Mid-Piedmont 3-A Fall All-Conference Teams with 15 Southern Guilford football players honored and Darryl Brown(Southern Guilford) Coach of the Year

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*****Once all of our teams are done with their fall seasons they can begin to announce their All-Conference teams and here you are with the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference…*****


Tyrese Brooks Southern Guilford
Amon Harris Southern Guilford
Ron Hunt Southern Guilford
Rayshawn Knight Southern Guilford
Kenyon Taylor Southern Guilford
Nigel Thomas Southern Guilford
Garrett Venable Southern Guilford
Syntel Woodard Southern Guilford
Emmanuel Jones Asheboro
Terry Richmond Asheboro
Wayne Robertson Asheboro
Matthew White Asheboro
Mason Flynt Ledford
Garrett Hooker Ledford
Tyler Scott Ledford
Kenyon Beason Southwestern Randolph
Rayshan Hoskie Southwestern Randolph
Brandon Rouse Southwestern Randolph
Brycen Walker Southwestern Randolph
Keyutis Dean Western Guilford
Raymond Duncan Western Guilford
Todd Martorano Western Guilford
Derrek Williams North Forsyth
Will Bieseeker Central Davidson
Offensive Player of the Year – Emmanuel Jones – Asheboro

Garrett Blackburn Southern Guilford
Deandre Days Southern Guilford
Jeremiah Hedrick Southern Guilford
Romello Herbin Southern Guilford
Moses Johnson Southern Guilford
Mekhi Siler Southern Guilford
Jakwaan Woods Southern Guilford
Mario Ballesteros Asheboro
Christian Britt Asheboro
Nick Coe Asheboro
Marlon McCorey Asheboro
Deonte McGuine Asheboro
Daniel Santovenia Asheboro
Donnovan Campbell Ledford
Dallas Hartle Ledford
Carrington Hunt Ledford
McCallister Ingram Ledford
Dawson Cagle Southwestern Randolph
Miguel Degallado Southwestern Randolph
Joey Evans Southwestern Randolph
Alvis Lawson Southwestern Randolph
Kalil Barrino Western Guilford
Robert Brown North Forsyth
Defensive Player of the Year –Nick Coe Asheboro
Coach of the Year – Darryl Brown Southern Guilford

Salem Davidson Asheboro
Gillian Foscue Asheboro
Bailie Gordon Asheboro
Emily Skoglund Asheboro
Amber Clapp Southwestern Randolph
Lauren LaPlant Southwestern Randolph
Lauren Cobbler Western Guilford
Avery Scott Western Guilford
Haleigh Dalton Ledford
McCall Denny Ledford
Madelyn Armfield Southern Guilford
Kamber Skeen Central Davidson
Amiya Ringwood North Forsyth
Player of the Year Salem Davidson – Asheboro
Coach of the Year Diane Long – Western Guilford

Carrie Crotts Ledford
Taylor Freeman Ledford
Sarah Richardson Ledford
Kayla Rickman Ledford
Rachel Byrd Asheboro
Hannah Eldara Asheboro
Angie Pincus Asheboro
Mary Halvorsen Western Guilford
Carrie Strickland Western Guilford
Allison Victory Western Guilford
Emily Trantham Central Davidson
Kayla Wattenbarger Central Davidson
Avion Harris Southern Guilford
Zafira Harris Southern Guilford
Jessica Gearhart North Forsyth
Player of the Year Taylor Freeman – Ledford
Coach of the Year Jeff Whisnant – Western Guilford

Harley Adams Central Davidson
Jordan Chavis Central Davidson
Blake Reynolds Central Davidson
Kresen Reynolds Central Davidson
Emily Boger Ledford
Ashlee Jones Ledford
Sheccid Ontiveros Ledford
Cassidy Harding Western Guilford
Lainey Miller Western Guilford
Mya Gray Southern Guilford
Patricia Parks Southern Guilford
Katy Cernava Asheboro
Runner of the Year – Emily Boger Ledford
Coach of the Year – Carl Wagstaff Central Davidson

Frank Bartholow Central Davidson
Clay Gallimore Central Davidson
Styrling Tangusso Central Davidson
Cody Stumper Central Davidson
Tucker Craven Ledford
Jordan Howerton Ledford
Robert Scott Ledford
Justin Todd Ledford
Austin Romero Asheboro
Harrison McNeill Southwestern Randolph
Jared Bowen-Kauth Western Guilford
Walter Brown Southern Guilford
Runner of the Year – Jared Bowen-Kauth Western Guilford
Coach of the Year – Carl Wagstaff Central Davidson

Aaron Guerra North Forsyth
Lalo Marin North Forsyth
Eric Cortez Martinez North Forsyth
Joselito Mendoza North Forsyth
Tonio Rojo North Forsyth
Mike Vega North Forsyth
Ben Baker Ledford
Malik Britton Ledford
Michael Dixon Ledford
Jorge Estrada Ledford
Edgar Salinas Ledford
Luis Turico Ledford
Fernando Castro Asheboro
Jovann Cotton Asheboro
Jose Larios Asheboro
Jose Ortiz Asheboro
Caleb Williams Asheboro
Jose Rodriquez Castillo Central Davidson
William Curry Central Davidson
Andy Killebrew Central Davidson
Carlos Cuadros Southwestern Randolph
Jimmy Hernandez Southwestern Randolph
Elvis Mendoza Southwestern Randolph
Alex Ortiz Southwestern Randolph
Christian Gundlach Western Guilford
Allejandro Villegas Southern Guilford
Offensive Player of the Year – Carlos Cuadros Southwestern Randolph
Defensive Player of the Year – Michael Dixon Ledford
Coach of the Year – John Blake Ledford

  • Eric Caveness said,

    Congrats to all the SG boys!

  • Randy Blackburn said,

    Great job all you guys from Southern Guilford – special shout out to my son Garrett #52 – awesome senior year bud!