High School Basketball Tonight in and around Guilford County:Greensboro Day boys and Northern Guilford girls both Unbeaten in action Tonight/NWG boys(4-0) vs. North Surry(7-0)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 16, 2016 at 11:24 am under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Hickory Grove at Greensboro Day School 4:30pm…GDS Boys(12-0)/HIC(5-4)…Girls:GDS(6-6)/HIC(5-0)
Northern Guilford at Eastern Guilford 6:30pm…Girls:NG(8-0/4-0)/EG(3-1/1-1)…Boys:EG(4-0/3-0)/NG:(5-3/3-1)
High Point Andrews at High Point Central 6pm…Girls:HPC(4-2)/HPA(3-2)…Boys:HPC(4-2)/HPA)4-3)
Burlington Williams at Northeast Guilford 6:30pm…Girls:NEG(8-2)/BW(4-3)…Boys:NEG(6-4)/BW(4-2)
Asheboro at Southern Guilford 6pm…Girls:SG(3-4)/ASHE(3-4)…Boys:SG(4-3)/ASHE(3-4)
Western Guilford at Ledford 6pm…Girls”WG(1-7)/LED(8-1)…Boys:WG(4-4)/LED(6-3)
North Surry at Northwest Guilford 6pm…Girls:NWG(4-2)/NS(4-3)…Boys:NWG(4-0)/NS(7-0)…
Ragsdale at South Stokes 6:30pm…Girls:RAG(6-3)/SS(4-3)…Boys:RAG(5-4)/SS(6-1)
Piedmont Classical School at Smith(Girls Only) 7:30pm…Smith(4-2)/PCS(3-6)
Bishop McGuinness at WS Prep 6:30pm…Girls:Bishop(2-4)/WSP(0-7)…Boys:Bishop(5-0/3-0)/WSP(5-2/2-0)
Western Alamance at Rockingham County 6pm…Girls:ROCK(9-1)/WA(2-3)…Boys:ROCK(2-6)/WA(1-2)
Morehead at McMichael 6pm…Girls:MORE(1-6)/MAC(3-5)/Boys:MAC(2-6)/MORE(2-5)
Burlington Christian at Westchester Country Day 5:30pm…Boys:WCD(1-6)/BCS(1-8)..Girls:WCD(0-5)/BCS(5-1)
Wesleyan Christian Academy girls in Showcase at Providence Day in Charlotte…WCA(8-3)
Vandalia Christian School at Gospel Light Christian School Boys at 7pm…VCS(7-5)/GLCS(8-3)..Girls at 5:45pm:VCS(0-4)/GCLS(7-2)

  • tom willis said,

    It’s really hard to believe that Northern would not postpone game with Eastern. Due to the fact that Eastern has championship football game tomorrow. If any team should understand it should be Northern. Guess they want to play a short handed team to get a win.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hey, the Eastern Guilford boys are playing well on their own so far and have gotten off to a solid (4-0) start to the season…

    No sleeping on the EG Boys…

  • bballfan said,

    I don’t think the Northern at EG game is happening. Based on earlier post from the week EG postponed all basketball games that were scheduled for this week. I think the post was about EG athletics for the week.

  • Tom willis said,

    Eastern tried to postpone game but Northern would not agree and they are making Eastern play the game. Eastern has 3 for top 6 players playing football. Pretty shady, Guilford County school should support each other.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coming in to us back on Monday afternoon from Eastern Guilford Athletics:

    The home basketball games vs. Northern Guilford scheduled for Friday, 12/16/16, that was posted to be rescheduled- now has changed again and will be played on Friday as previously scheduled.

    JV men’s game will start at 5:00 pm, varsity women’s at 6:30 pm and varsity men at 8:00 pm.

  • EGfanatic said,

    Coach Spinks will have those boys ready. its a no excuse team.

  • ATLHooper said,

    This is funny, because…..I dont remember any teams waiting for Northern’s football players to return for basketball season last year or the year before…or really anytime.

  • Evans said,

    Northern did the right thing and played the game! NG never waited on football players, they played the games. Everyone just trying to find something to bash NG.

  • Wildcats said,

    It’s actually common for teams to delay games, Eastern Alamance and others have done it including your beloved nighthawks. EG played seven guys and missing two starters, dressed three jvs. Different story next time. By the way EG cut a 18 pt of lead to 5 being short handed. They played it out to the end.

  • Nighthawk said,

    So it says Easterns record was 4-0 before this game, so how come the complaining starts now when they are going to play Northern Tom Willis! No complaining on here the last couple weeks, why start now!

  • bballfan said,

    I may be wrong but some people are probably upset because EG has been playing games up until this week, now they want to postpone 3 conference games. I think teams in EG position should make a choice. Either commit to playing all the games w/out football players or not playing any. Western Alamance didn’t play any games until they were eliminated. Reidsville traditionally waits for its’ football players before playing. I don’t have a dog in the fight for tonight but can’t blame NG for wanting to play.

  • reggie said,

    I think if it is a conference game, teams should agree to play at a later date. It doesnt matter too much for non conference.

  • ATLHooper said,

    EG didnt want to play Northern. They wanted to play the other games they felt they could win. If that wasnt clear before the game it was clear after they dribbled 4 minutes off the clock in the 2nd with only a 4 point lead!

    Long story short – Cant have your cake and eat it. Either wait for your football kids or get on with it. World cant stop turning because some kids chose to play football.

  • Pat said,

    Tom, going with your line of reasoning; why not just ask Weddington to postpone that other game until the end of basketball season? Then; if any of EG’s players catch a cold during the basketball season, just ask the other teams to postpone all their plans until your team is healthy.
    Or; maybe we teach our kids that choices, even good choices like playing multiple sports, have consequences.

    Galileo must’ve been wrong, our planets revolve around Gibsonville.

  • Tom Willis said,

    Williams had no problem moving there game this week. Just those guys at Northen. We play you again and an ass whipping will be in store.