College Football is Back Tonight and we have Several Games to Keep an Eye On

Posted by Andy Durham on September 1, 2016 at 10:25 am under College | 9 Comments to Read

Are there any other games in and around our area tonight??? These were the only ones we could spot so far and if there are any more, help us out and send them our way..Here is how we see TONIGHT’s College Football Games for Thursday September 1….

Tulane at Wake Forest 7pm….Wake can win, but Hinton must lead them at QB….Wake wins 28-24….
Charlotte at Louisville 7pm…Louisville by a bundle and we will be following Larry Ogunjobi from Ragsdale High School for Charlotte…Larry at DL and one of the top defensive players in the nation….Predicting Louisville to win this 49-0….
William and Mary at N.C. State 7:30pm….N.C. State with plenty of Matt Dayes, Jaylen Samuels, Nyheim Hines, Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford HS) win this game 56-14…
Appalachian State at Tennessee 7:30pm…All Volunteers in this one, as Tennessee takes it 63-10 and APP is out of their league with Sun Belt going to the SEC, you have to be kidding me, this will be cruel and unusual punishment for APP fans here…..
+++++You should see and hear the DB for Tennessee, Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley HS), on the field and playing a lot for the UT Volunteers….+++++

  • witness said,

    Trae Meadows (Dudley HS) has transferred to NC State and is on full scholarship and should see a lot of action for the wolfpack at nickleback

  • Andy Durham said,

    You are on the money about Tre(Dudley HS)….I was there the day he signed with Navy I think it was and the other day I saw Tre on the N.C. State roster and thought how about this….Kid can motor and get to the ball in a hurry and should be fine with coverage…

    Maybe another David Amerson(Dudley HS/N.C. State) in the makings, I hope so….Good to see all of these local kids get a shot and do well….

  • Andy Durham said,

    How about C.J.(Caleb) Freeman at South Carolina as a Gamecock freshman RB…We need to look him and I think the Gamecocks are in action this evening…..

    South Carolina at Vanderbilt tonight(Thursday) and here is C.J.’s name and number from the USC roster….
    #36 C.J. Freeman RB 5-11 200 FR Greensboro, N.C./Northern Guilford

  • jt said,

    Dead wrong on the App St/Vols prediction. App St was definitely not “out of their league”. Should have won this one if not for a freshman kicker 😉

  • Andy Durham said,

    APP’s true success has been falling fast since they got rid of the old guys….Let the old man Jerry Moore go and then let the other old guy David Jackson get away…

    APP back to the Southern Conference within the next 10 years and Scoot/Scott Satterfield long gone…

  • Agreed said,

    Dead Wrong!!!!

  • jt said,

    Okay Andy,
    Keep sticking with your story and I’ll keep sticking to the truth.
    App was 11-2 last year and will likely do at least the same this year. They also have plenty of talent coming in. The team they have this year is better than any team Jerry Moore coached. (15 year season ticket holder)
    Your seem to be out of touch on this one…..Don’t believe everything the sports writers tell you try going to a game and watching for yourself….
    60-10 “cruel and unusual punishment” the only cruel and unusual punishment was the hit put on UT’s QB at the end of the game and an unlucky bounce.

    60-10 “cruel and unusual punishment”

  • Andy Durham said,

    AD Cobb showed Coach Moore the door and in the end of that move, Cobb was sent moving/packing…

    Satterfield watched it all go down to his former coach and let it happen…

    I may be blind to some situations, but my insight here tells my Scott is no longer hot, he will calling Cobb and asking him who were those guys that moved you and it may be sooner than we think…

    The 60 did not show, but also not showing was the Tennessee offense…Tenn. did not play like an SEC team last night and when Miami comes to Boone, well they will have seen the Sept. 1 game and they will know not to take APP lightly and to bring the heat…

    The way things went down with Coach Moore can not be swept under the rug and in the end, it will be the end of Satterfield and his staff…

    Can’t fault the APP kids they are playing hard and put up the good fight, they are just caught up in the wrong system with the wrong coach…

    APP will some success in the Sun Belt, but is that really what is best for your school and your overall sports programs???

    A good night for APP and the showing they made last evening in Knoxville, but a very COLD Sunday morning, the day Coach Moore was shown the DOOR…

    Hitting the door myself on the way to a game and thanks for the convo….

  • jt said,

    Oh okay now I see…You have a deep loathing for App because of the way you felt they did Moore and Jackson. This has nothing to do with the way they play football now. Got it… thus the hopeful 60-10 pounding prediction….I’m sure when App has success the rest of the way we won’t be talking nor will I hear about it on this website…typical.. We showed our record wasn’t a fluke and that we could play with the “big boys”. Even Butch Davis admitted his team was outplayed and whipped on both sides of the ball. Sometimes it’s hard to admit we were wrong instead we say it was the inability to execute or first game jitters, not give credit where it is due. Kudos to Butch for doing this. Shame on you for not.
    BTW I’m watching a 23rd ranked UNC team get beat by a 18th ranked Georgia team…wonder how they would done against a no. 9 ranked UT team?
    Again sorry for your hatred of App because of the “old man”. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give respect where it’s due…… Thanks for the convo…gotta run