Greensboro Day School Bengals(8-0) ranked #19 in the Nation in CBS/MaxPreps Top 25 Rankings

Posted by Andy Durham on November 30, 2015 at 11:17 am under High School | 25 Comments to Read

from Jim Stoudt and CBS/’s Xcellent 25 Rankings for Boys High School Basketball and the Greensboro Day School Bengals have landed the #19 spot among the national teams….

Greensboro Day #1, High Point Christian Academy #3 and Wesleyan Christian Academy #5 in the Boys Private School Top Ten from and CLICK HERE to see that poll…

1. Montverde Academy (Fla.), 4-0
2. La Lumiere (LaPorte, Ind.), 8-0
3. Chaminade (St. Louis), 0-0
4. Garfield (Seattle), 0-0
5. Chino Hills (Calif.), 0-0
6. Atascocita (Humble, Texas), 8-0
7. Huntington St. Joseph Prep (W.Va.), 7-0
8. Roman Catholic (Philadelphia), 0-0
9. DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.), 0-0
10. Roselle Catholic (N.J.), 0-0
11. St. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J.), 0-0
12. Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.), 0-0
13. Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.), 6-0
14. Neumann-Goretti (Philadelphia), 0-0
15. Greenforest (Decatur, Ga.), 5-0
16. Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.), 6-1
17. The Patrick School (Elizabeth, N.J.), 0-0
18. Apple Valley (Minn.), 2-0
19. Greensboro Day (N.C.), 8-0
20. Norland (Miami), 3-0
21. Moreau Catholic (Hayward, Calif.), 1-0
22. Stevens Point (Wis.), 1-0
23. Bentonville (Ark.), 1-0
24. Westlake (Atlanta), 4-0
25. Miller Grove (Lithonia, Ga.), 3-0

  • Basetball said,

    G’day # 19 in country- that’s a joke !! That’s based off your coach not your talent!

  • Don't hate said,

    You are just upset that your team will finish at the bottom of your conference. Don’t hate what you can’t beat. There are only a couple of public teams locally worth watching. GDS lost a lot of talent but heck they have lost a lot of talent for the past 3 years and yet they continue to win the right way. Don’t hate on a local team that does it the right way and makes our area and NC look good.

  • Basketball said,

    I’m not with a public school. Who does G’day have compare to High Point, Wesleyan, Providence and Word of God? Guess you will see at end of the season when they likely wont finish better than 3rd in their conference. Its kind of like Notre Dame the media ranks them high because they want them to be good. Not impressed.

  • appy said,

    @basketball I will agree and disagree with you. It is early November and rankings don’t mean a heck of a lot. The PACIS is stacked and any one of the three teams could win it. However, not giving GDS any respect is just as ridiculous. This time last year they weren’t even in the conversation. The year before that they weren’t either. So not sure how you can compare them to Notre Dame. They earned their place last year. And if they are truly good enough will do the same this year. We will definitely know more after they play Providence Day at their home court tomorrow night.

  • regap said,

    @ Don’t hate

    Who are couple of public school teams worth watching?

  • Appy jr said,

    GDS has JP Moorman, Will Dillard, John Newman
    Watch northwest guilford with Jalen spicer and Tre Turner
    Watch southwest guilford with the Langley Twins

    I just summed up Greensboro basketball

  • Some Good Teams said,

    Public school teams worth watching – #1 NW, #2 SW, and #3 Northern. Private school teams worth watching – the entire PACIS conference which includes GDS, WES, HPC, Forsyth Country Day and Davidson Day. NW is the best public school team in Guilford Co. NW would likely finish 4th or 5th just in the PACIS.

  • comparisons said,

    Are you serious with the comparisons? Half of each Private school team should be playing in college. If you don’t have the same rules, how can you compare? HPCA played a school with similar rules and could not win. Private schools with 5th year seniors shouldn’t be allowed to play public schools. A true competitor wouldn’t want to play schools that are smaller and younger.

  • bballcoach said,

    Most people don’t realize that the age rules are the same for public and private school. You can play public or private as long as you’re not 19 when you start 12th grade.

  • Appy jr said,


    I think you missed the idea of the post. Hes saying that private schools have guys who have played high school ball for 5 years. As public school you can only play 4 years. So playing 19 year olds is an advantage…but I dont know GDS isnt playing any kids who are older this year. Weslyean isnt either or any that are huge difference makers. HPCA I believe is clean to. GDS in recent years has put a lot of reclassed seniors on the court, along with maybe one guy whose probably a solid 30 years old.

  • Hmmm said,

    GDS right where they need to be a very good team. The PDS will just show where they are at right now. PDS has did some big time things over the last week beating HPC and WOG. WOG has talented players but they not a team just yet. Heck The Burlington School just beat them whos to say they not the best Private school? Also Public schools I will agree Northwest and Southwest are the two best you will see in the county.

  • bballcoach said,

    I totally understand @Appyjr…
    There is no difference in a kid that reclasses in middle school when he goes to private school than a kid who reclasses in high school. They both get an extra yr..That was my only point..

  • jljohnson said,


    The comparison was public school team vs private. Public school will not let you reclass to have an additional year to play ball. It doesn’t matter if you are a middle school or high school student. Private school basketball cannot boast of being better when the rules are different. Not to mention getting players from all over the state. I could give more facts, but I will leave it alone.

  • You don't know what you think said,

    This argument comes up every year and its stupid. You don’t even know the age of the kids in public school except they are meeting the NC school requirements. There are a # of kids playing on good/great public school teams there were 19 in their final year due to transferring from another state, a private school, fatal school one school, started school one year late originally as an 6 year old, etc. The biggest difference today is coaching.

  • Coaching makes a difference said,

    The biggest difference today is coaching. A good team is a good team whether their age is 16, 17, 18 or 19. Players want to play for great coaches and not just the science teacher that took the job because nobody else that was qualified applied for the job. GDS has a coach with the most wins in NC history & many conference/state titles, WES has one of the best PG players in Maryland history and someone that understands how to get players to the next level & a state title, HPC has one of the best offensive minded coaches in NC and a coach that has help many players get to the next level, and FCDS recently hired one of the best coaches in Forysth Co history. Some of these same factors were once true for places such as Dudley’s long time coach that retired about 5 years ago. Players today simply want the best coach that can help them get to the next level and understands the game. Too many public schools have “terrible” coaches that don’t even support the AAU off season. If you hire coaches with a good understanding of the game & coaches that continue to support their players even during the AAU season, then you will see more and more of these kids stay in the public school system. The only thing that is saving some of these programs today is the need to play football. Most of the Charlotte area private schools now have football and but I am not sure if the triad area private school will follow.

  • coaching said,

    Other than Freddie Johnson, do you honestly believe the private schools are better because of coaching? Do you believe a team of 19 year old players have an advantage over 16 and 17 year old kids. Of course they do. Just compare private school’s because they play with the same rules. Don’t put down public school basketball because of the restrictions and oversight they must follow.

  • It's the way it is said,

    GDS, WES nor HPC have a single player that is 19 years old already. Stop with the crap about 19 year old players. Most of these private schools may have 1 or 2 players each year that fall into that category but its not like they are rolling in with 5 or 6 players that are 19. No one is making the public or private schools play anyone but if you are a competitive team, you want to play the best competition available to prepare for your conference and playoff run within the state. If your public school team sucks, then you will not be on the regular schedule of a GDS, WES or HPC. As far as the coaching, you are crazy if you don’t think it makes a huge difference in where kids want to play. Freddie gets good players because he is a good coach and the same for Keith at WES and other such schools. You can’t argue against the fact that the private schools have better coaches overall in the area. The area is fortunate to have a lot of really good programs. Charlotte has the best mix of public and private programs but they also have 2-3 times the population to consider.

  • Private School Argument said,

    Bottom line is – whether these guys are 18 or 19 it doesn’t matter. Bottom line is if public schools don’t want to play private schools and prove they are worthy of standing up then there is no point in the debate. I know first hand that there are kids at local public schools who are playing that were held back in middle school so they could be older playing younger. It happens everywhere. So public school kids can bend rules as well. The same debate is going to come up in baseball season as well. Again either play private schools or don’t debate. The AD’s at certain schools will not play private schools even if it meant not having a game. Only true way to solve discussion is for public schools to man up and play – you either win or you get beat.

  • Really said,

    Check your facts. Plenty of 19 year old men on HPCA and Wesleyan. Don’t try to use false information to make your point.

  • To be Blunt said,

    Just like private school commented. Its a debate that will go on forever. Yes some of the private schools have kids that are 18 or will be 19 before graduating . So when your son or daughter goes to college and plays against 22 and 23 year olds are u going to cry wolf then? Public school folks – what is your debate? If you don’t want to play private schools then there is no point in the debate. Your only talking about a handful of seniors that are older. So your re-classed sophomores and juniors are on same playing field. Just like private school said – either play or stop debating. Your arguing a point that your not ever going to find out. Public school team has nothing to lose playing a private school team. The private school team has everything to lose because on paper they were suppose to win. To all that are arguing about private schools having an advantage go talk to your schools AD and request games to be scheduled against private schools. End of discussion!

  • high school said,

    What is your point? This is high school, not College.

  • Fan said,

    Reading a bunch of old men talk junk is not what this board was put up for. Why not get a job and let the kids play? If they meet the age requirement then so be it. You have several kids that b/c of their age could have waited an additional year to start school while some just decide to make that move later in their high school career. My son was not being challenged by public school and that’s why we made the change. Is not getting you children ready for college the main point here?

  • Appy jr said,


    Im curious, what public school was your child not being challenged at ACADEMICALLY. Im assuming you were referring to that anyways. Switching schools for sports is a poor decision on any parents part.

  • KD said,

    Just get your child in the gym and get them better. Middle school reclass debate I get that but in HS there shouldn’t be a debate.Once in HS -college you will always play against someone older than you. Heck I know two freshman in High Point who are better than most of you alls Senior HS boys..Just the nature of the beast get your child in the gym so they can get better. Cp3 current 9th grade boys played on the EYBL aau circuit as 8th graders last year guess what they played up 9th grade against older kids and won plenty of games.Kid from Charlotte who plays at Providence Day who is going to Tennessee just turned 17 and guess what he is beasting against everyone younger and older.Stop all that crying and get your kid a trainer or something once in HS the playing field actually evens out so if your child can play they can just play.

  • Really said,


    HS and college are two totally different subjects. ALL colleges play under the same rules…..keep kidding yourself. I don’t buy it for a minute. If you collect talent in private school is one thing, but also having a age advantage is taking it to another level.