Game Report on Northwest Guilford-NPIRE North Boys Basketball:Vikings too strong all night long for team channeling Matthew Dellavadova but to no avail

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GAME NOTES: During the 1980’s the world was privy
to a multitude of international phenomenons. Many of these spectacles originated on the continent of Australia. The Rock Band “Men at Work” routinely performed in crowded concert venues. Crocodile Dundee entertained us while earning several film accolades.

Fast forward a few decades later when Australia branched out from the arts to produce finely-tuned, highly competitive athletes who excelled in a vast repertoire of sports. Specifically, in basketball, household names such as Patty Mills, Andrew Bogut, Ben Simmons, and Matthew Dellavadova resonated across the seas.

Younger generations of Australians caught wind of these iconic figures and the desire to replicate soon became commonplace across the outback. High school aged teams were formed willing to measure their fundamentally-sound basketball skills against those in the United States.

On Friday evening the Northwest Guilford Vikings hosted the NPIRE North from across the seas. The Vikings immediately jumped on the Australians about as quick as a Kangaroo can cover land. After the first quarter NW led 28-4. By halftime the lead swelled to fifty, as the Americans led by a 50-point margin 57-7. The second half was basically a carbon-copy of the opening two quarters as the Vikings picked apart the Aussies with pin-point passing which led to uncontested lay-ups. When the buzzer sounded the Northwest Guilford Vikings defeated the NPIRE-North squad 90-20. ..

Senior Kyle Sullivan led all Vikings in assists with 4. Reggie led the NW in scoring with 15 points while dishing out 3 assists. David Funderburg contributed one more than a baker’s dozen with 14 while handing out 3 assists. Thomas Smith poured in 13 off the bench. Five-star football recruit Tre Turner and Thomas “Touchdown” Hennigan each scored 10. The Shrine-Bowl participant also snatched 7 boards along with 4 steals. Freshman sensation Christian Hampton contributed 9 points and 3 rebounds. …

				       1st		2nd		3rd		4th 
NORTHWEST GUILFORD			28		29		20		13
NPIRE NORTH				4		3		3		10

Reggie Davis: 15, David Funderburg – 14; Thomas Smith – 13; Thomas Hennigan 10; Tre Turner 10; C. Hampton 9; M. Rakes 8; J. Davis 4; J. Spicer 3; L. Sutton 2; K. Sullivan 2. ;
NPIRE NORTH: 0-0; 0-0
J. Smith 6; H. Cameron 4; J. O’Neill 3; H. Jasper 2; A. Bonetti 2; N. Brady 2; I Hutchinson 1.

Submitted by: Northwest Coaching Staff

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