Greensboro Day School Boys(5-0) and Girls(3-0) both claim Championships on Saturday at the Cannon Classic

Posted by Andy Durham on November 19, 2016 at 10:52 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Both Bengals teams bring home the Championship Trophies from The Cannon Classic

from Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer and on Twitter…

Greensboro Day School boys 83, Cannon School 52: Greensboro Day jumped out to a 20-point halftime lead in the championship game of the Cannon Classic. The nationally ranked Bengals then cruised to the win against Cannon School, the No. 1 team in the Charlotte Observer’s Sweet 16 poll. Cannon fell to 2-2.

Greensboro Day defeated Southlake Christian 74-54 on Friday at the Cannon Classic, with JP Moorman leading the Friday scoring with 19 points….

Greensboro Day’s girls beat North Raleigh Christian 45-43 to win the Cannon Classic Saturday. Greensboro Day is 3-0.

To read more CLICK HERE for the photo and the full reports from the Charlotte Observer….

  • Robin said,

    Looks like the former coaching staff at Caldwell Academy is going to get the GDS girls some recognition too.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach Ren Stewart should do well there.

  • Correction said,

    Caldwell staff isn’t coaching GDS girls. Coach Andre Miller last years assistant is now the head coach and is a very good coach in his own right. Coach Stewart left mid September. If this website and other media outlets gave the girls program 25 percent of the attention they give the boys program this information and other details about the girls program would be well known.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We posted the coaching change here at the site this past Summer and I didn’t say anything about the entire Caldwell staff going to GDS…

    I only know about Coach Stewart and I know he has a very good track record coming over from Caldwell Academy..

    Hoping now that Coach Stewart is at GDS he will send us him scores and we used to get their scores last year from Mrs. Brewington and we do appreciate that.

    I got the news on Saturday’s games from Twitter with Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer…

    Nobody sends us the GDS news on their boys, I go and look that up on my own…

    GDS has not sent us anything yet this season, but I know they have a very good boys team this year and I am going to promote it…This to me is one of those big peak years for them…

    When John Carty was there at GDS we interviewed and promoted his teams to a decent, I would say…I am not here to toot my own horn, but I promoted the daylights out of Tamera Thorpe and Ronata Rogers and I thought, and maybe I am very vain, I thought I helped put them on the map….ALong with tons of other girls basketball players around the county over the past several years…I went a little overboard covering Northwest Guilford last year, but again, I felt they were having a peak year and that the coverage was merited…

    NWG was 1 second away from a State Title and we were there, along with Page and the Paris Kea crew when they made it to the finals, and the Grimsley girls with Trumae Lucas and her Whirlie girls that made it to the Championship Game and then the Dudley girls took the title with Helen Terry, Breonna Patterson, Desire Drayton and crew…

    We have covered some girls basketball over here and hope to cover more and have raised the bar on our coverage nearly every year and if you want us to start cutting back, we can do that to, but I do not plan on doing that…

    Have never really met Lashonda Monk, but since she was a freshman at SWG, we have talked that kid up like it was on sale man and this past week we got to go one-on-one with Teara Johnson from over at Dudley…

    Lots of these area girls basketball players have gotten some decent coverage over here and I will take that to bank, deposit it and hope to be bringing some more deposits over in the next few weeks….

  • Correction 2 said,

    You’re missing my points.
    1. Coach Ren Stewart is NOT the head coach for the GDS girls.
    2. The comparison was not about any other girls program in the state.
    3. The GDS boys are very good and have been for years but the girls deserve their fair share when it’s appropriate.
    4. Finally call Freddie to confirm that Andre Miller is the girls coach and has been since September.

    Regardless Andy you and your team at do a great job covering area athletes.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good information and I must say you learn something every day…

    We did a release that Coach Stewart had taken over at GDS and we had that up here back in the Summer…

    Never got word that he had decided not to take that job and in the dark on that one…

    Thanks for letting us know and we were in the dark on that one…

    What happened to Coach Stewart and is this the same Andre Miller that was with who was BYU/Utah and played in the key backcourts in the NBA???

    Just wondering and wandering and still blown away by the info that Coach Stewart didn’t end up on Lawndale Drive and that is OK, sound like the GDS girls are doing pretty good for themselves and more power and good luck to Andre Miller….

    The air is now clear or at least clearer and time to leave this post and hit the outdoor basketball post and remember and I say this in jest and with a grain of salt, “If we don’t get it, it is not news in this town”….Now time to hit the concrete court….

    I heard this week that Aaron Wiggins little brother is over at Wesleyan too, so that would sure sweeten the cupboard….I would say it would sweeten the pot, but that might be against the law….

  • Beat someone first said,

    Just because GDS girls are 3-0 does not require everyone to pay attention. Over the past 7 or 8 years, GDS has had some outstanding records, playing heavy weigh teams with great players. Last year if I remember correctly, GDS girls had a rough year on the court. There are a lot of teams still undefeated playing nobody. Let’s see how the GDS girls do when they actually play and beat a team that someone has heard of such as Wesleyan, NW, Page, Dudley or Providence. Until that time, good luck to GDS and all of our area teams. I agree with Andy that the GDS boys are near one of those peak years before rebuilding.

  • Correction 3 said,

    @beat someone first,
    Let’s be clear no one was asking for any attention for accomplishments that haven’t been attained. I was addressing an issue specifically within GDS which has nothing to do with any of the talented public girl programs in the area. Unfortunately, you took my message the wrong way, got defensive and took the liberty to take a shot at the GDS girls program that has been underserved. If you had any understanding of the issues you would speak more intelligently.

    No denying the girls program is down and there are an incredible many reasons why. 3 coaches in 3 years…etc So please enjoy beating up on a bunch of young ladies that deserve better. Note I did say “when appropriate” in early comment when it came to attention.

    Thanks Andy, hope this is a great season for girl programs in the triad. this comment blog needs to end as this individual had no need to be negative towards the gds program.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Not trying to start any firestorms on my end either, but I was uninformed and really should have known more about the coaching situation, but some days you just show up and get the news for the first time on game day…

    Looking forward to the season and some teams like Greensboro Day are off to a very good start for the boys and the girls and you have to admit, the boys from GDS have played some quality competition early here in the year, with that game against the Cannon School being a good prime example…Cannon School #1 in the Charlotte Observer’s Sweet 16 Poll…

    The SWG boys have a big game coming up this coming Saturday over at RJ Reynolds HS and not sure who the SWG boys are playing but maybe it is GDS…

    We shall all see and I will do myself a quick favor and go look it up on MaxPreps…

    Had a good workout at the outdoor court today…Very windy day and nobody else showed up, but I did have a chair and you can set that chair up and take shots over the chair….Just keep moving the chair back to create deeper shots over the chair which serves as the defender….

    Not a better way to spend a windy Sunday afternoon…Me and a chair on the outdoor basketball court…..

    I will be back next Sunday and sure hope that the chair shows up too….

  • Andy Durham said,

    That game will be SWG vs. GDS boys at RJ Reynolds HS on Saturday at 8pm….
    Langley Brothers with Kameron, and the twins Kobe and Keyshaun, plus Brandon Lamberth and others from SWG vs. GDS with JP Moorman, Jordan Perkins, Will Dillard, John Newman Jr., Pearce Landry, Austin Inge and others on the way to face SWG at RJR….

  • Will Redd said,

    Wow, with Andre coaching the girls, who is in charge of the boys’ AAU pipeline?

  • @willredd said,

    great question….pipeline is secure!