Charlotte-area schools not happy at all with high school football playoff format:Mecklenburg County says they have been getting a “raw deal”

Posted by Andy Durham on November 27, 2015 at 12:37 am under High School | Comments are off for this article

Read it for yourself, the schools down in the Charlotte area say they have not been receiving fair treatment under the current NCHSAA football playoff format and Mecklenburg County is ready to tell anyone that will listen, that they have been flat-out getting a “raw deal”, in recent years…

CMS/Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools want to know why their teams, their very tough teams, have to keep on meeting early in the playoffs and sending each other home, just when the party is getting good…

Case-in-study says why Mallard Creek and Butler in Round Two and now they have two of their powerhouses, Mallard Creek and Cornelius Hough meeting in Round Three…

By the CMS evaluation and by the CMS standards, Mallard Creek and Butler should never meet in Round Two, maybe in Round Three, but in Round Two??

Mallard Creek-Cornelius Hough in Round Four, but Round Three???

Somebody is not seeing the light coming out of the Concord Tunnel….

CMS says just look at what the Triad has going on this weekend, with West Forsyth at unbeaten East Forsyth….

CMS feels there should be a different form for seeding the playoffs, like a power ranking and with that power ranking, both East Forsyth and West Forsyth would both be ranked below Mallard Creek, Hough and Butler…..

Time for you to read more on that and you can do just that when you do this…..CLICK HERE

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