Sports in Focus(Football) from Thursday night at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace:Turkin, Bates, Westberg and Speas…Replay is Ready

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*****THE REPLAY IS READY:(Just Click On the GreensboroSports Radio link at the top of our home page here at the site.)
That’s for GreensboroSports Radio with Spencer Turkin, from the News and Record and 1320AM High School Football, Coach Earl Bates, the new head football coach at Southern Guilford HS, Eric Westberg, new head football coach at Northern Guilford HS and Bryson Speas, one of the top offensvie lineman in the state of North Carolina, from the Dudley Panthers, and he has committed to attend college and play for the Virginia Cavaliers….Check out these interviews from the Shane’s Rib Shack and again you can access them when you CLICK HERE for GreensboroSports Radio….

Back to the Shack Tonight for our next installment of the Sports in Focus Show on GreensboroSports Radio...
(Just Click On the GreensboroSports Radio link at the top of our home page here at the site.)

Tonight the focus will be on high school football and our guests will be Spencer Turkin from the News and Record, Coach Earl Bates, the new head football coach at Southern Guilford High School, Eric Westberg joins us and he is the new head football coach at Northern Guilford High School, plus we will have a lineman from the Dudley Panthers, Bryson Speas, on hand to talk to us LIVE from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace and just up the street, from the Grimsley High School…….

We begin the next phase of our journey at Shane’s at 6pm with Spencer Turkin and he has all the news on the upcoming high school football season, which officially begins at midnight this Monday August 1….Spencer has been on the HS football coverage trail for the N&R and he knows who will be making the next move on the Guilford County high school football scene and he has it for you in the HSXtra section at the N&R…

Coach Bates will share with us how he ended up at Southern Guilford as the new Storm coach, coming in from up at Morehead High School, in Eden, N.C. Coach Bates played at Eastern Guilford back in the day and he was an assistant coach at EG for a while and we will find out how you go from being a Wildcat to a Panther and now to being the head man on the Storm front, at SG…Coach Bates coming in at Southern, where coach Brown was the main man in that town(Sumner) for several years…..

Next up will be Coach Westberg who has taken over for a legend, former Northern Guilford Nighthawks coach Johnny Roscoe….Coach Westberg will talk about his transition from former college assistant coach and interim head coach at Greensboro College, to now head high school coach at Northern Guilford….And how do you go about following Coach Roscoe and also how do you go about replacing a back like C.J. Freeman, now down at South Carolina…Coach Westberg will have the answers for us or he will share with us all he can tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace, just up the street from the Grimsley High School….

Coming on toward the end of our Thursday night journey at the Shane’s Rib Shack will be Bryson Speas, offensive lineman, from Dudley High School…We will talk about his college recruitment, the upcoming season, his off-season and last season, when the Panthers went deep in the playoffs, but fell to Charlotte Catholic in the NCHSAA West Regional Finals…One step away from the State Title game last year, and how do you get back there this year and go get what you feel is rightfully yours, a 3-A State Football Championship…*****Speas stands at 6’4/265.*****

The Champs of Chicken, Ribs and the new Shane’s Big-Time Burgers will be cooking it up Tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack and we will right there with you studying those wings, tenders, salad and top choices from the Chicken Team, the Shane’s Rib Team has been tops in the state for the past 10 years and the new Big-Time Burgers say it is their time to shine and you will know them well when you dine at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace…You may well know those new Big-Time Burgers well done, medium well or well, any way you intend to have them served up for you with Okra, Fries, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Mac and Cheese, a perfectly tossed salad headed down the hatch with Tea, Soda or water leading the rush to your inards…

That is a good one to bring back, Inards….Have not seen that in a long while….Not since the days of the Mountain Dew commercials where they said that “Mountain Dew will Tickle your Inards”….Hope I am close to the correct spelling of Inards and we will be Inards/Inside at Shane’s tonight, up there on Westover Terrace, just up the street from the Grimsley High School campus…But back on or in on Inards, maybe it is Inerds….Would be a good thing to know in the long term, grand scheme of life…Inards or Inerds, who wants to know, we do….

Listen to us on GreensboroSports Radio, beginning at 6pm TONIGHT and you can find GreensboroSports Radio here at our site and you can also check out the playback of Tonight’s show on RePlay once are done with the LIVE portion TONIGHT on GreensboroSports Radio

See you tonight and you can hear us tonight from Shane’s on GreensboroSports Radio….

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