Top Ten Scorers(Girls and Boys) and new Top Ten Polls after Friday’s action:Raymon Pratt(Smith) with 46 points and Kristen Roberts(SG)/Lauren Carter(SWG) with 24 lead the lists

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Boys Top Ten Scorers from the Friday night games:
46:Raymon Pratt(Smith High School)
25:Chris Denning(Southern Guilford HS)
25:Brandon Talton(Page HS)
24:Greyson Collins(Ragsdale HS)
23:Noah Dunn(Vandalia Christian School)
21:Jaylen Gore(Northwest Guilford)
21:Bam Adebayo(High Point Christian Academy)
21:Michael Seals(High Point Christian Academy)
20:Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS)
20:Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford)
Honorable Mention:18:Judah Watkins(Southeast Guilford HS)….17 for Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford HS), CeDarius Dockery(Western Guilford HS), Elijah Short(Page HS) and Jaylen King(Page HS)…
+++++From Thursday night vs. Burlington Williams, Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford HS) with 28 points and Andy Pack(Northern Guilford) with 24….+++++

Girls Top Ten Scorers from the Friday night games:
24:Kristen Roberts(Southern Guilford HS)
24:Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford HS)
23:Jamaya Blank(Western Guilford HS)
22:Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS)
18:Bailey Kargo(Page HS)
17:Kira Harrison(Dudley HS)
15:Teara Johnson(Dudley HS)
15:Victoria Harrison(Dudley HS)
15:Ariyah Wheless(Southern Guilford HS)
14:Tia Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness HS)
14:Dominique Jackson(Smith HS)
Honorable Mention:13 points for Elizabeth Kitley(Northwest Guilford), Katie Lewis(Southeast Guilford HS), Cameron Martin(Northeast Guilford) and Jasmine Harris(Eastern Guilford) with 13 points….

Public School Top Ten Polls
Girls Top Ten Poll:
1)Northwest Guilford(15-0)…..(43-1) over the past two seasons…
3)Northern Guilford(12-5)
5)Southeast Guilford(12-4)
6)Northeast Guilford(9-7)
7)Southwest Guilford(10-6)
8)Southern Guilford(11-5)
9)High Point Andrews(8-5)
10)Eastern Guilford(9-6)

Boys Top Ten Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(16-0)
2)Northwest Guilford(13-2)
4)Northern Guilford(11-6)
5)Eastern Guilford(11-4)
7)Southern Guilford(10-6)
10)High Point Central(8-7)

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(21-3)
2)High Point Christian Academy(16-3)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(15-6)
4)The Burlington School(21-0)
5)Forsyth Country Day(17-4)
6)Vandalia Christian(17-6)
7)Westchester Country Day(13-7)
8)Bishop McGuinness(9-7)
9)New Garden Friends(9-4)
10)Caldwell Academy(4-9)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)Forest Trail(13-4)
2)Wesleyan Christian Academy(12-8)
3)Bishop McGuinness(7-8)
4)Greensboro Day School(11-12)
5)Caldwell Academy(11-4)
6)Forsyth Country Day(9-8)
7)Vandalia Christian School(6-6)
8)Greensboro Home School(3-5)
9)Calvary Baptist(4-12)
10)TIE:Oak Ridge Military Academy(1-5)/High Point Christian Academy(0-5)

Boys Combined High School Top Ten Basketball Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(21-3)
2)High Point Christian Academy(16-3)
3)Southwest Guilford(16-0)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(15-6)
5)Northwest Guilford(13-2)
7)The Burlington School(21-0)
8)Northern Guilford(11-6)
9)Eastern Guilford(11-4)

  • SW Guilford Fan said,

    Lauren Carter from SW Guilford had 24 pts against East Forsyth.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks for sending us this on Lauren Carter…We did not have their box score….

    By the way, any idea when Lashonda Monk will be back???

    Again, thanks for the #’s on LC….

  • SW Guilford Fan said,

    Lashonda is waiting to get cleared by the doctors. Hopefully, she will be back within the next two weeks.

  • SWG FAN said,

    SW Guilford Fan, is Faith Price still out also? I didn’t get to come to the East Forsyth game.