Who is the Top High School Football Running back to come out of Greensboro/Guilford County??? Who would be on your Top Ten List?

Posted by Andy Durham on August 5, 2016 at 10:14 am under High School | 16 Comments to Read

We have been looking at the quarterbacks this week and now it is about time to start turning our attention toward the running back position…

The top two or three or four, for this upcoming 2016 season, look to be Javon Leake from Page High School, Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale HS) and Ezra Perkins(Dudley HS) with guys like Myron Frazier at Northern Guilford, plus Travis Steele and Jamari Palbusa at High Point Andrews as well as others ready to hit the scene hard….

Now for our look at the Top Runningbacks out of the past from Greensboro and Guilford County and we will list a Top Ten and others to go with them and see how your list stacks up with this and be sure to bring on and add-in the names we are leaving out…

Top Ten Runningbacks from Greensboro and Guilford County over the past say 30-40 years, or so….

1)Ted Brown(High Point Andrews)
2)Toney Baker(Ragsdale HS)
3)Anthony Saunders(Western Guilford HS)
4)TJ Logan(Northern Guilford HS)
5)Ricky Adams(Ragsdale HS)
After the Top Five you can sort of run wild and and turn it loose, but with Brown, he was unreal for Andrews, Baker set all kinds of National Rushing records, Saunders set state and national rushing and TD records, Logan ran for and was part of three straight state championship teams, Adams was a part of two state title teams for the Tigers and on we go to our next five…

6)Let’s TIE them up here with Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) and Ernie Woods(Southeast Guilford)
7)Bobby Hedrick(Eastern Guilford)
8)say a Jimmy Walden or Jimmy Womack at Northeast Guilford
9)Curtis Johnson or a Mike Porter at Smith
10)Brian Williams(Southwest Guilford)

And you’ll want to look at guys like Lee Rouson and Marvin Johnson from Page, Herman Thacker or Cessie Love from Grimsley, take your pick from over the years at Dudley, he was more of a quarterback, but I liked him as an RB, Jamele Mack from High Point Central; hard to remember a ton of key RB’s from Northwest Guilford, but that has most of our Guilford County runningbacks and schools in the mix…

Let’s see how you stack them up and is Ted Brown the best RB ever from Guilford County, or is it time to adjust this list?????

  • Turbo said,

    Back in the upper 80’s, Teddy Patterson from Page was one helluva RB until his knee got nuked at Carver. Carlos Doggett is one not to forget as well. I’m a Page graduate can’t help but to name Pirates! I’d like to see Javon Leake get over 2000 yards rushing this season. I’m ready for football, go Pirates.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Carlos Doggett is a name from the past from PAGE that needs to looked at very closely, a very good back he was and played at N.C. State and another name that just came to my mind is Carlos McNeil, a fine back from Northeast Guilford High School….

    Another name popping to mind now is Braxton Williams from Dudley HS and think his dad was a very good back, back in the day and Williams Sr. may have been at Eastern Guilford HS…

  • Ace said,

    Ted was b4 my time,with him playing pro 8 years is impressive.
    My list reads:
    1.Shawn Brown
    2.Glen Ford
    3.TJ Logan
    4.Jimmy Walden
    5.Tony Baker
    6.Anthony Saunders
    7.Deon Summers
    8.Cezzie Love
    9.Braxton Williams Sr.
    10.Lamont Wall
    Others are Gallspy,Teddy Patterson,Curtis Johnson,Chad Wright,Michael Brooks,Rex Tonkins,Dell Seagraves,Jerimiah Fatdaddy Johnson,Dominique Brown,Kevin Matier.

  • Ace said,

    I did forget about Doggett he was great.R.I.P. Jenardo Caldwell the first Freshman RB to score on Varsity in the 9th grade that I know of.

  • BULL DOG said,

    To many to name. I’ve been watching hs football for a long, long, time.
    The best hs running back I’ve ever seen was Carlester Crumpler from Wilson Fike.
    The best from Guilford Cty is a hard pick, but 2 were special. Ted Brown and Mike Porter. But Crumpler, 6’4″ 225lbs. State champ in the high hurdles.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Lots of good names showing up and I am seeing some that I had forgot like Shawn Brown…I think Shawn was a part of the Grimsley Whirlie group that had Brown, the QB Greg Franklin and the WR Bernard Farrington and the game-winning kicker Kirk McGuinn….

    Pretty sure Shawn Brown had a son that later came through Grimsley and I think he was Lay Lay Brown and he was a pretty good RB too….

    Lots of good names from the past they just rushing back in here….

    Leake, Drayton, Perkins, Frazier, Steele and Palbusa have to be the Top Five going into this year and do all agree?????

  • John Allen said,

    For me, it’s Toney Baker…hands down. Amazing combination of power and speed at that level.

    I’d also like to nominate Jamal Edwards (Dudley). His combination of speed/size was also incredible. He ended up going to Florida State.

    Also glad to see Brian “The Natural” Williams mentioned.

  • Glenn Goss said,

    Many people forget about Prince Deese (All American at Elon)

  • Football Friday said,


    I know this is off subject but when will you be heading over to NW Guilford and Northern Guilford? Huge Rivalry between the two schools and from what I’m hearing Northern wont be the only school running a new offense this year. How good can this years Vikings team be. I know one poll has them ranked in the Top 12 in the entire state. I think Northern may lose more games this year than they have since the school opened.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hoping to be hitting Northern Guilford and Northwest Guilford next week…

    With Prince Deese he was a great back and he had a great back back there with him in Jimmy Bolding..

    Ricky Adams followed Deese and he had a great one back there with him too, in Harold Odom…

    Ragsdale had the key backs in Deese and Adams and they had those secondary RB’s in Bolding and Odom, who were very good too…

  • Kevin said,

    Heath Caligan from SEG around 94 or 95. One of those guys you just had to see for yourself. Not a top 10 guy, but one of the best athletes ever to come out of guilford co. Mention his name to any fan or coach from that era and they will tell you all you need to know!

  • Hornet said,

    Toney Baker was just huge and fast. Probably the best one to never really do much in college. Split carries and played behind Andre Brown who played in the league some. Toney was dominant

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here’s a couple of names that I thought of this morning that some of you may remember and they were good ones at High Point Central….

    James ‘Boom Boom’ Betterson and Sammy Johnson and both went on to do very well at North Carolina and they both hit the NFL running too..

  • Ervin L. Ford Jr said,

    Jimmy Robinson from NEGH would be my pick. Jimmy had it all Speed to Burn and power to run you over. My brother Glenn Ford(RIP)at Grimsley and cousin Jamal Edwards at (Dudley), Phil Wise at Page. The list for Page and Dudley could go on and on because of there history of having Great RB’s . But Jimmy Robinson was the Truth !!!

  • Teddy Roe said,

    Darius Graves, Connell Young, Del Seagraves, Braxton Williams, Otis Jordan, Marvin Johnson, Lee Rouson, Keith Patterson, Kevin Matier, and a sleuth of others deserve recognition.

    Dudley produces backs that can run inside the tackles, off tackle, and catch from the slot position. With a coaching staff with high IQs, I wouldn’t be surprised if more great RBs from Dudley get mentioned with the previously mentioned athletes.

  • KG77 said,

    Tony Baker-RAG Brian Williams-SWG. Kenny Shaw-TWA Freddie Richardson-WG
    Jamal Edwards-DUD Carlos Dogget-PAGE
    Anthony Saunders-WG Tim Williams-SWG
    Chuckle Reed-HPC TJ Logan-NG