Stacking up the Stats and Numbers for this week with our 1,000 yard Rushing Club and we don’t have Walker, Sims and Griffin, but we have some good ones

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Final:High Point Christian Academy 25, Cannon School 0…HPCA will play for the NCISAA 2-A Title next Friday night…Score courtesy of Michael Lindsay with the High Point Enterprise…..
NCISAA 3-A Final:Charlotte Latin 28, Charlotte Christian 27
High Point Christian up 19-0 in the 4th Quarter…
High Point Christian 7, Cannon School 0 at Halftime…Courtesy of WFMY NEWS 2 Sports
*****We have the 2016 1,000 yard Rushing Club listed here for you this week….Not the Bullet Club or the Breakfast Club, but the Elite 1,000 yard Rushing Club, from Guilford County…..*****

NCISAA Football Round Two Playoffs Tonight:Cannon School(6-5) at High Point Christian Academy(8-1)
Former Carolina Panther, Ledford Panther and Western Carolina Catamount and now coach of the Cannon Cougars, RB Brad Hoover, will bring his team to High Point for Round Two Tonight…..

Stacking up the Stats and Numbers for the High School Football Season and this week we feature our 1,000 yard Rushing Club for this season and we don’t have Herschel Walker, Billy Sims or Archie Griffin, but we have some good ones and we have our weekly passing and receiving leaders too….

Here you go again and we will still add in more names and numbers as we get them, if they fit….
1,000 Yard Rushing Club for 2016
1,762:Chavis Little(High Point Central HS) had 1,762 yards rushing on 212 carries for an average of 8.3 yards per carry…Averaging 160.2 yards per game 6 TD’s…
1,391:MJ Frazier(Northern Guilford HS) 218 carries for 1,391 yards and 13 TDs…6.4 yards per carry…126.5 yards per game…
1,287:Travis Steele(High Point Andrews HS) with 1,287 yards rushing on 149 carries, going for 8.6 yards per carry and 128.7 yards per game with 17 TD’s….
1,200:Javon Leake(Page HS) with have Javon Leake in here with right at 1,200 yards and 24 TD’s before his injury and we will need to get an update…Has missed last three games for Page…
1,191:Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale HS) with 1,191 yards on 203 carries with 14 TD’s, on 5.9 yards per carry and 108.3 yards per game…8.2 yards per carry, along with 11 TD’s….
1,170:Jordan Brown(High Point Andrews HS) with 1,170 yards rushing on 142 carries, with 106.4 yards per game and
1,024:Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS) with 1,024 yards on 109 carries for 12 TD’s and 128.0 yards per game on 9.4 yards per carry in 8 1/2 games…
1,004:Ezra Perkins(Dudley HS) has 1,004 yards on 121 carries good for 8.3 yards per carry and 6 TD’s/91.3 yards per game…

Passing Yards and at least 1,200 yards…
2,184:Will Jones(Page HS) with 2,184 yards on 134-238 passing for 24 TD’s/3 INT’s./54 carries for 255 yards and 7 TD… for 2,439 Total yards and 31 Total TD’s…Picked up new numbers on Will Jones for this week….
2,171:LJ/Larry McLean(High Point Central HS) with 2,171 yards on 153-yards on 167-292 passing with 17 TD’s/9 INT…57.2% passing and 197.4 yards per game…
1,729:Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) with 1,729 yards on 86-137 passing with 17 TD’s/3 INT’s…62.8% passing and 157.2 yards per game…/…Hooker with 2,558 total yards and 35 TD’s…829 rushing yards and 18 rush TD’s..
1,662:Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS) with 1,662 yards, on 112-220 passing(50.9%) and 16 TD/8 INT and 151.1 yards per game…Rushed for 843 yards and 9 TD’s…2,505 Total Yards and 25 TD’s….
1,456:Jacob Leonard(Northwest Guilford HS) with 1,456 yards on 80-147 passing with 15 TD’s/5 INT….54.4% passing and 145.6 yards per game…(10 Games)
1,313:Eric Williams(Ragsdale HS) with 1,313 yards on 94-181 passing(51.9%) with 10 TD/10 INT…119.4 yards per game…
1,347:Tyler Flippin(Northern Guilford HS) going 113-2436.5.1%) for 1,347 yards 11 TD passes/13 INT’s, plus 2 rushing TD’s…122.5 yards per game
1,228:De’Shaun Taylor(High Point Christian Academy) with 1,228 yards on 66-129 passing(51.2%) with 15 TD’s/6 INT’s and 175.4 yards per game passing….1,528 Total Yards for Taylor and 17 TD’s….
1,202:Gerald Simpson(Northeast Guilford HS) with 1,202 yards going 88-158(55.7%)/133.6 yards per game with 7 TD’s/10 INT’s…
(Simpson was injured and lost for the season)….

Receiving Numbers for this week with at least 500 yards on the season…
877:Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS) with 877 yards on 39 receptions for 9 TD’s and 87.7 yards per game/22.5 yards per catch…(10 Games)
813:Curt Ervin(High Point Central HS) with 813 yards on 64 receptions with 7 TD’s and 93.9 yards per game…/13.2 yards per catch…Also with 307 yards and 2 TD’s rushing the football…..
562:Ford Moser(Northern Guilford HS) 33 catches for 562 yards and 3 TD’s and 17.0 yards per reception….
525:Noah Priester(Northeast Guilford HS) with 525 receiving yards on 32 receptions and 2 TD’s…16.4 yards per reception….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Very crazy coming out of the Charlotte Observer on an incident that happened last weekend…

    Hales is a tough coach and he has been very successful…

    Butler High football coach Brian Hales has been suspended with pay following his Saturday arrest on an assault charge connected with a domestic incident, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools reported Tuesday.

    Hales, 43, was arrested Saturday night and charged with assault on a female. According to the police report, Hales and a 30-year-old woman “got into a verbal argument that turned into a physical assault” around 6 p.m. in the 9800 block of Ashley Farm Drive. The woman had minor injuries, including bruises and scratches, police said.

    Hales is now suspended with pay. He has worked at Butler since 2002, according to CMS.

    Read more here:

  • Question POY said,

    Since Hooker has,the most total offense in yards and TDs do you think that should get him POY? Seems,like that goes without question. That type is kid would be MVP worry consistent winning.

  • Question POY said,

    Since Hooker has the most total offense in yards and TDs do you think that should get him POY? Seems like that goes without question. That type of kid would be MVP with Dudley’s consistent winning since his freshman year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    No problems or qualms about that call….You may just be spot on….Heard Hooker had a visit to Oregon this past weekend…

  • College Fan said,

    The Ducks need a QB like him.
    But so does Va Tech.
    Good issue to have.