Free Pass/Ticket to the Woods of Terror on Church Street:Give us the “Halloween Word of the Day”

Posted by Andy Durham on October 24, 2016 at 12:16 pm under Professional, Uncategorized | 10 Comments to Read

Looking for the “Word/Halloween Words of the Day” and today it is one word and if you can give it to us, you win the Free Pass/Ticket to the Woods of Terror/$28.00 value and you can learn more by going to their web site at…..

Just shoot us that Halloween Word of the Day into the comment box and when you signed up make sure you have left a valid E-mail address where we can reach you and we will get your address and mail you your pass….

What is that Halloween Word of the Day???

Think about it and shoot us that winning answer into the Comment Box…..

Now- Sat, Nov 05, 2016
Woods of Terror at Woods of Terror on Church Street
Woods of Terror on Church Street Is Located at 5601 N Church Street…

  • Danny Robinson said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    Just a quick update, we do not have a winner yet….Pass is still on the line and we are looking for another key Halloween related word….

    Maybe a hint or two later in the day???

    Yes, if necessary….

  • Roch said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    The Haunted Trail continues as we are still looking for a Winner today….

    Halloween word or a key word that we associate with Halloween and the celebration thereof…You always see this word at this time of year….

    That Jack-O-Lantern phrase almost made our list today, but just missed…

    Today’s answer is one word….

  • Andy Durham said,

    We will throw a hint out there around Six O’clock and Patrick if you are still following the site, you ought to get this one….Who knows, you might be listening too….

  • Howard Harvell said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    Some of these are very good and they might just show up again later during the week, so keep them handy….

    Tomorrow we will hit a Halloween Candy, but for today, it is still up to Andy to give out that key clue at around 6 if Patrick was eligible, he would jump all over this one and so would Bill and Dan and others…

    Somebody may ‘jump the route’ before 6pm….

  • Andy Durham said,

    If Patrick Swayze was here he would say I was in it and now I am it and this is the word we are looking for…This would have to be to me, the cheapest/least expensive Halloween character that you could dress up as…

    Demi Moore would say she has been to or seen this word when she was with Patrick Swayze, Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd said busting makes them feel good and they were not afraid of this word/answer…

    We open this one up to you now and this should disappear pretty quick like the word we are looking does on most occasions…

    I remember a TV series from way back when, when Mrs. Muir was looking for this word and there was also a Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts that continued seeing this Halloween creature and Great Cesar’s was always showing up at the wrong time for many of the on-lookers…

    This ought to do it, I would think and good luck and a good look to all that are looking in…

    Remember on tomorrow’s quiz we will be looking for a Halloween candy that you might give out or receive for Trick or Treat….

    What is that one word that we are looking for here for that Free Pass/Ticket to the Woods of Terror and you might see some of these out in those woods, they say there was one that roamed the roads and bridges over along and in Jamestown for many years and if you picked her up while traveling along those roads on a rainy night, by the time you got to her home and looked over at her seat in your car, she was gone and then you go to door and knock and her mother comes to the door and says she has been dead for years, but she still shows up on nights like this one…

    Fun discussion and now on to the Winner….

  • Roch said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    And Roch wins it…And we will not only be sending him one pass, but two passes to the Woods of Terror and a $56.00 value and we will do the same thing with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays contest….

    We need to get these in the mail in time for a weekend run to the Woods of Terror and we will give away two passes a day, now on through Thursday with the last Mail Out by Friday…

    Good work and a good visit into the Ghost Lore, as you get closer to the Woods of Terror…

    Be sure to tune into tomorrow, when we will be looking for a Halloween Candy….