Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Cowboys go to (18-0) and Lady Vikings are now (16-0)

Posted by Andy Durham on January 21, 2016 at 10:12 pm under High School | 20 Comments to Read

Northwest Guilford girls 74, Southwest Guilford 62
NWG girls(16-0/4-0)
Southwest Guilford boys 81, Northwest Guilford 69
SWG boys(18-0/4-0)
Dudley girls 51, Page 40
Page boys 71, Dudley 62
High Point Christian Academy 71, Wesleyan Christian Academy 69
Greensboro Day School boys 51, Southlake Christian 37
Greensboro Day School girls 65, Southlake Christian 21

Working to get that HPCA-WES boys final in here…
Searching for GDS and Grimsley-SEG????

For NWG girls in their win over SWG Cowgirls Hailey Barber led the Lady Vikings with 33 points…Toni Tucker had 12, Savannah Neas 9, Cayla King with 7, Bria Gibbs, with 6, Morgan Pointer with 5 and Elizabeth Kitley had 2 points….We had Barber with 15 made free throws….NWG now at (44-1) over the past two seasons…

For SWG it was Lashonda Monk with 24 points, Lauren Carter and Faith Price had 12 each, 8 points for Jasmine Wilson, 4 for Tea Medley and 3 points for Camryn Briley….I believe this was the first game back for Monk since she got hurt over at Page in what must have been a dislocated shoulder and Monk was very sharp tonight…..They were several Barber vs. Monk battles that were priceless and no dis on Faith Price on that, just great one-on-one matchup basketball…SWG gave NWG a battle and that is what Northwest needs to be in line to win a State Title…The Vikings must be tested and they have a big test coming to the Roger Nelson Gym, when East Davidson arrives next Wednesday night…

Boys numbers with more on the boys game coming later on from Greg Vlazny…
Scoring courtesy of Dennis White(
Southwest Guilford scoring….
Kaymon Mitchell with 24 points and right at 8 rebounds….Keyshaun Langley with 20 points, Kameron Langley with 16 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists…Orlando Smith with 8 points, Kobe Langley and Cooper Cunningham with 6 each and big Andre Jones with 2 points…

Northwest Guilford scoring….
Thomas Hennigan with 16 points, 14 each for Jaylen Gore and Tre Turner, Jalen Spicer with 10 points, Riley Edwards with 9 points on three three’s, David Funderburg with 4 points and Reggie Davis with 2 for NWG….Thomas Hennigan was playing like a man possessed tonight and his energy was evident all over that basketball….If we all had the energy Hennigan has we could take on the Panthers and Cardinals on Sunday and whip them both…This kid has a passion to play and he has some kind of extra gear that makes him give more effort than you are used to seeing in a friendly game of basketball…

Very impressed by the work turned in by both teams tonight and the fans got what they came to see, a battle…At the end of the day you have to add up the victories in battle and in the end tonight, SWG won the War and your Cowboys are sitting very strong now at (18-0) with just about 3 weeks/6 conference games left in the regular season…Langleys, Mitchell and Smith have a chance to make some key noise down the stretch and let’s just sit back and enjoy their run…

More from Coach Vlaz on the way….

  • GDS said,

    GDS varsity girls 65/21 over Southlake Christian

  • SW too quick for NW said,

    NW does not have enough speed or shooters to best SW. NW is a strong team but they can’t stay in front of the SW guards as a team. SW played much better team basketball. NW will be done by the 2nd round of the state playoffs without more shooters.

  • Transfers said,

    Heard that 2 of NW best players have already filled out there applications and will be enrolling HPCA next fall.

  • Trojan said,

    HPCA 71- 69 over Wesleyan. Rasheed Wallace in the crowd tonight

  • ORYA12 said,

    It’s time for change at NWG! This is why kids transfer as the ” English Teachers” can not coach/ develop. There were mismatches all night but NO adjustments and keep running that outdated FLEX offense..

  • @ORYA12 said,

    He had talent at Glenn when he was there and didn’t win there either

  • Andy Durham said,

    Northwest Guilford can play and their coaches can coach…When you let the horses out of the barn and the Cowboys take off it is hard to catch them, let alone slow them down…

    NWG will be fine and if everybody starts playing as hard as Hennigan does you never know what might happen….

    NWG has some great kids those kids need to stick together and stick it out if you ask me…..

    SWG stuck together and now look where they are…The Langleys could have bolted for greener pastures, but they stayed the course and look where it is getting them, good results…

    Several of our coaches coached together at Glenn and other stops along the way, so the shoe fits all, it like we said before it don’t come easy and it doesn’t happen without hard work and you have to stay the course and stay focused on the prize….Aak Kaymon Mitchell and he will tell you that, that you must stay foucsed….He and the Cowboys have done that and the rest of us need to get focused too….

  • ORYA13 said,

    Andy, I understand you taking the high road but ther’s too much talent at NWG. If ORMA was still option All these player would be ther playing and Gerting a whole lot better…

  • disappointed tonight said,

    I would not fault the better players at NW leaving for a private school. The private schools have better trainings and they don’t have the same hand cliffs when it comes to working with the kids. The public school system does not allow these coaches enough time with their players. It’s understandable that you can only practice a specific amount of time but if kids want to have extra workout or shooting time with coaches, then they should have that option. Many of the kids at NW do not appear any better than what I saw during the HAECO. The coaches did not make enough adjustments in their game plan. The NW press will not create enough turnovers against quality teams such as SW, GDS or a Dudley. I think this coaching staff is good but I don’t think they have a good enough staff to handle elite talent. NW has good talent but it was out worked and out coached tonight.

  • Disappointed 2 said,

    NWG has enough talent and STOP justifying the ” extra practice time” with private schools, Freddy would not loose with this team. It’s the same all across GCS and STIPEND coaches. When if ever has these so called coaches gone to a clinic or another programs practice? It’s complacency in the county after the Northern Guilford fiasco in 2009. It’s every where in this county. Look how far Ragsadle has fallen since 2008/09!Theres talent in public schools it’s just So SAD!

  • Andy Durham said,

    From my observation, nobody out-worked NWG’s Hennigan tonight/Thursday….Something to be said for the moves and the play of the Langleys, they know each so good and what each other’s next move will be, it makes them hard to contain….Having all of the Langleys is a luxury…

    NWG will have to find more ways to get Reggie involved and that will come….The Spice Man(Spicer) did not have his best game ever, but to me, he has always played very hard….

    There is work to do, but there is time to get it done….

    How will the game be different at SWG? SWG might be even better at home, we will just have to wait and see…

    SWG will tell you for sure they have had some very good teams in the past, with Terrell Leach, KJ Langley and others, but they(SWG) have seemed to come up short early in the playoffs and that is what they want to ovecome…

    Get me deep in the playoffs they might say and then we can do some damage…..

    Charlotte Catholic is going to be a challenge on the 4-A level…

    Feel certain down the road that Hennigan goes football for college, but not sure about Tre Turner….He may have to make a tough decision…I just hope Hennigan sticks with basketball after this season…Turner has some moves that are really impressive in both sports…

    Lots of ways to look at this, but you really have to be looking toward the re-match that will come up on Tuesday February 9 at SWG, from what I am hearing…

  • Eddie Willis said,

    What are “hand cliffs”?

  • Devova said,

    Why do parents keep moving there kids from school to schoo? No mater what school they go to it is what it is.

  • NWGHS fan said,

    Don’t know why people feel compelled to come on a message board and slam coaches. It’s silly. Laughing at NW kids gonna transfer to HPC, where they will supposedly get better coaching. I’m pretty sure about a week ago I was reading on this same board that HPC’s sorry coaching was the only reason they’d lost to GDS, despite all of HPC’s amazing talent.

    Last night, SW was better. They made more shots, made more plays. They’re pretty talented, too. NW isn’t a great shooting team this year, and wasn’t last year. Last night, their shooting was especially poor.

    The teams play again in a couple of weeks, and maybe a 3rd time in the conference tourney. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    Go Vikings!

  • Tom said,

    Northwest parents thinking their kids are better than they are. Shocking! Lee is a very good coach. You are lucky to have him. Most of the NW parents/fans are great, but there are always a couple that are delusional.

  • Clint said,

    I know of a few schools around here that would love to have
    NWG coaching staff.

  • Tim& Clint said,

    Have a feeling Clint/Tom may be part of the problem. The best coach without a doubt is Joyner!

  • Andy Durham said,

    The replay of both of last night’s games is now available at our GreensboroSportsRadio link….With some time on your hands this weekend, could be a chance to check out some of the game from last evening and in the wins, NWG girls and SWG boys, we need to credit the defenses too…Those defenses go a long way in determining the outcome of the games….Enjoy the games, I’m glad we have them and that was a great basketball environment at Northwest last night and the atmosphere was right for a good basketball night and I’m glad they decided to move the games up a day instead of pushing them back, no telling when they would have gotten the games in…

    Check out the games at GreensboroSports Radio, might be some fun radio/basketball listening…

  • Hoop view said,

    NWG fans please pump the brakes. NWG is a very well coached and good team. I hope the players stayed commited to the program. NWG looked very good in a few spurts (esp. The 7 points in 30 seconds in the 4th) both teams loosened up for a very entertaining 2nd Q & 3rd Q. Respect due to SWG. They are very quick with traps and press & NWG handled fairly well. SWG is very solid and their constant pressure has a tendancy to create many turnovers, lay ups and make most opponents look weak. Look forward to rematch

  • Hoop view said,

    S/O to andy and Gso sports for covering the NW/SW game last nite hopefully you can make the rematch. I think I will watch the tape on Gso sports and see what I missed. Andy and staff keep up all the good work in the community.