Friday Night Finish as we head toward Saturday Morning:Dudley, Page and HP Andrews all home next Friday, Southern and Northern will hit the Road with Five Guilford County teams still hunting and HPCA bags Title Tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on November 20, 2015 at 11:40 pm under High School | 21 Comments to Read

Time to sort them all out….High Point Christian Academy 34, Wake Christian Academy 6….HPCA State NCISAA DII Football Chamspions….
*****The Morehead Panthers from the Mid-State 3-A Conference got a huge win on the road tonight…*****

NCHSAA Round Two High School Football Playoffs:
Dudley 42, Southwest Guilford 0
*****Next Friday, #4 South Caldwell at #1 Dudley in the 4-A West…

Page 30, Wake Forest 21
*****Next Friday, #7 Richmond County at #6 Page in the 4-AA East

Northern Guilford 28, Asheboro 17
Next Friday, #13 Northern Guilford at #1 Terry Sanford in the 3-AA East

Southern Guilford 45, Wilson Fike 0
*****Next Friday night, #4 Southern Guilford at #1 Eastern Alamance in the 3-A East

High Point Andrews 24, Northside 14
Next Friday, #4 Clinton at #1 High Point Andrews in the 2-AA East

Fuquay-Varina 35, Northwest Guilford 20
Lincolnton 36, Reidsville 6
Morehead 42, Havelock 35
Richmond County 29, Jack Britt 28
Mallard Creek 35, Butler 30
East Forsyth 49, Charlotte Independence 7
Eastern Alamance 35, Southern Nash 20
Bunn 56, Burlington Cummings 34
North Davidson 46 Scotland County 42
+++++Boys Varsity Basketball:Grimsley 67, Eastern Guilford 65+++++
+++++Boys Varsity Basketball:Ragsdale 52, Southeast Guilford 47+++++
+++++Boys Varsity Basketball:Western Guilford 51, Northeast Guilford 35+++++
+++++Girls Varsity Basketball:Eastern Guilford 59, Grimsley 52+++++
+++++Girls Varsity Basketball:Greensboro Day School 44, Caldwell Academy 30+++++
+++++Girls Varsity Basketball:Northeast Guilford 39, Western Guilford 28+++++

PICKS….Our record for this week was (10-2)….Anybody win them all on your picks???
Dudley…Check Win…
Southern Guilford…Check Win…
High Point Andrews…Check Win…
Fuquay-Varina….Check Win…
Wake Forest…Check Loss
Northern Guilford…Check Win…

Havelock…Check Loss…
Bunn…Check Win…
Lincolnton…Check Win…
Mallard Creek…Check Win….
East Forsyth…Check Win…
Richmond County…Check Win

  • Anita Fadden said,

    North Davidson 46 Scotland 42

  • Triadwatch said,

    Time warner cable at 8:30 am will show the page wake forest game

  • Football fan said,

    There were a lot of great things from Friday night I saw. #1 Page maybe in the Driver seat for the State Championship going East! How bout an East Forsyth Page rematch at NC State?

    North Davidson may of just pulled the biggest upset in the State!

    Northern Guilford Coach Roscoe is the real deal! He doesn’t have the weapons and he still finds ways to win.

    East Forsyth is a Machine and they very well could beat West Forsyth and maybe just maybe Mallard Creek!

    Dudley will finally have to play a playoff game next week. LOL

  • the triad is rolling said,

    Charlotte gets a lot of well desired credit for the football that is produced in that region but it’s clear that the triad continues to produce great players and programs equal to anyone in NC.

  • Cornwallis said,

    Alright Page, time to kick it in high gear! Can’t afford any slow starts against Richmond. Win or go home! Great run!

  • Anwar Alston said,

    Football Fan: Dudley can beat every team you have mentioned; Dudley beat Page, holding them to 7 points the last three years, Dudley plays teams, but the school makes them look like scrimmages.

    Again, pay attention to the years:
    2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013…who knows…

  • fan said,

    I’m a football fan, and i would like to say to Alston and Dudley fans that yes Dudley is a good team but y’all seem to think that they’re unbeatable. Richmond County showed that they aren’t, and for you to say they can beat all the teams that were mentioned above, I’ll have to disagree with you, because any team can be beat at any given time.

  • Football Fan said,

    Dudley would not beat East Forsyth better be glad the Panthers stay little 4-A cause if you had to go through the real Charlotte teams (ex-someone other than Catholic) Dudley would be a 2nd rd playoff team. McDowell and SW Guilford? Really??? You guys are really going through the grinder this Post season hope you can survive that tough draw

  • smh said,

    Wow Dudley a 2nd round exit in big 4A lol thats a good one they cant help who they play an for that 1 L in 3yrs field conditions played a huge part in that.. Dudley is considered a power house im real good friends with a lot of football coach’s in the area an even Mallard Creek knows Dudley is a top 5 program in the state for the last 12yrs an will not put them on the schedule just like northern took dudley off the schedule to play Reidsville because that game makes them more money so they say.. That Dudley program has had a hard time finding non conference teams to play S/o to davie co an Richmond co for putting them on the schedule this year. Know your facts an not just talk an please know that 4A an 4AA is based off of enrollment an Dudley is on the verge of going back to 3A next so page fans u get a break an Northern u cant hide anymore..

  • smh said,

    Oh yeah S/O greensboro sports for the radio broadcast i have the App an love listening to the dudley game when im on the road.. just wish u guys would give more score updates on the game if i have to stop listening an come back i dont get a score update until the next touchdown lucky dudley scores a lot..

  • Perry Saunders said,

    @Fan, you are speaking in general about the Dudley Supporters & Team saying they think they unbeatable. Coach Davis said in the News & Record that loss made his team realize not to take any team for granted ever again. I was at that game, that Dudley team was flat, no emotion and no energy until going into the 4th quarter. However that loss sent them from crying and disappointed to being fired up and angry that has lead to this team playing lights out since then. Richmond County stopped Dudley’s winning streak, Just like Dudley did against Richmond Co. in 2008. Richmond had a 100 game plus home winning streak if I remembered correctly {I may be wrong} before Dudley beat them. So both teams did something to each other in their own places in recent years. Dudley fans & the Coaches & Team are just fired up to win that 4A Championship after the letdown of the mess from last year.

    @FOOTBALL FAN, You so confident E. Forsyth would beat the Panthers this year, Why ??? Because of the 7-7 or 14-7 Scrimmage game against Dudley earlier this season…WOW !!! Well if that’s your measuring stick then I guess Dudley would have been top dawg in 2014 since Dudley defeated Mallard Creek & E. Meck at Mallard Creek at a Scrimmage 14-7. The last two years Dudley has hosted a scrimmage with Charlotte Vance, Richmond Co., Western Alamance, H.P. Central, Page, Durham Hillside. But getting back to E. Forsyth, what have they accomplish over the years, they beat a Independence team that is not like they use to be under Tommy Knotts, but how many times have Butler, Mallard Creek, Independence or Providence beat them over the years ? You talk about Dudley {Who by the way has just over 1500 kids, making them a Big 3AA team compared to your Charlotte Schools, but that Weak Dudley team beat North Davidson, Rocky River 28-7… which won that conference with S.MECK, E.MECK, BUTLER, INDEPENDENCE & MYERS PARK that year & beat CHARLOTTE Butler that year. Even last year after the Dudley vs. Mallard Creek scrimmage game, Mallard Creek Head Coach said Dudley was one of the most physical teams he has ever face and he respected them. He said said that him and Coach Davis had talked about playing in the near future during the regular season, but because of the current teams he played under home & home agreements, it wasn’t possible the next few years. I know for a fact that Coach Davis has been wanting to do Home & Away games with some of those BIG CITY CHARLOTTE TEAMS YOU PRAISE, BUT THOSE TEAMS DON’T WANT TO TRAVEL TO GREENSBORO TO PLAY DUDLEY. I know he {Davis} has wanted to play some South Carolina teams, but the same reply. So don’t act like Dudley is scared to play your Boys from the Queen City. The Honest truth other than West Charlotte in the 90’s, follow by Independence during the 2000-2007, then Butler, follow by now Mallard Creek, what has the other 20 something Charlotte teams have done ??? Out of a city of 900,000 folks and 20 plus schools or more, you only have 1, maybe 2 teams out of the whole bunch to win at one time during a certain period. Lastly you talk about Dudley beating Southwest Guilford, which by the way came in second place to East Forsyth. Which by the way defeated 12-1 High Point Andrews, 8-4 Watauga, 8-5 Northwest Guilford & H.P Central. So I wouldn’t be so quick to put down Southwest, because E. Forsyth played them as well and both Dudley and East had the same score difference. E. Forsyth should be happy that Page don’t get another shot at them, because Page should have beaten them the first time blowing that 27-19 lead. Dudley will travel and they have. From going to Winston Salem, Davie Co, Raleigh, Fayetteville or Durham over the years. I would love to see those Charlotte teams play Dudley, Northern Guilford & Page up here as well. People say Dudley is cocky, heck the Charlotte folks look down on the rest of the state like they God too. I be waiting on your reply ??? Have a Bless Day !!! Most coaches respect Coach Davis {Maybe not Southeast} but most teams and Coaches Richmond Co. to former Catholic Coach to Scotland Co. Coach will tell you Dudley is a good hardnose team. Most teams and Coaches will tell you Dudley folks, Coaches and Team treat their Vistors with first class treatment and respect, Ask A.C. Reynolds from Asheville or McDowell Co. Coach or the Catholic folks how they were cared for and even prayed over before they traveled back. They all said they were treated better by the Dudley People than other teams in there Conference over the years

  • HAHA! said,

    Nobody cares or has the time to read all that crap.

    You Dudley supporters do get Butt Hurt real quick when someone says you play a soft schedule. I guess its true. Congrats on the big time wins against Whoever and SWG. Cake Walk all the way to the Championship and you act like yall beat butler, EF, and mc. You played one tough game against Richmond and they were about 2 or 3 scores better than you but the refs kept it close.

  • Perry Saunders said,

    @HaHa, nobody getting their feeling hurt, but don’t be acting like Mallard Creek & Butler can’t be beat. Because if I remember Mallard Creek loss 2 games and Butler loss a few. Those Panthers have been playing the same teams for a decade plus. You act like W. Charlotte, Harding, E. Meck, Myers Park are Power Houses, Charlotte has some weak Schools !!! Charlotte has how many High Schools ? But the same 3 {Mallard Creek, Butler & Catholic} are the only ones to make any noise year after year. You can call what I said Crap…..But since THOSE QUEEN CITY BOYZ ARE SO SUPER, THEN PLAY MORE POWERHOUSE TEAMS FROM OUTSIDE THE STATE LIKE #3 Bishop Gorman {NV}, #6 Allen, {Tx} #8 De Matha {MD} or #10 Da La Salle {CA}. It’s funny how you trying to say the Dudley folks feeling butt hurt. Not really, but some of you are bandwagon supporter of those Charlotte Schools….It’s funny because on Carolina Prep & Varsity those Mallard Creek & Butler folks are talking Junk about Forsyth County {E. Forsyth included} being a choke job every year when they play in a Western Regional Championship losing to Mallard Creek or Butler. You see HAHA, what has E.Forsyth accomplish really other than a regular season conference title. How many Championships ???????? Dudley 1997 Regionals, 2001 Runners Up, 2004 Runners Up, 2007 Champions, 2008 Champions, 2009 Regionals, 2013 Champions. Every year Dudley has played Carver, Hillside, Smith, Page, Grimsley along with other so called weak schools…..But at the end of the day, Dudley is always in the mix. It’s amazing how Northern Guilford, Dudley & Page always gets the negative comments from some of you. I guess it because of Jealously and Envy !!!! You can call this crap too if you like and be a man using your real name and not a nickname. Nothing but Computer Geeks, I bet you didn’t even go to neither MC, BUTLER OR E.F…..BANDWAGON GROUPIES…lol

  • Perry Saunders said,

    E. Forsyth isn’t even in the same level as Mallard Creek or Butler. Oh yeah… Dudley has about 1509 students {3AA Size} Compared to Richmond Co. 2216; Mallard Creek 2620; Independence 2543, Butler 2179 & E. Forsyth 1878. Are you Big Schools that scared of a really a 3 AA size school that beating 4A schools. So you have to put them down to feel good about your School that you jumped on board with.

  • ross said,

    See a few haters are still waiting for Dudley to slip up. Them jokers even said Dudley playoff bracket was soft and “EASY”.If they were lucky enough to get a chance at a championship trophy , they would know it’s nothing easy about it.

  • Ol' Bawl Coach Jr said,

    East prolly should worry more about West Forsyth than Dudley or the Charlotte teams for that matter. I think EF is headed for the exit this week….

  • Anwar Alston said,

    Coach Davis is the best coach in the state at the moment. Dudley will prevail this upcoming Friday.

    I will be in the house to watch Page defeat Richmond County. I hope every team in the county wins their playoff games this upcoming Friday.

    *Richmond County plays Dudley ten times and only wins that once, but a loss is a loss.

  • HuH? said,

    What in Gods green earth would lead your pea brain to think that East Forsyth, their fans, their coaches, or their players is thinking about Dudley? Why in the Hell would they think about Dudley considering they never play or would ever see them in the Playoffs or Regular Season? I’m sure Page is really worried about Reidsville this week too! See my point? Go Home you’re DRUNK!

  • Clint said,

    If Guilford County would do the right thing about kids being
    able to transfer just because they want to play a sport at another school then we would not be talking about some of these teams at this time of the year anyway.

  • Coach T said,

    I love the Dudley haters, sound like fools to me. Dudley is the cream of the crop around here. And for the nutcase that said Dudley couldn’t beat East Forsyth, Page still could’ve won that game you couldn’t say that when Page played the DBOYZ

  • Forsyth Contenders or Pretenders said,

    Forsyth County hasn’t won a state title in football since Carver in 2002 and they have open enrollment schools. East Forsyth’s measuring stick isn’t Dudley or Page, it’s that Yellow Jacket team over 13 years ago….