Providence Day tops High Point Christian Academy in the Charlotte Hoops Challenge Final, 76-66

Posted by Andy Durham on November 29, 2015 at 2:22 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Championship Game of the Charlotte Hoops Challenge:Providence Day 76, High Point Christian Academy 66

from the Charlotte Observer/

Saturday night in the finale of the Charlotte Hoops Challenge, not only did the Providence Day Chargers take on the 12th ranked team in the nation (the High Point Christian Cougars) but also their 6th ranked recruit in 6-foot, 10-inch Edrice “Bam” Adebayo.

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  • appy said,

    I guess we won’t have to listen to all the nonsense from over there about winning a national championship. Looks like they need to worry about winning a state championship first.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Very high expectations and very little room for error and loss when you have such a stacked roster…Makes it tough and some nights things don’t go your way and you end up in a no-win situation and everyone is expecting you to win every single game and when you don’t, it is like we said, Very Tough…

  • coaching said,

    If you have at least 5 D1 players, how do you lose? How much is too much? #overkill

  • reality said,

    You should win when you have a stacked roster. It is very tough when you are clearly playing with less talented players… that is what you call tough. HPCA had 5 mid major D1 players a couple years ago and Freddie Johnson simply out coached them.

  • What you don't know said,

    Unfortunately several of you reading this site don’t understand just how good Providence Day and schools such as Davidson Day are out of Charlotte. Both of those programs have 4-7 D1 level players. The private school leagues likely have more talent than never all of the 4A and 3A schools combined. Most local public schools have 1-2 potential D1 players at best (excluding Northwest). GDS has 5-6, WES has 5 or 6 (minus Harry), HP Christian has 6-7, Providence Day 5-6 and Davidson Day 5-6. There may only be 8-10 D1 level players in all of the public schools combined in Guilford Co today. We should be giving HPC credit for playing an extremely tough schedule to prepare them for what they will see just in conference. Who is NW, Dudley, Northern or any other local public school playing to prepare for the playoffs?

  • Gaters11 said,

    Some of the private schools recruit with best of them but it comes down X’s and O’s!

  • For Real said,

    I have personally watched each of the so called big 3 private school teams this year already. G’day, HP, Wesleyan. Not impressed with G’day other than coaching- they win a lot because he out coaches other coaches in games they aren’t suppose to win. Wesleyan not near what they had last year- seem to still play run and gun- not much of a set offense. HP, most definitely most talented team. You can tell these guys are all new and haven’t played together. They are impressive , but got out hustled and out coached against a very strong Providence team, highly impressed with Providence. They have had some of the biggest wins of anyone. The beat Word of God and HPCA and on back to back nights. HP is going to have to play better defense if they are going to live up to expectations.

  • Credit said,

    Sorry, you don’t get credit for scheduling a team closer to your talent level. I guess you would rather play a team with a 6’3 center. If your roster says “national talent”, then play decent teams. The talent is there.

  • For the Record said,

    USA Today has HPCA #12 in country