Looking back on High Point Andrews’ win over Northside(Jacksonville) this past Friday night

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Since we can no longer resource news from the High Point Enterprise on-line services, we were able to pursue the Jacksonville Daily News on-line this morning and here are just a few observations from the High Point Andrews-Northside(Jacksonville) Round Two NCHSAA football game from this past Friday night at Simeon Stadium, in High Point…

Sort of crazy when you have to go to Jacksonville to get High Point and the writer is the same person, Mark Laming, how does the work in the High Point Enterprise in the first place, but Mark does outstanding work and here are some of the items we were able to glean from his post on the Andrews-Northside game….

Final Score:HP Andrews 24, Northside 14
Halftime Score:Andrews 10, Northside 0….The two teams played on even terms in the second half…Why? The Northside coach(Eason) said it was the four-hour bus ride from Jacksonville to High Point and both teams agreed the field was very choppy and that favored the Red Raiders, who get a chance to work out on the field, prior to the games on Friday and all of the rain that they received in High Point on Thursday, did not make matters any better when it came down to the field conditions….

Chris Walser, who broadcast the game for our website, said the field was chewed up the previous week when Andrews hosted Randleman and with the rain on Thursday, that Simeon Stadium field had no chance to recuperate after the beating it took the week before and Andrews AD Derek Anderson said the same thing when I talked to him last week prior to the game…

The field is getting played on and then rained on and then played on again, with not enough timeout time in between, to give it a chance to recover….

Like we were saying and as Mark Laming reported, it was 10-0 Andrews at the half and then 14-14 Andrews-Northside in the second half….

We all caught the 24-14 High Point Andrews final and this is how the Red Raiders scored their points….

Mauricio Nuez 19-yard FG
Jahmad Cherry 4-yard TD run and Nunez kick
Travis Steele 4-yard TD run and Steele two-point conversion run
Jikawiza Hope 22-yard TD run and kick failed….24-14 HP Andrews final…

Read more/read all from Mark Laming with the High Point Enterprise in the Jacksonville Daily News when you CLICK HERE and good job Mark Laming on your game report and I do wish reports like this one were still accessible at the High Point Enterprise site….HPENews used to really be a great resource earlier in the season….

We don’t steal much info, but send other people to other sites by our linking procedure….Some call us the Abraham Linking(Lincoln) of modern sports on the net….

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  • Wyatt Smith said,

    Pretty cool to be published in two newspapers when you’re only 16! Mark is a great young man, and looks to have a promising career in the business, as he’s only 16.