Who is the MVP for the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton or Luke Kuechly? Panthers leave Dallas at (11-0)

Posted by Andy Durham on November 26, 2015 at 9:01 pm under Professional | Comments are off for this article

Cam Newton or Luke Kuechly, Luke Kuechly or Cam Newton???

They are both playing quite well, along with all of their Carolina Panthers teammates, but who will be the team MVP?

The team is (11-0) coming out of Dallas after today’s 33-14 victory over the Cowboys and it looks as if there is now stopping this team from Charlotte…

They lost Luke Kuechly earlier this season for about three games, but they did not miss many beats and the show did go on…..

But how would the Panthers fare without Cam Newton???

Newton never came out the game in Big D today and I would have to say that the young man from Auburn would edge out Luke Kuechly, from Boston College, as the Carolina Panthers team MVP…

This team is rolling and let’s hope they keep on rolling merrily along….

Carolina Panthers now at (11-0) and just 10 days away from reaching a dozen and 0, right?

Panthers (11-0) and ready for the big (12-0) not too far down the road….

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