Justin Guy(Southeast Guilford HS) headed to N.C. Central for College Baseball:Jalen Guy, Devin Sweet, Dallas Newton and Mitch Atkins still looking for the ‘Green Grass’

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Justin Guy, Southeast Guilford High School Class of 2017, is headed to N.C. Central University to play college baseball…Guy, a center fielder, has great speed, in fact his speed is in the D.J. Artis neighborhood, and Guy can get on and the around the bases in a hurry and he is so very quick to the ball, in the outfield…(D.J. Artis, with the Liberty Flames and from Southeast Guilford HS, was the Rookie of the Year, last year in the Big South Conference.)

Guy is the guy that began playing football this past season for SEG, along with his brother Jalen Guy, and they both have become outstanding football players, as well as being just great baseball players too….There are not many around that can pitch like Jalen Guy and with Justin batting leadoff, his on-base percentage has to be up there around .750 to .800, from his leadoff spot in the batting order…

Justin Guy will be saying Goodbye to Southeast Guilford soon and he is on his way to N.C. Central, to become a part of the Eagles’ baseball program, where he will be joining another former SEG Falcon, in pitcher Devin Sweet…Sweet has found himself a home/Sweet Spot on the diamond at N.C. Central, while attending classes at Duke University….

They have a real nice exchange program down there in Durham, that works between Duke and N.C. Central and it is really paying off for Devin Sweet and he can’t wait to meet his new teammate for 2018, Justin Guy…Central may want to work out a family plan and grab Jalen Guy too and there is always that strong possibility that Jalen Guy could end up playing football and baseball for N.C. Central…

For now Devin Sweet is on staff, on the Eagles’ pitching staff that is and Justin Guy is on his way to N.C. Central, down in Durham town…Jalen Guy is on hold for now, but he might be the next Southeast Guilford Falcon Guy/guy to make his move to N.C. Central University…

*****Former SEG Falcon pitcher Dallas Newton was released by the Arizona Diamonds baseball organization at the end of this past Summer season and now Newton has landed on his feet with an Independent League baseball team in Laredo, Texas…Newton is feeling pretty good about his baseball future with his new team on the Independent circuit in Laredo, and not too far from Dallas…If Dallas can make it to Dallas, the Big D could someday become his new Newton home….*****

You never know, but Dallas Newton is making the most of his ‘ride’ in professional baseball and we all know who the “KING” of the long and prosperous professional baseball career is??? Mitch Atkins, the former pitcher for the Northeast Guilford Rams….Mitch has been making his pitch since he was 18 years old and now he is in his early 30’s and with Mitch he has been able to pitch for the Cubs, the Orioles, the Braves, the Independents, and all sorts of professional teams since he came out of Northeast Guilford High School, back round 2004….Tough to shut the door on a Mitch Atkins and tough to end the career of a young man with still a young and developing arm, like Dallas Newton…

I heard one time a few years back that Mitch Atkins and Dallas Newton were cousins, or at least they were related/a-kin/connected and you never know, once you turn pro, you do not want to let go and you still dream of making it back to the show if you are Mitch Atkins, or you dream of seeing your dreams come true and hitting the majors for the first time in your career, if you are a Dallas Newton…

The door is still open and for these Guys and for Sweet and for Newton and for Atkins, it is time to, “Come On In, Again”…..

Justin Guy
Southeast Guilford High School
Greensboro NC
5’8″165 lbs Senior
Graduates in 2017
Plays Baseball and Football

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