Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Finals for 12/1/15:GDS boys fall at Providence, Ragsdale and SWG still unbeaten, Jack Emerick with 27 for NG, Raymon Pratt with 23 for Smith, Carter with 25 for SWG girls

Posted by Andy Durham on December 1, 2015 at 10:29 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Finals from Ben L. Smith High School:
Girls:Northeast Guilford 55, Smith 49
Boys:Smith 67, Northeast Guilford 54

From down in Charlotte, the Greensboro Day School Bengal boys fall for the first time this season:
Providence Day 55, Greensboro Day School 50
GDS now (8-1)…
Providence Day girls 63, Greensboro Day 26…GDS now (3-5)…
More Boys:
Ragsdale 55, Western Guilford 53…Ragsdale(3-0)
Northern Guilford 67, Grimsley 57…First loss of the for Grimsley boys and NG has only lost once…
Southwest Guilford 69, High Point Andrews 40…SWG boys now at (3-0)..
Southern Guilford 59, Trinity 57
Wesleyan Christian Academy 65, Christ School 63
North Forsyth 73, East Forsyth 63
Vandalia Christian 47, Gospel Light 35
WS Reynolds 62, High Point Central 58
*****More scores and box scores on these games to follow..*****
+++++Providence Day tops GDS and WES defeats Christ School and the private school boy’s basketball is wide-open….+++++

More girls:
Northern Guilford 65, Grimsley 21
Southwest Guilford 63, High Point Andrews 51
Rockingham County 81, Eastern Randolph 66
Caldwell Academy 59, Calvary Baptist 20
Southern Guilford 48, Trinity 22
Southeast Guilford 48, Asheboro 19
WS Reynolds 66, HP Central 17

  • rock fan said,

    Rockingham girls beat eastern Randolph 81-66

  • Teddy Roe said,

    Providence Day has beaten two ranked teams nationally. Pad beat two teams with reclassified adults, I meant students on their teams.

  • SMH said,

    You know the ages of all these kids on the teams? don’t ASSume

  • Reclass Student Athletes said,

    Apparently Teddy Roe you know the ages of every player on every team. You must have a birth certificate on every player? If you would please share the birthdate of every player on every team at all the private schools in High Point, Greensboro and Winston Salem. Then lets compare them to your school. Like SMH said – don’t assume. I have one question – what is the issue you have with re-classed athletes? What harm are they doing to you? Why do you feel it affects u? If you think your child isn’t doing well in games because he or she is playing against another player who is slightly older than them, as we all know no one can be older than 19 when they graduate, so they probably aren’t as old as you think they are. But, you have all the ages already so you would know. If your son or daughter plays summer AAU basketball , volleyball or showcase baseball, etc. Its all about competing against the best so you can get better as a player- isn’t it? I really don’t understand why there is such an issue with kids who re-class. They are doing it to better there opportunities to play at the next level- there not doing it to make you happy (Teddy Roe). I’m a parent of a re-classed athlete and if we hadn’t re-classed our daughter – she would have not been prepared for college academically. There is more to re-classing than just sports. Don’t come on here bad mouthing students who re-class. My daughter has gone on and had a great college career and I believe 1000% re-classing is why she got where she did and helped her earn his degree . Private school prepared her for college more than just athletics. Again I think every re-classed athletes parent would like to know what the issue is ?

  • J.D. Springer said,

    @Teddy Roe Who is “Pad”? And Providence Day, if that’s who you’re referring to, has also lost to two nationally ranked teams (Oak Hill and Mountain Mission) and has at least three reclassified kids that I know of on its roster including the sophomore point guard, Devon Dotson, who mysteriously transferred in from Chicago during the summer and will turn 17 before the end of the school year — as a sophomore — and the Wertz kid whose dad covers high schools for the Charlotte paper.

  • Andy Durham said,

    That Wertz kid has been having a good year and Providence does have the two losses…

    When they hit their tournaments, the privates will be playing each other and the publics will all be playing each other so the ball will bounce the same way for the different classes then and until, go out and beat somebody and you can sure bet somebody will be talking about it…

    The chances are there for the local schools come Haeco time and that will be a good chance for somebody to pull of the upset….

  • KD said,

    @ JD Springer you do know Dotson been in NC since middle school right? I may be wrong maybe 6th grade but for sure was here in 8th grade when I first saw him play.And he was also at another school in Charlotte as a 9th grader. Guess since you had that info wrong are you sure you know who is reclassed and how old these kids are? So what they reclassed he put up the same #s against reclass kids also younger and older than him.

  • coaching said,

    I had an issue with public school coaching and programs being bashed. If you gave 90% of public school coaches HPCA roster they will win. Just enjoy the advantages that private school basketball has without bashing public school coaches and players. As a fan I will support both. I am just as impressed with kids like Frank Eaves, who stayed on the public side, as I am with any private school player.

  • Complaining said,

    It appears to me that the only complaints are coming from folks that are involved in public schools. I don’t hear anyone from private school complaining. Because we don’t care what you all are doing because 99% of the schools wont play a private school. The public school vs. private school debate is never going to stop. Like Reclass said above – what is it that bothers the public school people so bad? Sounds like jealousy…

  • Andy Durham said,

    What ever happened to Anthony Eaves??? I remember he went back to Louisville, Kentucky for his senior year of high school and never heard any more about him…

    Guess I could look it up, but maybe somebody on here has quick resolution….Always liked the game-winning shots that Anthony could put up for Page and Frankie Eaves could roll, he knew how to get around on the court and sure he still does….

    Steph Curry played that private school ball down in Charlotte at Charlotte Christian and not too many teams can beat his Golden State Warriors these days, but Greensboro Day School sure beat Steph and Seth in the NCISAA Championship Game out at GDS a few years back….

    You have good basketball on both levels at Private and Public…You have to learn to separate the two and keep on enjoying some basketball on both the boys and girls levels….

    It still hits me when I hear all of the Curry talk…NBA Title, League MVP and now going for 20 straight wins tonight in Charlotte and going for that Lakers’ record of 33-straight, but they still could not beat Greensboro Day on that Saturday afternoon….I can’t tell very many Bengals that were on the team that year, but I can tell you the coaching has been a constant there for the past 35-40 years…

  • Andy Durham said,

    In that GDS-Steph Curry/Charlotte Christian saga in the Title game at GDS back around 2007, Travis Leonard may have been the Bengals top player that day and where is he now?????

    Well, our research said:
    Travis Leonard
    The Cluck Truck
    August 2015 – Present (5 months)
    Food truck in downtown Portland, Oregon on SW10th and Alder.
    Bringing southern recipes to the Pacific Northwest.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Had some time for some more research and found that Anthony Eaves is averaging 5.5 points per game for Chicago State and he has not started a game yet, but has played in all six games for his team so far this year and has gone 3-10 from three-point range…

    Sam Hunt with 32 points for N.C. A&T last night in a win by the Aggies….Sam an outstanding free throw and outside shooter and a grad of James B. Dudley High School….

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  • Say Yes to Public said,

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