MORE High School Basketball Games tonight with lots of talk about the “Bad Mamma Jamma”, “The Big Momma”, the “The Mother of the All” early in the season with NG at NWG

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Tonight is actually starting to look pretty busy and here is a list of the games that were sent our way and we say thanks for these:Southeast Guilford @ Southwest Guilford…Durham Hillside @ Dudley (JV Girls starts it off at 4pm followed by JV Boys, V Girls, V Boys)…Southern Guilford @ Ragsdale…HP Andrews @ Ben L. Smith…Western Guilford @ Morehead…Grimsley @ Burlington Williams….Page @ McMichael….Reidsville @ Rockingham

Plus we have Northeast Guilford at North Davidson and you just don’t see these two schools getting together all that often with girls at 6pm and boys to follow…

There’s Salem Baptist at Bishop McGuinness set for boys only listed for 7:30pm…We have a pretty strong list working on here now and will scores for you later on tonight…

What seems to be the “Bad Mamma Jamma”, “The Big Momma”, the “The Mother of the All” here early in the season looks to be the Northern Guilford girls at Northwest Guilford set for 6pm in the Roger Nelson Gymnasium…Joe Sirera(N&R) has done a very good job of setting the scene for this one and I remember being right there at NWG when they have played this game the past three seasons…I think last year it was on a Tuesday, the year before on a Saturday and the year before that, on a Friday night…

Here we go with a Tuesday night get together and I can bet you the Northwest Guilford students will be out in full force and in full regalia for this one tonight…NG won the football game and now NWG will look to take both basketball games this evening…

Barber, Tucker, Neas, Moore, Pointer and there you have five very ready seniors for NWG and you add in Bria Gibbs, a sophomore, who saw lots of playing time last year down in the post and NWG with the addition of Elizabeth Kitley and another player, Cayla King that I know nothing about, and with all of that going your way and the sophomore guard, Lindsay Gauldin, you have quite the deep squad and a very legitimate State Championship contender…Sandra Wommack and Mikayla Harkey will see key minutes too and this team like we said is DEEP and tall…Kitley is 6’4, Harkey is 6’2, while Pointer and Gibbs both go at 6’0….

Northern will not forget to get off of the bus and they have one of the top young post players in the Southeast part of the country and that is country as in nation and not county….Elissa Cunane is just plain good and tall too at 6’3 and still growing…She has help with Kelly Lomax, a very smart young lady and you had Lomax and Cunane both making the Haeco All-Tournament team in 2014…The Nighthawks also check in with Sami Furlough, a much-improved outside shooter and a must-improved ball handler…Kassie Robakiewicz is a scorer and every team needs a couple of those and the missing ingredient is what NG misses at the point guard spot, with the loss of Sydney Wilson..That will be the key for NG, how they replace the PG Wilson…She was the true grit of the team and sometimes her efforts went unnoticed by some of the basketball followers, but Wilson willed her team to many victories over her four years in the purple and white uniform..NG also will have to develop depth, something that NWG has no lack of…

The “Bad Mamma Jamma”, “The Big Momma”, the “The Mother of the All” probably too much hype and I think I will find a nice quiet spot in that Nelson Gym and check out the contest this evening and what about that men’s game Daddy???

As far as I can tell the NWG boys only lost one “main man” and that was Sam “The Slam” Covingtan/Covington…Had to get that Covingtan, with the tan in there to make the line work/rhyme, but in all seriousness, Sam is gone, but Northwest has a load/enough on hand to satisfy the band for this season…You have the “Spice Man” Jalen Spicer and Jalen Gore in the backcourt, Tre Turner and Reggie Davis on the wings and David Funderburg, as your true post man at 6’7….It’s an easy drop-down for Davis to set up down low too so as you can see, it is almost c-r-a-z-y, how this team has so much d-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y…..When NWG decides to run and it may be better said will they ever not be running, this team is off and to the races for top places this season…Locked and loaded and very, very good…A game with NWG vs. GDS at the Haeco is not out of the realm of possibility for again this year, that is for sure and this might be the year that NWG gets the Bengals, we will have to wait and see and there is plenty of business to deal with before then…****Another kid that is part of the Viking rotation and we forgot about him since he was such a big part of NWG’s football success and that is Thomas Hennigan…Hennigan can play and he can get up in the air and does an excellent job of running the floor and one of his best assets may be his defensive game…Hard to move around even without the ball, when Hennigan is on your trail…

NG has a very good one-two pop/punch with Pack and Emerick…Andy Pack and Jack Emerick that is…Pack hit for 24 points last week in a win by NG and he has to get to that total nearly every night for Northern to be successful…The task for the opposition, “keep Pack under 20” and we win right??? Maybe, we will know more about that tonight….Northern has to make sure that they hit the easy buckets that NWG might be allowing after Viking made baskets..You know the type that come when the other teams scores and they are pausing for a second in celebration and you better make sure you hustle your tail back up the court and score while they are standing around..Way too many teams give up those easy transition baskets and if they are out there, you better SCORE on those gimmes or you are going to be a goner…

NWG a very competitive top five and plenty of quality reserves to make this thing work….Another key for NWG will be to follow their shots…You have to think that they will be getting to the basket very quickly and with some of those easy misses that fall off of the rim, you need to be there to get that “stick back”….Lots of basketball to go around, but like we said a week or so back, only one basketball on the floor at one time, so a key will be distribution…Spread the wealth around and if a guy or girl has a hot hand, get them the ball, but make sure that all of your teammates are involved in this project together….

First regular season game for NWG, they have had some scrimmages, but tonight it is for real and the have a lot of real talent out there and tonight is the night you start to show others that you have it altogether….It had to begin to come together before tonight, but tonight is the night you show people what you can do for real….

I could sit on here and talk about this all day, but would not get much pay, so let’s say I have said my peace/piece and now it is time for the players to enter into the gym and give us a gem…It can’t all be perfect on the first night, but you do all you can to make sure it is as close to that as possible….For the NWG girls, it is must-win every time you step on the court until mid-March 2016….You showed us just about everything you had last year and this year it is time for you to show us the rest of what you have/got…The got part for the street in me there….

I like this time of year and each night it is a one-game season and I can’t wait to see how Coach Furlough works to dictate and control the tempo of the girls game tonight…There are so many little things that you can’t wait to see, even before you pass through the front door of the gym…

See all of you tonight at NWG….6pm girls/7:30 boys….

  • Plenty of Games said,

    Plenty of Games Tonight:

    Southeast Guilford @ Southwest Guilford
    Durham Hillside @ Dudley (JV Girls starts it off at 4pm followed by JV Boys, V Girls, V Boys)
    Southern Guilford @ Ragsdale
    HP Andrews @ Ben L. Smith
    Western Guilford @ Morehead
    Grimsley @ Burlington Williams
    Page @ McMichael
    Reidsville @ Rockingham

  • SWG FAN said,

    SWG girls 56-49 over Southeast