New News and Record High School Football Top Ten Poll as we hit Week One of the New Season

Posted by Andy Durham on August 15, 2016 at 1:15 pm under High School | 34 Comments to Read

The News and Record with Joe Sirera, Spencer Turkin and area high school football coaches weighing in, has their new high school football poll up and running and the Top Four rundown of the Top Ten, looks like this…

1)East Forsyth
4)Northwest Guilford
and to see all of the Top Ten and the teams on the outside looking in, CLICK HERE….News and Record HSXtra Top Ten Football Poll is ready to roll when you CLICK HERE….

  • VikingFuneral said,

    With Hennigan and Turner out for first few games…I realistically don’t see NWG as a top 4 team.

  • J.D. Springer said,

    @VikingFuneral Kilgannon for the season, too.

    But at least the games Hennigan and Turner are expected to miss are only Smith and Western Guilford. Turner will be back for Northern and Hennigan could be.

  • Clint said,

    Eagles can’t wait til Friday night !!!!!! A lot better than you think

  • Bill said,

    I can’t believe Hennigan is gone too.

    I will have to pick Smith to beat Northwest now on Friday night.

    Taking Eagles by 2 touchdowns.

  • J.D. Springer said,

    @Clint I saw both Smith jamborees. They got manhandled by Tabor and Reynolds, neither of which is very good, and had multiple penalties and a cheap-shot ejection (No. 53). They looked good against HP Central, but Central was trying two freshmen and a soph in their secondary vs. Smith and looked much better later in the night at Dudley with their varsity guys back there.

    Smith is definitely better, but they are still undisciplined and out of shape. Unless the Eagles are up by more than a TD going to the fourth, they will fall apart.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The bottom line is Northwest Guilford is going to be facing some major obstacles/hurdles if they are missing both Tre Turner AND Thomas Hennigan…

    Hennigan probably could have carried NWG on, but it will be very tough with a new QB(Jacob Leonard) back there running the show…

    A lot would seem to be ready to fall on the shoulders of Kyle Finnie…Finnie will have to carry a lot of the load without Hennigan and Turner…

    Maybe Jalen Spicer is ready to step up his game and lend a spark, and the Vikings could use a spark right now….Spicer is new blood and he will have to overcome the early fire and Leonard has to get through the early nerves and fire as well…

    What was once appearing to be maybe a mundane game, has taken on a whole new persona now, but another tough element for Smith is that the game is at NWG, but that might be a fire-starting factor for Smith, Smith will be playing with the “Chip on their Shoulder” because nobody is giving them the ‘time of day’….

    NWG had that chip a few years back, but the Vikings have become one of the established teams in our county now, but it does not matter what county you hail from, it will not be easy without Hennigan and Turner on that field, and by “on the field”, we mean “on the field in uniform”(And available for Action)……

  • What happened said,

    I knew Tre Turner got hurt during the AAU basketball season with his leg but what happened to Thomas Hennigan.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Injury to Thomas must have come at the NewBridge Bank Jamboree…

    He seemed to be healthy earlier during the week, last week and the NewBridge came on Friday…

  • orseg said,

    Didnt NW beat Smith by a “Hail Mary” one to two years ago? New staff at Smith…No Hennigan or Turner….Smith has more than a shot!

  • Robert said,

    I saw Smith at both jamborees as well and they didn’t get man handled at all imo. They arguably won both games. They beat Reynolds as time expired. I think this Smith team is very scrappy and teams will have to put them away early. I think the new coaching staff as put a little more fight in the kids. Northwest can’t just show up and win.

  • Springer said,

    Wonder why Joe Sierra or Turkin haven’t written anything about NWG since Hennigan is out…

  • Andy Durham said,

    There is a chance that Hennigan missed time at the scrimmage and he might be back for Friday’s game…

    Would be good for Northwest to get people thinking Thomas Hennigan will not play and then it could turn out that he came back and played on Friday vs. Smith…

    Smith better be ready for Hennigan, Turner, Leonard, Finnie, Spicer, Rusty Larue, Reid Baxter, Charlie Groves and whoever else might show up…

    Coach always told you, expect the unexpected and you should not have to be told that, one more than once…

    If you are looking for some help or an easy way out toward the win, forget it, it never works out that way….

    Expect the Unexpected….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here is what Coach Rolfes told Josh Williams, who covers games for us here at….

    This is Coach Rolfes coming out of the scrimmage last week and I take it that this was coming out of the NewBridge Scrimmage and it makes you think that Hennigan’s deal may have been MIA due to illness….

    Coach Rolfes with Josh Williams:
    We did not have the services of Thomas Hennigan, Tre Turner, or Tristan Kilgannon who were all out for injury or medical illness.

    Thinking is Turner injury for sure, Kilgannon seems to have been gone due to attending a funeral or we saw that reasoning somewhere and that would leave Hennigan out with the medical illness and could be a get well soon and back this Friday vs. Smith and I still say NWG would be in some trouble if they were missing Hennigan and Turner and it still has not been proven that Hennigan will out, he could be back after illness and Turner is for sure out…

    Again Smith must prepare as if General Sherman or General Patton will be at NWG leading the Vikings on Friday and Smith must keep that “Chip on their Shoulder”……

  • Twitta said,

    Check his Twitter account Andy…it kinda leaves it open to interpretation. But we will see Fri nite I guess.

  • Andy Durham said,

    from Thomas Hennigan on Twitter and going back to last Friday’s NewBridge Scrimmages:

    Thomas J Hennigan ?@_t_Henni Aug 12 Winston-Salem, NC
    First scrimmage or game I have ever sat out, it is easily the worst feeling I’ve ever felt…

    And on another note, NWG went (4-0) at the Pinecrest scrimmage with a healthy T. Hennigan…

  • Just wondering??? said,

    Hey Andy…What’s the word on Northern? Haven’t seen much on here, they got things on lock down?

  • Andy Durham said,

    *****Also High Point Andrews at Northern Guilford in a scrimmage tomorrow/Wednesday at 6pm and again, at NGHS…*****

    Here is what we have had most recently on Northern Guilford HS:
    Coach Westberg from Northern Guilford on the NG-Richmond scrimmage from Twitter:

    Northern Guilford FB ?@NGHSFB
    “We have some things to correct but what’s good about that is they are all correctable. We gained a lot of experience today.”- Westberg

    Northern Guilford FB ?@NGHSFB
    “Very pleased with the all around effort by our guys. They played extremely hard.” Coach Westberg after tonight’s first scrimmage.

  • Kevin said,

    Think SE will have a down year. Not hearing positive vibes from community.. hope im wrong!

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think SEG will do real well…The two QB’s compliment each other nicely and Best has the ability to run the offense and he can run and Douglas can throw the ball like a missile…SEG still has good backs and they have some younger kids that can roll and can roll over some offenses with the Love kid(DE) and the Hackett kid is coming on at LB…

    The SEG people/fans better take another look at their Falcons, from what I saw last Saturday, the kids will be good and they will be throwing more than they have ever thrown the ball before…

    In the two early sessions at Eastern Randolph, the SEG Falcons threw the ball on 28 of 35 plays and not quite as much against Asheboro, but more passing from SEG than I have ever seen before….

  • We gon' see said,

    Northern is the team that’s ranked 5th in the news and record poll that will have a down year. Coach not sounding too pleased according to the quotes above. SE will be no less than 6-5, which is a down year for them.

  • Andy Durham said,

    From the updates that I have been able to gather, Thomas Hennigan is doing better, has been sick and they(Northwest Guilford HS) hope to have him back for the game on Friday…

    NWG really needs him out there if he can go…He is a rare kid that only comes around about every 25 years or so at a school like NWG and with him being a strong football player(college commit to Appalachian State), a very good basketball player and the Student Body President he is a very good example of the full high school student/athlete experience…

    I still say some of it goes back to his uncle Mike Hennigan who played both college and pro football and he also coached college football for many years at the top level…

    Can’t beat genetics like that and even though Mike Hennigan was linebacker, Thomas still has that same bloodline that makes him excel as a top-notch football player….

    Hope he is back out there on Friday night….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thomas may have to miss Friday’s game, but there is still an outside chance that he will be able to play…May miss one game, but could miss more, he just has to make sure he gets his overall health up to snuff….

    I would say right now, probable for Friday….

    Got to get healthy, but would be better to err on the side of health safety…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Anybody heard anything about the kid from Northeast Guilford that got hurt in the Smith scrimmage last Wednesday??? Was carried off the field on a stretcher….Had heard was doing better late on Weds. night….

    He was the #2 QB and then #1 Gerald Simpson got banged up late in the scrimmages last Wednesday and he was to be held out of the NewBridge Scrimmage and at that point Northeast Guilford was down to their #3 QB and that kid was really a kid, he is a freshman…

    Wondering about the injury status of the Ram QB’s and hoping they are back to their true 3 Deep by Friday….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got a call in to assistant Coach Suggs at NEG and picked up more on NWG from Joe Sirera over at the N&R and the word we had on Hennigan today was if they could get him back for Friday they would love to have him back and it still might me up to a month if he does not get the clearance he is looking for from the doctors…Hope Hennigan is back soon and that is the same thing Coach Rolfes told us today…

    Joe Sirera at N&R:
    No. 4 -ranked Northwest Guilford heads into its football season without the services of four key players: OL/DL Tristan Kilgannon (shoulder), WR Tre’ Turner (ankle), WR/DB/QB Thomas Hennigan (mononucleosis) and RB/P Kyle Finnie (concussion).

    We had seen word and had posted word on the top three being out and that was here earlier and this is the first word out on Finnie…

  • VikingFuneral said,

    Vikings in trouble…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Word on NEG is that QB Gerald Simpson should be ready to go on Friday…He is still sore from the hit took in the scrimmage last week and overall it will be a game-time decision, but the Ram Camp says they feel like he will be ready to strap it up and go….

  • You got it backwards its a Smith Funeral said,

    Please Smith fans! This NW team is more than capable of beating the brakes off you with all those guys out. You’ll see…just wait. Remember Smith fans you’re not Dudley no matter how much you try and in a few weeks you’ll remember that when you’re 0-3. NWG by 17 points easy! We have a lot more weapons than Hennigan and Turner. It’s just with those two players they make us capable beat East Forsyth and other power teams in this area.

    Remember these names – Cam Cloud, Eddie Selby, Zach Tyler, Jalen Spicer, Cody Miller, Jacob Leonard. Cause they’re going to lead this Vikings team to a beat down over Smith! Then we’re coming for Western and Northern!!!

  • Smith still has a football team? said,

    Smith has a football team? NW Guilford will beat them by 40! It’s week 1 and a lot of these teams walk around way too confident. Time to put them back in their place!

  • Viking said,

    Thomas has a personal illness he is dealing with and will be back soon. Non football related and let’s make sure we respect the young mans privacy. Northwest will be fine

  • Oh boy said,

    If NW can get by Smith without those 4 guys, they will have a two bye weeks right after that against Western and Northern. Especially after what I saw tonight from the Nighthawks. Northern has had a good run, but to say they are rebuilding is an understatement. Northern will be 4-7 at best. “Possible” wins against Williams, McMichael, Rockingham and Morehead.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Viking, you are right about Thomas and looking out for his best interest while still building interest in the games has been our intention all the way along….

    Good luck with to all the teams on Friday night and you would think with the Frazier kid at RB, NG would OK this year and maybe (4-7) is just OK…You give me one back that can run and a line that can and will block and we will be (6-5) and that is just my team I am talking about and not anybody else’s….

    More needs to be made of Ford Moser at NG, that kid had around 5 INT’s as a freshman last year before he got hurt and he looks like a marque player to me…Get the ball in his hands on some swing passes and get Frazier out front blocking for him and say RUN…

    Frazier is going to have to be able to block as well as run and so will Leake, Perkins, Rush-Foxworth, Chavis Little, Ervin, Steele, Palbusa, Finnie and all of the other backs out there…

    Your block ability needs to be just as good as your run ability or your bench ability will come into play…

    The coach told me and the other kid, you’ll play end and tackle tonight…..Get yourself a seat on the end of the bench and tackle anybody that comes near the water bucket…Told the coach I want to play quarterback….He gave me a quarter and said get BACK on the bench….

  • HPC said,

    Pressure is off of NG now. Any success they have will be met with surprise. Now NWG is a different story. The hype is off the charts. If they fall flat again this season…I just got a sneaking suspicion that with all the trouble they are having getting out of the gate this pre season, it gives me pause about their chances of making a deep run in the playoffs this year. Hope I’m wrong. But just a gut feeling.

  • East F said,

    Kinda silly how them Vikings all concerned about NG…they better take their entire schedule seriously. I agree with what was said earlier. Ain’t no pressure over at NG now…they gonna worry about themselves and rebuild. Those Vikings better step it up this year or I’m afraid a lot of folks are going to start scratching their heads wondering what’s wrong over there. Best of luck to all the schools in the triad this season!

  • Nighthawks said,

    Went to scrimmage last night. It seemed to lack the spark and energy that Nighthawk Nation has had from the past. The entire school is going through transition. New Band Director, New Principal search, New Head football coach and assistant coaches. Fresh Young Team after loosing 26 Seniors and a Legendary ole ball Coach. I hope the school, cheerleaders and band will get behind the young team and fire them up to have that inner Nighthawk spark that was lengendary and needed now. Transition is hard against a winning tradition. Will be in the stands encouraging them on.