High School Football Games tonight with Round Two of the NCHSAA Playoffs and HPCA goes for State Title

Posted by Andy Durham on November 20, 2015 at 11:20 am under High School | 48 Comments to Read

Our broadcast team with Dennis White and Nathan White will be at Tarpley Stadium where the Dudley Panthers take on the Southwest Guilford Cowboys…Game is 7:30 and pre-game around 7pm on GreensboroSports Radio 1….GreensboroSports Radio 2 has Kris Walser and Coach Jason Lippard at High Point’s Simeon Stadium for the High Point Andrews Red Raiders taking on Northside, out of Jacksonville….Pre-game 7 and kickoff 7:30 for Chris and The Coach…Wyatt Smith at Southern Guilford, where the Storm host Wilson Fike in Round Two and Cameron Robles will have her camera at the Dudley-Southwest Guilford game this evening, all for your here on GreensboroSports.com and GreensborSports Radio….Games available inside the stadiums on 97.7 FM…..

The games for tonight’s Round Two Action
Wake Christian(9-3) vs. High Point Christian Academy(11-1) 7pm at the Simeon Stadium Athletic Complex in High Point for the NCISAA D2 Title….
*****All other games with the 7:30pm Kickoffs*****
Southwest Guilford(6-6) at Dudley(11-1)
Wilson Fike(7-5) at Southern Guilford(10-2)
Northside(5-7) at High Point Andrews(11-1)
Northwest Guilford(8-4) at Fuquay-Varina(12-1)
Page(10-2) at Wake Forest(12-0)
Northern Guilford(8-4) at Asheboro(10-2)

Spencer Turkin and 1320 AM with the Northern Guilford Nighthawks in Asheboro tonight and the game will be on 1260 AM in Asheboro with Tony Roberts…
*****Last night Max Maynard, from Northern Guilford High School, told his team was trying to hang in there and stay in the playoffs long enough to get their Nighthawk teammate Tucker Hord back from injury and this morning we saw this from Joe Sirera at the News and Record:Joe Sirera ?@JoeSireraNR
Northern Guilford WR/DB Tucker Hord says he will play Friday night at Asheboro. Offense only…*****

Other games around the area for our area teams….
Southern Nash(9-3) at Eastern Alamance(12-0)
Morehead(9-3) at Havelock(12-0)
Burlington Cummings(5-7) at Bunn(10-2)
Lincolnton(10-2) at Reidsville(9-3)
Mallard Creek(10-2) at Butler(10-2)
Charlotte Independence(8-4) at East Forsyth(12-0)
Richmond County(10-2) at Jack Britt(11-1)

Southern Guilford
High Point Andrews
Wake Forest
Northern Guilford

Mallard Creek
East Forsyth
Richmond County

2)High Point Andrews(11-1)
4)Southern Guilford(10-2)
5)Northern Guilford(8-4)
6)Northwest Guilford(8-4)
7)Southwest Guilford(6-6)
8)Southeast Guilford(8-4)
9)High Point Central(5-7)
10)Eastern Guilford(5-7)

  • pigskinump said,

    WF 7
    Page 0
    3:30 1st qt

  • MrsFootballCoacheWife said,

    Would anyone be willing to text me updates of the Page game? (My husband is a coach).

  • pigskinumpu said,

    WF 14
    Page 0

    10:35 2nd

  • Kev said,

    Wf 14
    Page 0

    Dudley 14
    SW 0

    NW 7
    Fuquay 7

    EF 14
    Indy 0

    Ng 10
    Ash 7

    Most games 2Q

  • pigskinump said,

    WF 14
    Page 7
    8:14 2nd qt

  • MrsFootballCoachsWife said,

    Thank you!

  • pigskinump said,

    WF 14
    Page 14
    2nd qt 5:51

  • MrsFootballCoachsWife said,

    Oh, this is gonna be a crazy game.
    Thank you pigskinump…i owe you!

  • Triadwatch said,

    East Forsyth 27 independence 0 2 minutes to go in half

  • Triadwatch said,

    Correction fumble and east scores again 34-0 1:33 to go in half

  • piratespage said,

    Let’s go Page!!!

  • Page Fan said,

    Page 21-14

  • Kev said,

    Fuquay 21
    NW 0

    Dudley 28
    SW 0

    SG 25-0

    Page 21-14

  • Kev said,

    Fuquay 21-7
    NG 18-7
    Andrews 10-0
    Reidsville down 10

  • Triadwatch said,

    East Forsyth 34- Charlotte Independence 0 halftime

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    SG 38-0 @ Half

  • cwingo said,

    Jack britt 14
    Richmond county 13

  • pigskinump said,

    Page 27
    WF 14
    3rd qt 8:00

  • Page Fan said,

    27-14 Page

  • pigskinump said,

    Page 27
    WF 21
    5:03 3rd qr

  • Frosty said,

    NG 28
    Asheboro 10
    Start of 4th Quarter

  • Evans said,

    Morehead 35-28 over Havelock in 4th

  • cwingo said,

    Jack Britt 21
    Richmond county 21

    Starting 4th quarter

  • Coach Jones said,

    Want to say congratulations to HPCA for winning a state title & to Dashaun Taylor for proving to the so called Coach’s who felt he wasn’t good enough to play @ Western Guilford and to you also Andy do you still feel he wasn’t good enough

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    SG 45-0 Final

  • pigskinump said,

    Page 30
    WF 21
    4th qt 2:52

  • Facts said,

    Coach Jones. You do know that league is the equivalent of middle school football.

  • Evans said,

    Morehead upsets Havelock! Go Panthers

  • Frosty said,

    Northern 28
    Asheboro 17

  • Coach Jones said,

    @ Facts you can say it’s like middle school football I guess the Basketball teams are like middle school teams but the continue to beat the public school teams and if HPCA played against Western right now HPCA would win by at least 21 it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog and Mr.Taylor is a D1 prospect right now

  • pigskinump said,

    PAGE WINS!!!!

  • Coachmommy said,

    Dudley Panthers 42
    Southwest. 0

  • Coach Curtis said,

    Coach Jones you are outside of your dang mind. You need to relax from running your mouth and you really have no idea of what your talking about. Deshawn is an awesome young man that is going to be an amazing man. We at Western and proud of him and what he has and will do. As for you I’m tired of reading your slick remarks about western. Apparently you have nothing to do with western not have a student athlete at western, so why is Weatern constantly coming out of your mouth? And yes I know who I’m talking to, I’ve constantly kept quiet from all of your comments that have been made on this site for the past two years. It’s finally to the point I will not sit back and watch/read you bashing extremely good people that is helping this generation to become strong men with character and not being an example of what not to become. Yes we have been down as far as wins and loses so go ahead and make whatever comments you want to about that. But what you don’t understand is that these kids are getting better and most importantly they are slowly but surely turning into good men. But I’m gonna stop here. but long story short you worry about you and yours and we will worry about us. You help the program or school that your child is currently at and let that me it. To end on a positive note, BIG congratulations to Deshwn and Chance and all the HPCA program.

  • WGHS alum said,

    Coach Jones,

    I think you comparing private school basketball to private school football in NC shows your lack of intelligence. I agree Taylor kid should have been QB at WGHS but saying he is a D1 tecruit is insane. He could not start for the power schools in Guilford County such as Page, Dudley, Northern, etc. I am not sure he could start for some of other very good schools such as Southern or NW or SwGH either and NONE of those schools have D1 QB skils. The all however have above average and pretty good QB. Not sure if you know kid that played at NWHS a few years back that finished up his college career at Guilford College breaking many school records this year. But I guarantee that no QB starting in ANY Guilford county school private or public is as good as that kid and he wasn’t D1.

  • Coach Jones said,

    @Facts let’s start by saying I never hidden who I am also I watch how those kids were treated # Western and how Mr.Taylor was treated along with mean other kids and until the culture changes its going to be the same Causey yes I know who you are and as for as my child goes he will be playing for The University of Alabama Birmingham in 2017 also a kid you felt wasn’t good enough but has a full ride and I stand by everything I say. and let’s not start with how you all did Mr.Baldwin I can keep going what you don’t understand is kids know who has there best interest at heart and I really can care less about Western but I do care about the kids oh how many times did you all go see Mr.Baldwin when he was in the hospital 4 a month and no one checked on him I can air you out but your doing great and good job at that and again congratulations to Dashaun and his teammates @HPCA!!!!!!

  • Coach no more said,

    Hey coaches stop this foolishness save your petty remarks for the washroom and water cooler. This site is to honor high school students successes and development into successful young men.

  • not this guy again.. said,

    Coach jones, you do know how pathetic you look when you are trying to “praise” a kid and then use that kid to bash adults….man you are one sad man.

    Let it go! The kid one a state title, why not just give him props without showing your true colors? I’m sure these high schoolers love you using them as firepower on a messageboard. What kind of man/father does that?

    Congrats on highjacking a football thread, it’s sad that you have to get your kicks this way.

    Andy, please figure out a way to ban this guy.

  • 1st Time Panther Parent said,

    Good job Dudley!!!!!! The boys have been playing very good playoff football and hopefully will have continued success next week at the Tarp.


    Dudleys Defense has been very stingy. 0 points through two rounds.

    The kicking game was back with the regular kicker back into the rotation.

    The Panthers are rolling but still haven’t faced a team with a winning record in the playoffs.

    Go PANTHERS!!!!!

  • WGHS alum said,

    Coach Jones,
    If you stand by what you say and you are saying Taylor kid has full ride to UAB then you don’t have to get on a message baord and talk about it. We should see something of this magnitude in News and Record next year. I do however doubt you are telling the truth because like I stated earlier, D1 schools don’t offer full rides to average players. Do yourself a favor and quit showing your ignorance and foolishness for all to see. Spend your time celebrating a championship even if it is in a mediocre at best classification. Done confuse it with a 3AA classification that WGHS plays. You know deep down HPCA WOULD GET ABSOLUTELY THRASHED BY Southern Guilford, Northern or Morehead.

  • not this guy again.. said,

    Coach jones,

    Who is the kid that is going to UAB? I’m sure Andy would love to get the scoop on that. Is your son a 2016 graduate? or 2017? I know UAB’s program doesn’t play until 2017 after being disbanded a few years ago. Please share a link of his committment to the UAB program.

    You don’t seem to be very secretive with other kids’ names on here, figured you could at least share who this future Blazer is.

  • Coach Jones said,

    Yes my son will be playing @UAB starting in 2017 Andy can contact Coach Nick and check playmakersource.com and he is the in the Class of 2016. Anymore questions you all are invited to signing day

  • not this guy again.. said,

    so not really much to go on there. You can’t share a name, but give a shoutout to a recruiting site?

    FYI- UAB doesnt list any commits or offers to anyone in our area, or even state in 2016 nor 2017. Please point me in the right direction.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I interviewed De’Shaun Taylor over at the Shane’s Rib Shack a couple of Thursdays back and I was real impressed with the young man…Very good attitude and nice personality…He should do well at the next level and not sure where he will end up…He has one year left at HPCA and got himself a State Championship on Friday…

    Our best to the young man, he is a good kid and really has worked hard…

  • Really? said,

    You guys sound like a bunch of little Girls! Congrats to HPCA on the Championship. I would like to see you guys schedule some smaller public schools in the future. I don’t know the exact rules or how the NCHSAA would look upon that but it would be cool to see SW, Andrews, HPC, or Ragsdale play HPCA

    Lots of Great Triad area teams still in the hunt! Go out next week and support a local HS even if you’re not a huge football fan the money at the Gate helps support other sports within the schools. The school systems don’t give much if any money for athletics so it’s important for good gate numbers so each kids can play their desired sport. As for you parents quit embarrassing your kids on a message board! Fact is most kids will never play college ball so let your sons have fun and enjoy this brief moment in life. Trust me it flies by and when its over 20 years down the road you want to remember the relationships and good times. Not how you embarrassed your kid on the internet. Good Night!

  • piratespage said,

    So many people doubted Page last night,but after being down 14-0, we fought back to get the W. Never give up. Richmond up next

  • nobody said,

    Nobody doubted Page except people in the Eastern part of NC. Everyone basically saw by going East you guys would be playing for a state championship. They are finally seeing Big Boy Football when the 3rd and 12th best teams in the triad are slapping around their best.

  • Anita Fadden said,

    North Davidson beat Scotland 46-42!!!!!

  • Agree with Really said,

    Really? Nailed it! IMHO, the highest level of private school football in NC is on the level of good 1A and 2A NC public school football—-not talking about individuals but overall. UAB football has a credibility issue after uncerimoniously dropping foootball they way they did, so who knows who they will be offering the next year or so. Let’s all wait and see. Have a nice weekend!