High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Looking back at those names and numbers and this week’s key links

Posted by Andy Durham on September 10, 2016 at 10:53 am under High School | 19 Comments to Read

Key names and numbers and the links to last night’s games coming in on this Saturday morning….

394:Peter Ingle(Bishop McGuinness) had 394 passing yards going 19-29 for 5 Touchdowns and he also rushed for 1 TD and had six total TD’s…
286:De’Shaun Taylor(High Point Christian Academy) threw for 286 yards and 4 TD’s for the HPCA Cougars with TD passes going 66, 64, 35 and more yards…
271:Will Jones(Page HS) goes 13-14 in the passing department for 271 yards 2 TD’s…
200:Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) with over 200 yards passing with TD tosses of 35 yards to Thomas Young and 25 yards to Ezra Perkins and the pass to Perkins was the game-winner…
193:Brandon Bullins(East Forsyth HS) rolls on a night with 193 yards on 12-22 passing and 2 TD’s and he also ran for a TD and three TD’s total…
187:Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) Graves and his EG ‘Cats off last night, but last week Graves goes for 116 yards passing hitting on 10-14 attempts, with one TD and he rushed for 71 yards and 2 TD’s for win over Raleigh Broughton…
176:Gerald Simpson(Northeast Guilford HS) with 176 total yards on 89 yards Passing(5-7) with 1 TD and 87 Yards Rushing with 1 TD, on 13 carries…All numbers on G. Simpson were from the second half…Did not play QB in first half…
174:Javon Leake(Page HS) with 174 total yards on 112 yards rushing with 3 TD’s, plus 62 yards on kickoff returns and another touchdown there…Four total TD’s for Leake….
157:CJ Cappucio(Bishop McGuinness) caught 5 passes for 157 yards and 2 TD’s…
154:Ben Babcock(Bishop McGuinness) with 8 receptions for 154 yards and 2 TD’s…
145:Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS) with 145 total yards with 4 carries for 27 yards and 3 TD’s and he went 5 for 9 good for 118 yards passing and 1 TD…
139:Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale HS) hits for 139 yards and 2 TD’s…
132:Da’Quan Mason(Glenn HS) 132 total yards on 109 rushing and 4 TD’s on 22 carries and one reception good for 23 yards and a TD….Five total touchdowns for Mason on Friday night…
107.5:Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford HS) 9-16 passing for 101 Yards, plus 6 yards rushing and 1 TD on the ground and he grabbed that half-yard on his way to field, coming from bus before the game….Good game Friday for Douglas and SEG…
106:Bryson Jumper(Southwest Guilford HS) running the ball 10 times for 106 yards and 2 TD rushing…..
101:Cam Smith(Southwest Guilford HS) goes for 6 carries good for 101 and 1 TD on the ground……
100:Eric Williams(Ragsdale HS) had 90 yards passing and 10 yards rushing to get his number to the century mark and Williams passed for one TD…
56-Plus:Trey Love(Southeast Guilford HS) with 46 yards rushing on 9 carries PLUS 6 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 Fumble Caused…That is a very productive night for the Falcon…..

Key links and more names and numbers are on the way…..Would love to locate some numbers on that Southwest Guilford-Western Guilford game with the Cowboys and Jaren Rainey putting up some real big numbers….

Here is the link from the News and Observer out of Raleigh on the Dudley Panthers’ 32-26 win over Durham Hillside last night and most observers are saying this game will be talked about for a long time to come…..Bonitta Best from the N&O on this one…
CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera’s report on the Southeast Guilford-Northwest Guilford game coming from both the News and Record and the WS Journal…Another one of those games that will be the topic of local conversation for a long time…(At least until Monday at 4:30pm when it is time to hit it and start doing it all over again in preparation for your next opponent…
CLICK HERE for Tim Nash from the News and Record on the High Point Central-Grimsley game…Also available at Journalnow.com/WS Journal…
CLICK HERE for J.P. Mundy at the N&R on the Reidsville at High Point Andrews game from last evening….
CLICK HERE for Conner O’Neill at the Burlington Times-News on Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams….
CLICK HERE for the report on that exciting Matthews Butler-Richmond County game from Steve Lyttle at the Charlotte Observer and you will get some real good game info here…
CLICK HERE for the post by Matt Kline at the Charlotte Observer on Hough’s 24-23 victory over Ardrey Kell in OT and Hough is quarterbacked by Jackson Gibbs and I think that might be Joe Gibbs grandson….Matthews Butler at Hough next Friday and Richmond County will play host to Hope Mills Southview and that is former Smith coach Rodney Brewington’s team and he is led by his son the team QB…

  • Need some changes at Northern said,

    With Reidsville, WA and EA coming up, don’t see a win in sight for Northern. Nighthawks need some adjustments or changes somewhere. Three game losing streak this year, the worst in the program history to date, something has to change. Hope the Nighthawks can find a winning formula before the entire year is chalked up. Some deep reflection needed. The community loves and supports this beloved team, but how long will that last with continued poor performance? My empathy goes out to the seniors and juniors who saw the program at its peak and now at its lowest. Keep your heads up young men. Wishing the program the very best.

  • Football Lover said,

    In response to the NG comments every program has to have a rebuilding year at some point. NG has been blessed since the school opened with superb talent. Everyone was amazed at the new schools
    Early and often success. You normally don’t see a new school win state champions right off the bat. If you truly love NG Football be patient with these players and coaches . Reports are the new Coach is a straight up and honest Guy give him a chance to build his Team.

  • NG parent said,

    Coach Westberg has an entire program to REBUILD. Real fans who are logical, reasonable and have even a fair amount of common sense, understand and accept this fact. The only folks who are complaining are the few disillusioned parents who think their athlete is missing out on a scholarship or other opportunities because of the rebuild. What they will never understand is that if their athlete was worthy of a look/opportunity at the next level, the parent wouldn’t have to do anything but let the kid play and let the coaches coach. NG probably will not win a game this season. And that’s ok because coach will still be teaching and coaching and the athletes will still be playing and learning. It all builds character and thats something sorely missing in society today. I’m hopeful and proud of the kids and the coaches.

  • Need some changes at Northern replay said,

    Certainly did not mean to hit a nerve. I have been and still am one of NG’s top loyal fans and Top supporters from $$, time and heart. However, the fact remains that some adjustments are needed. I no longer have a player on the team but did for many years, so I am not a parent complaining that my son is not playing. We all agree this is a rebuilding year but would love to see more forward progress from week to week. Last week was better than the first week, this week not so much. Time to adjust and try something else. Go Nighthawks!

  • For the love of the game said,

    Losing games at Northern is something no one who has been around the program has seen before. It will take some adjusting to. I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Hard to blame the coaches for everything but I was very disappointed at the complete lack of energy and enthusiasm On the sideline. I was also a little set back by the play calling. The poor running back was getting clobbered on the too many runs up the middle that weren’t working. Let’s hope player and coaches get it going and have something to build on for next year.

  • SW Stats said,

    Jaren Rainey 5 for 9 118 yards passing and 1 TD

    Bryson Jumper 10 for 106 and 2 TD rushing
    Cam Smith 6 for 101 and 1 TD rushing
    DJ Grey 9 for 63
    Kendell Anthony 2 carries for 50 yards and 1 TD
    Jaren Rainey 4 carries 27 yards 3 TD rushing
    Mason Chu 1 for 18 yards rushing 1TD

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thank-you for those numbers on Southwest Guilford….Do appreciate them…..

  • Stitchy said,

    Andy, it says ” personal attacks on players,coaches etc will not be tolerated “. But the first comment obviously was making an oblique insinuation that Coach Westberg and his staff are not doing their job because they are winless. To me, hinting someone is not doing their job is worse then simply calling someone a pejorative word or phrase. The fact is Coach Roscoe hightailed out of North Carolina altogether like he was Usain Bolt because he knew he had nothing. Much Steve Spurrier.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Well the first comment did say they were wishing the program the very best…

    I spoke with Coach Westberg at length today(Sunday) and knows the effort is there on the part of his Nighthawks and they do have a very tough road ahead of them with Reidsville, Western Alamance, Eastern Alamance and Eastern Guilford coming up in the coming weeks….

    Coach Westberg has a great approach and attitude and he will be be able to keep his kids going forward in a positive way if they will listen and follow…

    Coach Westberg is a very upbeat and positive person and as a coach he has seen the good and the bad and worked his through plenty of tough circumstances…

    Northern lost receiver Jordan Lane with a broken arm and last week the running game could only come up with 80 yards at Burlington Williams so the Nighthawks have a lot to work on, but right now if you want to play and are willing to give your all and you are with the Northern Guilford football team, now is your chance to step up and show them what you have…

    Northern will be the underdog over the next four weeks there is no doubt about that, but that can be to their advantage if teams begin to overlook them and at that point is time to take a few games that you are not expected to win…

    This is like a year-one program right now at Northern and the building must continue and the results will have to be measured on a small sliding scale…

    A little bit at a time and keep pressing on and don’t look back, the future is right on top of you….

  • Coach Roscoe to Stitchy said,

    Can you say “4 TIME STATE CHAMPIONS”!!!!!

  • To Stitchy from Comment #1 and #4 said,

    The comment was never intended to be an attack against the new Coach. I have met him and talked with him and he is a great guy who wants what is best for the program. You have to give him credit for succeeding the legendary hall of fame Roscoe. Tough job to be sure. I suspect that Coach Westberg would even agree with my comment that adjustments still need to be made. However, I find it ironic that you attack Coach Roscoe in the same paragraph. Coach did not “high tail” it. He had health issues including glaucoma that prevented him from continuing to Coach. I know for a fact he would still love to be coaching those boys and could take a low talent team and still make them something special (evidence 2015 team). Walk the walk if you are going to call it out, Stitchy. I bet you think everyone deserves participation trophies as well!

  • witness said,

    Hendon Hooker passes were to DJ Crossen and Thomas Young the game winner was to Young not Ezra Perkins. The news paper has it all wrong. Looks like Connell Young has passed the Big Play Torch to his cousin Thomas as Thomas has come up with two BIG touchdowns for the panthers the last 2 weeks. DJ Crossen and Zareik Rush came up big for the panthers Last Friday as Crossen had the TD catch an 90 Yard Kickoff Return for TD to tie the came. Zareik Rush had a rushing Td and a BIG 27 yard PICK 6 for Dudley in the 4th Quarter

  • SEG fan said,

    Not sure of his stats (pretty good #s) but sophomore Douglas showed good composure on 86 yd winning drive at a loud NW field.

  • OGball3r said,

    All programs have to rebuild at some point. Its a fact of HS football. Its just NG’s time and we have to take our licks like everyone else. I think this year will be a tough one but the kids will work hard and I predict next year will be significantly better as they are still very young but next year they will be more veteran. Good things are there and its coming but it will take time. They had a very large freshman class of players and as long as the little league and middle school can be successful the talent will be there. NG is down now but it won’t be long before they are competing for the conference again. Keep the faith and be patient.

  • Andy Durham said,

    There is a very bright future ahead for Ryan Douglas at Southeast Guilford in both football and baseball….The kid can play and plays very well in pressure situations, for some reason, he finds the pressure to be something he attacks and endures and wills his teams to wins, when the outcome seems in doubt…..

  • SEG Stats said,

    Chad Stephens – 12 carries 61 Yards
    Trey Love – 9 carries 46 Yards
    Ryan Douglas – 6 carries 6 Yards 1 TD

    Douglas 9-16 101 Yards

    Justin Guy – 5 catches 47 yards (GW 2 point conversion)
    Jaylen Guy – 2 Catches 22 Yards
    Fairley – 1 catch 24 yards

    Anthony Badgett 10 Tackles
    Jax Hackett 10 Tackles 1 Fumble Recovery
    Trey Love 6 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 Fumble Caused
    Steven Thomas 9 tackles, INT return for TD

  • housemoney said,

    Gerald Simpson yards was all in the second half of the game.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, update info on G. Simpson complete…We had that earlier from Kris Walser on the second half solo QB and should have added that in in Round One…

  • housemoney said,

    G. Simpson wen 6-8 passing for 91 yards and a TD. He rush 12 times for a 104 yards and a TD. All in the second half. He also had 7 solo tackles and 1 sack on defense playing outside linebacker