HAECO Girls Final – Northwest Guilford 47, Page 32

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Page vs Northwest Guilford
12/29/15 5:00 p.m. at Greensboro, NC – Special Events Center


PAGE (7-2): Bailey Kargo 6-16 5-6 19; Chakaylyn Patterson 0-2 4-4 4; Jillian Heard 2-4
0-0 4; Roxanne Pfenning 1-8 0-2 3; Emma Heard 0-6 2-2 2; Anna James 0-0 0-0 0; Amari Jackson 0-6 0-0 0; Ava Casper 0-2 0-0 0; Emily Casper 0-4 0-0 0. Totals 9-48 11-14 32.

NORTHWEST GUILFORD (11-0): Hayley Barber 4-9 3-4 11; Morgan Pointer 5-11 1-2 11; Bria Gibbs 1-5 5-10 7; Cayla King 3-5 1-2 7; Toni Tucker 2-7 0-0 5; Elizabeth Kitley 1-3 2-2 4; Catherine Moore 1-3 0-0 2; Savannah Neas 0-5 0-0 0. Totals 17-48 12-20 47.

Page..........................    9    8    5   10  -   32
Northwest Guilford............   11   14   16    6  -   47

3-point goals–Page 3-15 (Bailey Kargo 2-6; Roxanne Pfenning 1-3; Jillian Heard 0-1; Emma Heard 0-1; Ava Casper 0-1; Emily Casper 0-3), Northwest Guilford 1-11 (Toni Tucker 1-4; Morgan Pointer 0-1; Cayla King 0-1; Catherine Moore 0-1; Savannah Neas 0-2; Hayley Barber 0-2).
Fouled out–Page-None, Northwest Guilford-None.
Rebounds–Page 32 (Emma Heard 5), Northwest Guilford 41 (Morgan Pointer 11).
Assists–Page 5 (Chakaylyn Patterson 2), Northwest Guilford 10 (Hayley Barber 6).
Total fouls–Page 13, Northwest Guilford 13.
Technical fouls–Page-None, Northwest Guilford-None.

2015 HAECO Invitational presented by NewBridge Bank – Championship Game

All-Tournament Team:
Kiara Harrison, Dudley
Bailey Kargo, Page
Roxanne Pfenning, Page
Cayla King, Northwest Guilford
Morgan Pointer, Northwest Guilford

MVP-Hayley Barber, Northwest Guilford (2nd consecutive honor)

Photos by Andy Gore – click on any picture for larger version or slide show.

  • Bball Fan said,

    Very worthy champions in northwest lady Vikings and GDS men. Is there a rule that says 2 from champion and 2 from runner up and 1 from 3rd place team shall be selected to all tourney team? Andy you and the committee only watched 4 girls games in the tourney. Evaluate the stats and ask the coaches who got left off the team. Point guard from page? Center from Dudley? Everyone saw more deserving players. Maybe the committee should be required to nominate a player after every game which would ensure all players are evaluated. System needs to be reviewed.

  • Bball guru said,

    Not sure how the selection occurs but I have to agree. A guard on NW scored the same amount of points as the MVP and more points than other NW players who made the team. I realize there is more to bball than just points, but this guard had more rebounds than any other NW guard too. Now this player Played poorly in the finals and was plagued with foul trouble, but if this is the reason for being left off maybe it should be called all finals team and not all tournament team. If the council are the ones voting then it seems especially silly because they basically only watched NW final game. I agree a better explanation to the public would be nice on how the process works.

  • Confused Fan said,

    I agree. Someone needs to explain. As a NW fan and an ex alumni, I too was at all 3 NW games and didn’t find that your overall (all tournament) picks were not picked according to (ALL TOURNAMENT) but more of (FINAL TOURNAMENT) choices. The council need to make the public aware of why they or how they choose. The choice was terrible this year and disheartening for some.

  • Playoff bball said,

    I know at state playoffs (final 8) the media is given forms to vote on all tournament. As prestigious as the Haeco claims to be seems they need a better method laid out as I was media at Haeco and could not agree more that there was one NW player more than deserving!’

  • Bball fan said,

    It should be the collective body of work throughout the tourney. Not one game. Not one play nor the fact that a team finishes in the top 3. It’s the best players that performed thought the tourney. The first two days of the tourney I could name the top 5 performers of the tourney and only 2 of them were on the final all tourney team. Body of work over 3 days with stats and results should be considered. It appears the committee doesn’t put in the work in to observer the entire tournament.

    My all tourney looks like this:
    2 NW

  • Andy Durham said,

    The last games do make a major impression, but you have to look at the overall tournament…

    Dennis White and I broadcast the games, but we don’t vote on All-Tournament…

    They have a tournament committee that selects those teams…

    We vote at Regionals and at States, but the HAECO does their own and that is their call….

    You do have to look at more than just scoring, but if you break it down too much, you might at the selection process all night…

    You do have to look at players that big games early and got you to the finals…

    NWG is one very deep team….They have some great senior leadership and some very good young talent too…

    Have to respect NWG, now at (39-1) over the past two years…

  • Haeco fan said,

    I fully agee with the selection. I do not have a player on either team nor am I on the sports council.But I watched all of these games this entire weekend. All tournament is not about points. It is about playing with passion. Players with high basketball IQ and makings the best decisions not for themselves but for their team. Great passes, steals, stellar defense, ball handling – right and left hands and yes their offense as well. Saying some of these talented young ladies are not deserving is crazy! Yes their is a lot of talent, too bad they couldn’t have selected more. Be thankful you made it to the championship and your kid had the opportunity to play.

  • Bball fan said,

    Andy that means you only watched 3 girls games for the tourney? That’s weak!!! Address the fact that the committee doesn’t have a proper system in place to properly evaluate performance throughout the tournament. I don’t even have a dog in this fight. However this type of selection has happened for years. Do your homework and find out when a player was named all conference from a team from 5th place or lower. (5th place finishes with a 2-1 record). I could be wrong but I’m sincerely curious. Yes NWG is loaded with talent but it doesn’t justify or explain the selection.

  • Andy Durham said,

    No we broadcast 4 girls games and I saw part of maybe two other games….That is around 6 games and I had seen every girls team play other than Greensboro Day coming into the tournament…I enjoy watching the girls basketball…

    Back to part of the earlier part of discussion, I am not on the All-Tournament Selection Committee, but I do as good job as anybody around promoting the girls basketball around here, or least I think we do…

    During the course of last year we interviewed nearly all of the NWG players at some point of the season and many of the players from the other teams too….

    But we are not on the selection committee for the HAECO and don’t have a problem with that….

    Very good tournament and hope to get out to another game tomorrow….

  • Bball fan said,

    Haeco fan I appreciate your enthusiasm. So you were at the gym at 11 am today watching Grimsley vs Ragsdale. All the while watching Smith vs GDS at the same time. Questioning your credibility….or you’re incredibly talented at running back and forth between gyms.

  • Bball fan said,

    Andy you do a fabulous job covering girls athletics. Many parents love your product both print and radio. This is an effort to enact change. Thanks for all you do. It’s a thankless job at times because you can’t make everyone happy. I’m thankful for this forum to help create change that only improves a fabulous event like the Haeco tournament. Again thanks for your tireless work covering local athletes.

  • Haeco fan said,

    I pretty much did @bball fan. Bradford and walker had great games for Ragsdale. Smith has Jackson Jackson and Perry. Little and Ramsey had top notch games for Grimley. GDS had Bunch with the tournament high ind score, Brady and Brewington consistent all weekend. Northern had Cunane and Wampler – along with a few others that may not have had their best game today. Dudleys girls Johnson Harrison and Morris – again consistent all weekend. Page and NW were named the 4 between the two were consistent all weekend.

  • Bball fan said,

    @haecofan I stand corrected and I’m sincerely jealous of your ability to support all of the games. You’re spot on even if someone would challenge that you read box scores. This tournament and players deserves the support from everyone that you gave to it.

  • The System said,

    No need to complain. The system is bad at the Haeco, Conference meetings, and newspaper all area teams.

    Some kids are media darlings. Here is the News and Record All Area team. We don’t have to wait.

    1st Team
    Haley Barber
    Morgan Pointer
    Bailey Kargo
    Elisa Cunane
    One of the girls from Rockingham

    2nd Team
    Cayla King
    Lashonda Monk
    Shaniya Jones
    Toni Tucker
    Kiera Harrison

  • Old timer said,

    I have been watching this tournament for the last 5-6 years and mainly focusing on womens bball. Over that time i have kept up with the numbers from the box scores resported on this site and the papers. I get the point about points not being everything but still it is an important stat as that how the winner is determined. Saying this I bet in the history of this event, no girl/boy that was on the championship team that was tied for the most points on that team has NEVER NOT made all tourney. Im talking that #25 from NWG womens (not sure her name), top points, solid rebs and steals and great energy, in my opinion minus her they dont even beat Dudley. I have seen a few highway robberies in my years but none as glaring as this. If the committee wants this to be an “elite tourney” they seriosuly ned to considering doing the voting the way Andy mentions, and letting media vote as they do at states. At the Haeco the media gets a copy of the offical scores and stats after every game so evaluating the top players should not be an issue. If we are throwing out the champ game as being heavily weighted, how does the Page pg make it after the 3 point performance on 1-8 shooting?? Just saying if the council wants this even to continue to be eilte they have to evolve and change. Mmaybe the number of players that make the tourney team needs to be opened up because this NW team is unusually deep, regardless it should be about the top plkayers in the even NOT being equal and giving all teams a chance just for team representation.

  • at "The System" said,

    where did you get that list?? I havent seen one yet.

  • @Haeco fan said,

    Can’t mention any teams but top 4 teams in this selection process because put any of the other teams up against the top teams and they are not consistent, because the top teams expose the weaker teams, yes weak vs weak and the stars on the weaker teams shine. But there is a big gap in the top 4 and the rest. Saying that you mention consistency and the selections of all tourney. Page pg 1-8 in finals and had 4 shots blocked, consistent?? Another selection was 1-5 in a game on their road to the finals with low rebs, assists, and other key stats you mention. If passion and defense are key elements then more than half the selected girls need to be removed! Fact is sports council system is flawed and obviously worried about being politically correct instead of honring the players who helped their team win the most and make it to the finals and win the championship. The all toueney should be about the top players on the top teams, not equal representation. Northern and NW both had snubs, anyone saying different is not reconizing the truth.

  • Just sayin' said,

    I’ll tell you what is consistent,Andy…and that’s the quality of this tournament! Great atmosphere!

  • Andy Durham said,

    All-in-all I would have to say that is was a good 2015 HAECO…Well done to the Greensboro Sports Council…

    How about the Swarm?

    Do you like the name of the NBA D-League team or do you like the Greensboro Buzz better???

    Buying the Swarm?

  • NW Fan & Alum said,

    I don’t have a dog in this fight other than being an alum from NW. I have kids but they are not in HS yet. #25 is Savannah Neas and yes she was done wrong when this team was chosen. I agree with the other poster, without her we would not have beaten Dudley on Monday. I’m not taking anything away from King, Pointer or Barber however Neas deserved that honor. Also, Cunane from Northern being left off that list is also wrong, in my eyes she deserves to be there.
    Great tournament as usual especially when my team wins.

  • Stats don't lie said,

    NW PG stats for the tourney.
    Vs Smith 1-7 3 points
    Vs NG 6-15 15 points
    Vs NWG 1-8 3 points.

    All tourney performance???? At least 3 other players from other schools deserved this honor.

  • Bball Fan3 said,

    The above stats are NOT the stats of Hayley Barber, NW PG as her stats were much better and she was more than deserving of the MVP Honor. Does more for her team than any player in the area.

  • Stats don't lie said,

    @bball fan. Sorry those are the page pg stats. NW pg is an outstanding player!!

  • @ stats don't lie said,

    “correction” those stats are page pg

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good topic but before we reach the level of insensitivity, probably a good idea to create another topic and rest on this one…

    We need to try and make sure we discuss, but at the same time make sure we don’t bury kids that do not deserve that type of treatment…

    All need to be allowed to enjoy the honors and for those that did get there this time, this will give them incentive to work to make the next All-Star team or All-Conference team when that is selected…

    You can break it down all day long where are these three players the top three for All-Tournament from your team and then the committee can be looking for two set players from the #2 team and so on….

    Congrats to all that got on the team and to Winning team, to me that is the BIGGEST prize of all…

    We could discuss this more, but for now might be best served to give it a rest…

    Me for one, I liked all of the points guards out there, they work as hard as anybody I see when they lead their teams out front….

    *****We have to keep in mind, our job is to build the players up, not tear them down….*****