up that the West schools have a way bigger number of students than the East, so they should be better and they still get that butt kicked. The East, as a whole, has done well the last 6 or 7 years, so just go beat your drum some where else!

  • J.D. Springer said,

    @Here we go again “The West schools have a way bigger number of students than the East”. Really? Based on the realignment ADM numbers, four of the seven largest schools in the state in terms of enrollment are in the Triangle (Enloe, Panther Creek, Broughton and Garner). Of the 36 schools in NC with at least 2,000 students, 21 are east of Guilford County. Hmmm.
    And only two of the 2,000-plus schools are in Guilford County (Northwest and Page).