Looking for more on Chavis Little:Little being said about Bison RB and more on other backs

Posted by Andy Durham on August 9, 2016 at 2:38 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

How in the world do you leave Chavis Little from High Point Central off the list of best running backs in the area??? He’s a 4-year starter who has over 1500 rushing yards average per season since he suited up for High Point Central.

Names that have cleared the waiver list include:
1)Javon Leake(Page HS)
2)Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale HS)
3)Ezra Perkins(Dudley HS)
4)Travis Steele(High Point Andrews HS)
5)Jamari Palbusa(High Point Andrews HS)….Myron Frazier(Northern Guilford HS) has also been listed on some of the Top Five Lists….and it might be about time to get other guys like Chavis Little(High Point Central HS) and Kyle Finnie(Northwest Guilford HS) in here with more mentions too…Have had some about those two, but the Top Five above have been getting more love….Many times I will call Kyle Finnie, Dirk Finnie as Dirk Fennie was the golf coach at one time, at Greensboro College…On Frazier at Northern, he rushed for right at 545 yards last season at Southern(Durham) and he was the #2 back for the Spartans….

+++++I will be getting some of out MaxPreps numbers from last year, up here in a few…..+++++

Rushing Numbers from the end of the year period in 2015:(Only including the backs that are back this year and coming in from MaxPreps.com….
1,517…Javon Leake(Page) with 1,517 yards rushing on 171 carries with 26 TD’s…7.7 yards per carry…145 yards per game…
1,198…Travis Steele(High Point Andrews) with 1,198 yards/ 12 TD’s on 150 carries and 99.8 yards per game…8.0 yards per carry…
1,146…Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale) with 1,064 yards on 238 carries and 10 TD’s…104.2 yards per game/4.8 per carry……Season Over
1,019…Hendon Hooker(Dudley) with 1,019 yards on 101 carries and 14 TD’s…79.3 yards per game…10.1 yards per carry…
927…Gerald Simpson(Northeast Guilford) with 927 yards on 138 carries and 11 TD’s…119.7 yards per game and 7.2 yards per carry…Season Over
912…Chavis Little(High Point Central) with 912 yards and 5 TD’s on 136 carries/91.2 yards per game…Season Over
743…Ezra Perkins(Dudley) 743 rushing/104 carries and 9 TD’s…7.1 yards per carry…74.3 yards per game…
717…Kyle Finnie(Northwest Guilford) 149 rushes for 717 Yards and 11 TD’s…5.42 yards per carry…Season Over
709…Jamarri Palbusa(High Point Andrews) has 709 yards on 73 carries and 9 TD’s…9.7 yards per carry/70.9 yards per game…

  • Andy Durham said,

    One of out posts on High Point Central from an earlier Blog….

    HP Central became a bit quiet last year and I think it was due to loss of Jamele Mack their outstanding quarterback from a few years back..

    Central had to move their top receiver to QB and if I’m not mistaken that was my main man Geoffrey Wall and now this year the young man that was at QB Larry McLean will be called on to lead again….

    Chavis Little is a real talent, but he will be a marked man and that will make it tougher…

    I did not look up any names and I feel like I got all of the key parties right and I will do all I can to get these kids back on the map again…

  • FootballFan1 said,

    Chavis Little may be a marked man to all our opposing defenses but he is not the only talent that HPC has in the backfield. Keep an eye on Curt Ervin as well.