When the Pitch Count reaches 105, “Day Over” for High School pitchers and rest days are required before next start/appearance

Posted by Andy Durham on December 1, 2016 at 1:21 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

The pitch count for high school pitchers was reached/decided on today by the NCHSAA….

*****News, analysis an details coming in from Nick Stevens at the HS OT with WRALSportsFan.com:(www.wralsportsfan.com)*****

[High School pitchers, here is the call from the NCHSAA:]

The maximum number of pitches allowed in a single day is 105. In addition, there are mandatory rest days required based on the number of pitches a pitcher throws in a game.

+++++If a pitcher throws 76 or more pitches in a day, four calendar days of rest are required before pitching again. If a pitcher throws 61-75 pitches, the pitcher must rest three calendar days. For 46-60 pitches, a pitcher must rest two calendar days; and one calendar day of rest is required for 31-45 pitches. Less than 31 pitches does not require any rest.+++++

*****The pitch count rules apply only to pitches during an at-bat. If a pitcher reaches the 105-pitch threshold, he will be allowed to finish the at-bat before he has to leave the mound.*****

+++++Coaches will be responsible for tracking the number of pitches on an accountability form. The form will be signed by competing coaches and entered into MaxPreps.+++++

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  • Johnny said,

    This will be a nightmare for coaches as if they don’t have enough to do. Just another way the NCHSAA trying to be a control freak.

  • Whoisright???? said,

    The pitching limits are fine.

    What happens when one scorebook/coach has a kid threw 61 pitches and the other scorebook/coach has a kid threw 60 pitches. Who gets to be right? If it is 60 they only have 2 days off. If it is 61 they have 3 days off. Could make a big difference if the coach is trying to bring that player back in the next game.

  • JUST SAYING said,

    The NCHSAA is right by trying to save these kids arms! They’ll have to go to the official scorers book. And it shouldn’t be so hard to keep track of, anybody that calls them self a coach is already keeping pitch counts. Half the parents in the stands already have there kids on a pitch limit…lol!!

  • Common Sense said,

    The main reason for the pitch count is because “some” coaches over threw there pitchers. When you have a kid throw over 100 pitches on Tuesday and you bring him back Friday in relief for another 50 pitches. You continue that cycle for the entire year. That is throwing over 1000 pitches in a high school season. Not including warm up pitches and not including any throwing at practice and most high school pitchers play another position as well. The coaches that abused arms are the ones responsible for this rule. This is the reason for the rule , is because “some” coaches didn’t use common sense / good judgment.

  • Pitch Count Rule said,

    Is this a Federation rule and effects public and private associations or is it just strictly NCHSAA?

  • Whoisright???? said,

    The National Federation asked each state to come up with a pitch count rule. I think this version is for NCHSAA only.

    My problem/question has still not been addressed in any article or comment. When opposing coaches have a different pitch count there will be problems since there is not an independent person keeping the pitch count.

    Coach A says his player threw 60 pitches. Coach B says no, he threw 61 pitches. Who is right? Who is official count? The home team coach? Does not seem right?

    I love that there are now pitch count restrictions. I just see potential disagreements in the future without a separate independent observer tracking pitches for both teams.

  • Pitcher said,

    Common Sense, you are right, not all Coaches really care about the kids well being. They want to win at all costs and will overthrow the starting pitchers. My son was one that was “abused” by the Coach for the years he was a starting pitcher. Not only would he pitch for the majority of the game but then would go in for the remaining innings as the catcher. It didn’t matter how many times we brought it to the Coaches attention he did it anyway. Unfortunately his arm is ruined and needed elbow surgery and had a serious shoulder issue his last year of high school. I really hope this rule will prevent Coaches from abusing their players and injuring them!

  • Weekend Baseball said,

    The high school governing bodies can make all the rules they would like about pitch count which is intended to protect the athlete but it should probably take another step with some rules about playing weekend baseball and school baseball. The unknown is how many pitches do they throw on the weekend in addition to pitching during the week. Many of the weekend teams do not begin until late May or early June but there is still tournaments for high school baseball teams earlier than this so someone is participating.