All-Guilford County Football Team from GreensboroSports out today and in YES Weekly!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 7, 2016 at 3:39 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Be sure to check out the All-Guilford County Football Team from today in YES Weekly! magazine/newspaper…You can see the 2016 edition of our All-Guilford County Football Team in today’s YES Weekly! and the team is on Page 18…

Turn to *****Page 18***** of this week’s YES Weekly! magazine/newspaper and you will see the All-Guilford County Football Team for 2016, with photos of each player on the First Team, the Players of the Year, the Coach of the Year and the members of our Honorable Mention team….

Page 18 of this week’s YES Weekly! and our special thanks to Wyatt Smith, Kris Walser, Dennis White, Don Moore and Joe Sirera(at the News and Record) for helping put this All-Stars Football Team together…Thanks again to Wyatt, Kris, Dennis, Don and Joe for the work they do in association to what we are doing here at and at GreensboroSports Radio….

Countless hours of work go into these projects and we wouldn’t be able to make it all happen, if we didn’t have our associates out there with us, helping us to keep that gas pedal working and keeping it pushed to the floorboard and on to the scoreboard…
(Had to get a rhyme in there somewhere, right?)

Also thanks to Jeff Sykes and his staff at YES Weekly! for reaching out to us and bringing us on board for this sports special project….

Hoping to be doing more with the YES Weekly! crew in the future and for now, get yourself a copy of this week’s YES Weekly!, go on over to Page 18 and check out that All-Guilford County Football Team…. and YES Weekly!, teaming up to bring you more/extended coverage of what’s happening in Guilford County and throughout the Triad…+++++

YES Weekly!, available at various locations around the Triad and I picked mine up at the local Greensboro Public Library and turned directly to Page 18….
(Follow suit and you will be glad you did.)

  • Ted Roe said,

    Andy, I read the article. Excellent work compiling the list.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thank-you much, we have a great group of young men on there.

  • Ted Roe said,

    You serve our community well. I read the issue twice yesterday, and you adequately represented both sides of the ball correctly. Some may complain, but everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I wish all of Guilford County schools the best tomorrow.

    Panther Pride.

  • Where? said,

    other than the library, where can you find the publication?

  • Andy Durham said,

    YES Weekly! is available at most restaurants around the Triad…

    Loads of them in the libraries…Downtown, Phillips Ave., Benjamin Pkway, New Garden Road, Vandalia Road and all over..

  • Tired of hearing nonsense said,

    Ted Roe,
    Good luck to Dudley Panthers tonight.

    Good Luck to Page Pirates as well.