7 on 7 High School Football for Today with Dudley at N.C. State 7 on 7’s Tournament

Posted by Andy Durham on June 24, 2016 at 11:37 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Dudley at N.C. State today at start time was scheduled for 10am and at least 8 teams will be on hand for the 7 on 7 Tournament…We had a big one going on at Guilford College last Friday with at least 15 teams at that one, and not sure who else might be playing somewhere today…Also last Friday you had the Carolina Panthers’ 7 on 7 going on, with Page and Mallard Creek among those that were there and you had the Cam Newton 7 on 7 down in Charlotte with the Southwest Guilford Cowboys making the trip South for that one….

More today?, let us know…..

  • NcState said,

    Northwest Guilford won NC State 7 on 7.. Perfect 6-0.

  • Witness said,

    Dudley’s OL Bryson Speas has committed to the University of Virginia today.

  • Haters? said,

    Where are the haters now? I guess NW is still overrated!

  • DBoyz said,

    Chillax Haters, Its only a 7 on 7 , but congrats on the 7 on 7 State Championship ????