High School Basketball Tonight in and around Guilford County(12/13/16)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 13, 2016 at 10:42 am under High School | 26 Comments to Read

All games set for 6pm unless otherwise noted…
High Point Central at Grimsley…Boys:HPC(3-1)/Grimsley(2-5)…Girls:HPC(3-2)/Grimsley(0-6)…Boys game at 6 and girls at 7:30pm
Southwest Guilford at HP Andrews…Girls:SWG(4-3)/HPA(3-1)…Boys:SWG(5-1)…HPA(3-2)
Eastern Alamance at Northern Guilford…Girls:NG(5-0/2-0)/EA(4-0/3-0)….Boys:NG(4-2)/EA(4-0)…Great girls battles last year and EA has a very good basketball program, with solid girls and boys teams…NG girls have Rockingham County(8-0) at home tomorrow night…Exam Time on the basketball court…
Ragsdale at Randleman…Girls:Ragsdale(5-3)/RAND(4-3)/Boys:RAGS(4-4)/RAND(2-3)…
Eastern Randolph at Southeast Guilford…Girls:SEG(3-3)/ER(2-3)…ER(3-1)/SEG(1-5)….ER boys coached by Lynda Hooker-Ravenell…
McMichael at Northeast Guilford…NEG(6-2)/MAC(2-4)…Boys:NEG(4-4)/MAC(1-5)…Girls game set to start at 6:30pm
Southern Guilford at Southwestern Randolph…Girls:SG(3-3)/SWR(7-1)…Boys:SG(3-3)/SWR(2-6)…
Western Guilford at Bartlett Yancey…Girls:WG(0-6)/BY(5-3)…Boys:WG(3-4)/BY(2-6)…Girls game set to start at 5pm
Burlington Cummings at Dudley 7:30 with boys only game…Dudley(1-4)/Cummings(0-3)
Eastern Guilford High School:The home basketball games vs. Morehead scheduled for Tuesday, 12/13/16 have been rescheduled for Saturday, 1/14/17- JV men’s game will start at 3:00 pm, varsity women at 4:30 pm and varsity men at 6:00 pm.
East Surry at Bishop McGuinness…Girls:Bishop(1-4)/ES(2-3)…Boys:ES(3-2)/Bishop(4-0)….Girls game set to start at 6:30pm…
Raleigh Ravenscroft at Wesleyan Christian Academy…Girls:WES(7-3)/RAV(6-2)…Boys:WES(8-1)/RAV(6-3)…Girls game at 4:30 and boys at 6pm…
Burlington Williams at Rockingham County…Girls:RC(8-0)/BW(4-2)…Boys:BW(3-2)/RC(2-4)….Girls at 6 and boys at 7:30pm..
Piedmont Classical High School(6-5) plays at New Garden Friends School(7-4) Tonight at 7pm(Boys Game)

  • bballfan said,

    Why is EG now postponing their games for this week. They’ve played all their games up until now and undefeated. Understand the excitement for the football team this weekend in the championship game. Make look like a positive now but that means the schedule will be tight after Christmas with few days for practice.

  • PCHS Fan said,

    Piedmont Classical High School(6-5) plays at New Garden Friends School(7-4) Tonight at 7pm

  • Andy Durham said,

    I spoke with Ragsdale AD Brian Herndon today about the hiring of Girls Basketball Coach Ben Bradford and all is above and beyond above board with Ben on board…

    Ben has coached basketball and past baseball in the past and he was previously on the Ragsdale staff helping coach Ragsdale baseball…

    What we are saying here is that he has worked there before as a coach, so he is not new to Ragsdale staff…

    Mr. Herndon said Ben was their top choice and that he was going to select the top choice even if he was from Tim-buck-To….

    Ragsdale got the right man and their program is headed in the right direction…

    If you have any other questions, your best bet is to go see AD Brian Herndon at Ragsdale High School, in Jamestown…

    All procedures have been followed properly and the man in charge, Brian Herndon, would know and I spoke to him today….

    Case here is closed and time for those teams to go get some more wins and that is why you play the games to some positive results and you need coaches that can get those positive results….

    Hey, I did my part and there you go…

  • EGfanatic said,

    it wont hurt the players at EG at all chemistry with the football players moe important anyways. The Christmas tournament will be qualified as there practice most likely plus those boys play AAU ball wont effect them at all.

  • comment deleted? said,

    The defending of the hiring of Ragsdale girls coach seems out of left field, what were those comments replying or in reference to Andy??

  • Andy Durham said,

    They were not deleted but were on a different post well off the front page and a few pages back now…

    I put the response up here to be current..

    The request was made that I inquire about the hiring of the Ragsdale Girls Basketball Coach and I did that today at the HAECO Luncheon…

    Sometimes you have to go back a few pages or posts to get the real gist, but I put today’s work up here because I know most of the basketball people read the current posts the most…

    Sometimes the previous posts get left behind or forgotten, but we try and keep you updated…

    I write too much on here any way…

    Time to go to trail…

    ******Here is that comment from the previous post…Comment from today, post from a few days back…


    Will you still see the Ragsdale AD today? There needs to be some clarification on this issue…*****

    +++++And as Andy here I have let everyone know, that what I say in this county goes, at least that is what the Sheriff said the other day…Or did he say for me to go to the next county??? Well time to get back to the trails….+++++

  • alls I know said,

    NCHSSA rules can be bent and twisted and interpreted in certain ways to make ADs or others sleep better at night. The facts are, whatever Ben coached at Ragsdale previously matters not, because no one he coached before did he also coach in AAU. Fact is he coaches 3+ current Ragsdale players that are also on his Greensboro lady gaters. 2+ of those AAU players are NOT zoned to go to Ragsdale. We all know the loop holes and ways around going to a different school than where you are zoned to go. The IB program is the most common loop hole used. Regardless, it is shady and wrong. Another fact is that until Ragsdale becomes relevant on the statewide playoff scene no one will care. NCHSSA will not come and dig deep and find the shenanigans going on until Ragsdale dominates like the Northern boys did back years ago when they were caught doing the same shady things. These are the facts.

  • agree said,

    Just because you are not “breaking” any rules does not mean the rules are not being twisted and bent in your favor.

  • Tired said,

    All I Know please don’t post inaccurate information. Ben only coaches 2 of his Ragsdales players in AAU one happens to be his daughter. ALL of them lives in ZONE. Ragsdale doesn’t have an IB program so that isn’t how they are there, THEY ARE IN DISTRICT. Please put this to rest the AD has spoken and thats all that should count. Thanks Andy for clarifying the Ragsdale coaching issue. Ben is a standup guy and he is already making an impact.

  • wrong said,

    One freshman is zoned to go to page. Get your facts right. I have sent three kids through the gaters organization, and these things I know. Agree with other post though, it wont matter because Ragsdale may do well locally in the future but will never make it past final 16 in states, ever, even if Coach K was their coach.

  • clarify said,

    The nchssa does not care if it is a daughter or not, the way the rules are worded is if they do, or do not, play AAU for the HS coach. Daughter does not matter its is his daughter, again 3 total players that play AAU for him.

  • everyone shhh said,

    I do not have a dog in this race, nor do I have any clue about the rules. I do however see how others feel this is “unfair”. The nchssa puts strict rules on how m uch practice time is allowed with their HS kids, especially in offseason and summer. If a HS coach has a decent amount of players on his AAU team that gives extra practice time and thus should result in better preparation and better players.

  • Inaccurate Again said,

    Wrong you are indeed WRONG thats a flat out LIE dont believe everything you hear. EVERYBODY LIVES IN DISTRICT. Who would jeopardize their program for 1 student? that’s ridiculous. Let it go and stop being a hater. I’m sure this isn’t the end of this but geez stop trying to find stuff

  • Inaccurate Again said,

    Clarify you are wrong also yes there are 3 Gaters on the team however he is the coach of only 2 of them the other one plays on a younger Gater team. Smh

  • for your information said,

    NCHSAA has no control over who should coach or penalize the coach that is doing wrong. They do have rules to go by. The county school system administrator will be responsible for punish anyone who do not follow the rules. Moe Green did that to several schools in Guilford County in the past few years. NCHSAA just oversee high school sports and run the playoffs.

  • Inaccurate Again said,

    Wrong you are a HATER and pathethic RAGSDALE Will not only make the sweet 16 they will go deep in the playoffs in due time. They have some talented young ladies and they are only going to get better. I don’t have a dog in the fight I have an entire dog pound so stop speaking negatively of the program. Andy and the AD has spoken and that’s all should matter at this point. How have no idea why this seems to be the topic every week. Ben is an awesome coach and even better person so let the man live.

  • they should said,

    If they don’t do well, something is wrong. Considering he gets 11 months of practice time with his best players.

  • from old thread said,

    This is from the old thread that started all this mess:

    Restricts any head coach or assistant coach from coaching children of the same age outside the school system or scouting for colleges or club teams or owning or working for a business that sells sports related products.

    Seems pretty cut and dry since Ben coaches 3 kids he coaches outside of the school, NW is breaking this rule too as they have an assistant and daughter plus two more play AAU for that assistant.

    Again Gaters, there seems to be one constant in all this mess, the Gaters.

  • Inaccurate Again said,

    As a father and coach I would expect him to take HIS KID to the gym and practice so your are right they should. Same thing goes for alot of the other schools there are alot of parent/coaches in GCS. Im starting to believe this isn’t about Ragsdale but its about those Gaters that dominate this area he do have NATIONAL AAU CHAMPIONSHIP under his belt. He knows
    What he is doing

  • Proud Gater said,

    Always a GATER stop being a HATER

  • Nat Champ tainted said,

    One could argue that the National Championship was won when all top tier players were no longer playing to win trophies in silly tournaments, but playing in showcases to get a college athletic scholarship. Top talent plays showcases after 7th grade year, Gaters Nat Champ came with his group of girls being 8th graders. Just playing devils advocate here.

  • Proud Gater said,

    Nat Champ tainted! YOU ARE WRONG YET AGAIN!!!! They were in 7th grade when they won the National AAU Championship they played showcase in the 8th grade. Stop trying to steal their joy. So again as 7th graders his team won the BIG ONE how many National Championships do you have under your belt????Im waiting—tick tock tick tick. NONE!!! Thats what I thought. He has also won I think at least 6 NC State Championships with his two Gater teams.

  • Question said,

    Is there a place I can go, to get high school scores and not have to read all this hate. I am happy for the Ragsdale girls, they should be proud of their accomplishments. I used to love coming here and hearing about the different programs but now this website has turned into nothing but bashing. There are so many untruths told here by people it is really sickening.

  • Interesting said,

    LOL! This is ridiculous! We need to get the facts. Andy thank you for clarifying the whole issue. Now if it’s that much of a problem all these folks on here need to go over to Ragsdale or downtown to talk to those folks but not on here.

  • agree calm down said,

    Totally agree, its very simple guys. I am a lawyer and have read the governing documents pertaining to this situation. These documents were updated recently because of the situation with Northern Guilford boys basketball. All the immature and annoying bashing aside, its what you can prove. IF any team has a head coach or assistant coach for the public school system and they are coaching any of the players on the public school team in ANY other team outside of that public team, they are in violation. Its simple law guys and what can be proven. Consensus on here seems to be a few teams are in violation. I think I have read two teams have kids where coaches of public schools also have kids on that team they coach in AAU.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Too much jealousy on here…Ragsdale starts having some success and people start crying….You never hear much of the crying when your team can beat the other team…Let the team have some success and have your team get out there and get to work and you might have a shot to beat them…

    If not some teams might have to get ready to take the beat down because the way some of you have been talking on here, if they get the chance, you have it coming…

    Time to close this one down for today and again too much silly jealousy…Games need to be won on the court and not on here…You can’t win a game on here…

    And let the kids play and the coaches coach…