Langston Wertz says enjoy your Thanksgiving Desserts, but you better take care of the Main Course too:Harry Giles has transferred from Oak Hill (VA) to Forest Trail Academy in Kernersville

Posted by Andy Durham on November 25, 2015 at 4:14 pm under College, High School | 6 Comments to Read

from Langston Wertz Jr. with the Charlotte Observer, by way of Twitter:
The nation’s No. 1 recruit Harry Giles has transferred from Oak Hill (VA) to Forest Trail Academy in Kernersville, per coach Tony Taylor….

Coach Freddy Johnson of the Greensboro Day School Bengals was telling me about this earlier today and he said it all has to do with the need for proper rehab and total dedication to the rehab that will get Harry Giles to Duke University on time/on schedule….

Not many major rehab outlets up around Mouth of Wilson, Virginia and there loads of them in and around the Winston-Salem area…

Harry to Forest Trail and will be with Delaney Rudd to a certain extent, with some on-line academic work being discussed here too and that should be a good thing, don’t you think???

Every day is about change and Harry Giles is about to change schools for 2015/2016 and some still say he will go straight to pros at the end of one year, when his rehab is done, but that is folks just saying and those are the same ones that are saying that Harry would be playing in Europe next year and he would by-pass Duke and get on to NBA after the pay-for–play overseas….

We will have to wait and see what does go down, but one thing is for certain, Harry Giles is headed back down the highway and on his way off the road and on to the Forest Trail…..

  • Dale Fulton said,

    On-line academic work . I smell an investigation if Duke is not involved in this.

  • Andy Durham said,

    His rehab work being the Main Course that was referred to in the above content….

  • That's life said,

    This would not be happening if not cleared by Duke first. I am sure Duke has reviewed the required course work and ran it thru the admissions office. Duke is the best path to the NBA if he is healthy so I am sure Forest Trail, Duke nor the Giles family would do anything to help this kids chances of getting into the league.

  • FAN said,

    Best Believe that Duke looked into Forest Trail and gave the Giles family the OK which also should answer alot of question that some of you haters or should I say people that have lack of knowledge about the online schooling world may have.

  • online courses do have issues said,

    Fan – I am not a hater but there are a lot of questions about the online schooling world. This is why the NCAA starting last year required players wanting to meet NCAA course requirements were limited in the # of online courses allowed. Too many of these schools were abusing the process and kids were clearly not meeting the educational requirements needed. Hopefully Forest Trail is on top of these concerns for the best benefit of all involved. Also, just because Harry is there does not prove that the education is good at this school. Good luck to all players regardless of their school of choice.

  • Forest Trail said,

    I live in K’ville and I know that Delany lives in Kernersville – but I have never heard of Forest Trail?? Where is this school at in Kernersville- or is it just an online school?? Is this like Veritas from several years ago? Be interesting to hear more details about this school