High School Football Tonight for Guilford County with Picks and Poll and who has the Best Student Section/crowd???

Posted by Andy Durham on August 26, 2016 at 10:39 am under High School | 5 Comments to Read

We will have our broadcast team with Dennis White on the road at Northern Guilford for the Page Pirates vs. the Northern Guilford Nighthawks on the Chick-fil-A High School Football Game of the Week…Game Time on GreensboroSports Radio is 7:30pm with the kickoff and the pre-game with Dennis White begins at 6:45pm….Dennis White also on 97.7FM inside your local Johnny Roscoe Stadium and we will have the Don Moore Scoreboard rolling tonight with Don at his desk, plus Kris Walser and Coach Darryl ‘Green’ Steele on GreensboroSports Radio 2 for High Point Central at Northeast Guilford with their pre-game at 7 and kickoff at 7:30, plus we have Wyatt Smith on the road for High Point Andrews at Southwest Guilford with a full write up after the game, plus Cameron Roble at Southeast Guilford for SEG hosting Eastern Guilford with photos coming in after the game, plus Josh ‘Norman’ Williams at Western Guilford for WG vs. Northwest Guilford and Josh will have write-up/wrap-up coming in for us after that game….Don Moore, Dennis White and Kris Walser LIVE tonight, plus the works by Wyatt Smith, Cameron Robles and Josh Williams…The Chick-fil-A High School Football Game of the Week tonight on GreensboroSports Radio….

Here are the games with Picks and Poll to follow….

All Kickoffs set for 7:30pm….
Page(0-1) at Northern Guilford)0-0)
Northwest Guilford(1-0) at Western Guilford(1-0)
Grimsley(1-0) at Southern Guilford(0-1)
High Point Central(0-1) at Northeast Guilford(0-1)
Ragsdale(0-1) at Dudley(1-0)
High Point Andrews(0-0) at Southwest Guilford(1-0)
Eastern Guilford(1-0) at Southeast Guilford(1-0)
Smith(0-1) at Lee County(1-0)
High Point Christian Academy(1-0) at Ravenscroft(1-0) 7pm
Bishop McGuinness(1-0) at Trinity(0-1)

Northwest Guilford
High Point Central
Southwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Lee County
High Point Christian Academy

2)Northwest Guilford(1-0)
4)Southwest Guilford(1-0)
5)Southeast Guilford(1-0)
6)Eastern Guilford(1-0)
8)High Point Andrews(0-0)
9)Northern Guilford(0-0)
10)High Point Central(0-1)
Anybody need to be in here and they are missing?????

*****The Top Student Section after Week One is the Northwest Guilford Student Section and the Northwest Guilford Students….Dennis White was at that game with NWG vs. Smith last week and Dennis White said those NWG students were going wild and even the football players that could not play due to injury, they were all in it and the Greensboro Sports name was being heard throughout their stadium, the Billings Stadium…NWG will be at Western Guilford tonight and we will see if NWG can make it two weeks in a-row or if the Northern Guilford Nighthawk students can de-throne NWG with Page coming to Roscoe Stadium and maybe Page can blow it all out and be the Top Student Section this week…For right now and based on Week One reports from Dennis White, Northwest Guilford is in the lead for the 2016 season and Dennis White said that injured players Thomas Hennigan and Tre Turner were really able to get their sideline and the NWG Students into that game last Friday and that is a plus….Let’s see who can take the lead away from NWG(Maybe Western Guilford has something to say about this?), or if they(NWG) will keep their spot and at the end of the football season, we will be making a donation to the Athletic Department with the Top Student Section in Guilford County and we are planning to do the same for basketball this year too…If you have photos send them to us prove your school is tops, or grab our people at the game and let them know your School is #1….NWG right now at #1 and who’s next and with Dudley at #1 in the poll, we ought to be hearing from their students and fans too……*****

  • Vegas Mike said,

    Page -12
    NW -23
    Grimsley -2
    HPCA -9
    Dudley -30
    SW -2
    SE -8
    Lee County -16

  • Wyatt Smith said,

    I don’t know how well they traveled tonight, but last week’s number 1 should be Grimsley for fighting Windham traffic, rain, and showing up before gates opened in Jamestown at Ragsdale to cheer the Whirlies on!! Coach Brown and his boys had more students than Ragsdale had total fans it seemed

  • ex hornet said,

    All I know is the NWG Head Coach better not ever cry about the score being ran up on him again. That’s two years in a row where he’s had a way better team and instead of putting in backups after halftime he kept starters in to try and make a point and score 70. I know NW is better and I don’t care if you want to score 70 just dont cry next time a team that can match your talent puts 70 on you Pal!

  • Just a thought said,

    U guys are killing your traffic by disabling the comments during the games….

  • Cmon said,

    Ex hornet….after 1st series in second half all backups were in. NW OLNLY SCORED 6 points in the second half. As a matter of fact, second st international was playing the entire second quarter. NW has more talent this year than any year in the past. I feel for the Western kids….they played hard. However, they were no match for NW.