High School Football Today on GreensboroSports.com and GreensboroSports Radio:NCHSAA Championship Games

Posted by Andy Durham on December 17, 2016 at 10:16 am under High School | 30 Comments to Read

We will have all of the games covered for you here today at GreensboroSports.com and GreensboroSports Radio…

Dennis White will be in Raleigh for the Page Pirates(14-1) vs. Wake Forest Cougars(15-0) game at 3:05pm and you can catch that game on GreensboroSports Radio…Dennis will also have the Dudley Panthers(14-1) vs. Cape Fear Colts(15-0) game coming up at 7pm tonight on GreensboroSports Radio

Kris Walser will be in Winston-Salem for the Eastern Guilford Wildcats(15-0) vs. Weddington Warriors(12-3) game and Kris, along with Coach Daryl Steele and Donnie Strader will get rolling with their kickoff at 3:05pm and you can catch them on GreensboroSports Radio 2…Kris Walser from Winston-Salem and Dennis White from Raleigh and they will have all of the games covered today with the help of Don Moore, here at GreensboroSports Radio….

Hook-up and stick with GreensboroSports Radio today and be sure to check out the POST GAME reports from Wyatt Smith on the Page and Dudley games and photos will be coming your way from Cameron Robles who will be covering the Eastern Guilford Wildcats….

Lots of football today from GreensboroSports Radio and GreensboroSports.com….

  • street said,

    Andy, why in the hell is Eastern Guilford not able to stream, but we are listening to Page and Dudley pregame on radio. If Northern were playing you would make damn sure we heard it.

  • Dale fulton said,

    Duh, maybe if I could read, I could get the game.

  • vince said,

    Its on stream 2. Click on the link.

  • Page Bandwagon Anyone? said,

    PAGE GETS SMOKED!!!! ARRRRRRRRHHHH!!!!! Guess playing on a grass field and not that mud pit hurt them. The other team could actually run

  • To Page Bandwagon Anyone said,

    Dear Page Bandwagon anyone,

    Does it give you pleasure to bash HS athletes? I mean get real. This page team went 14-1 – to back to back state championships and you feel like you can post that kind of comment on this page? My son graduated in 2012 and was part of the 2011 championship team. These coaches and players and staff at Page have real heart and are winners. It is people like you who want to come on a site and try to tear down them after they have lost one game but are winners all around. You need to get real…and grow up. We should be supporting all of our Guilford County schools. Bad example.

  • Pirates Forever said,

    Page Bandwagon you gutless creep. You must be a Grimsley Swirlie. How did your team do? How many state titles has your team competed for?

    Yeah. Thought so.

  • Just Ridiculous said,

    All of these athletes did extremely well, whether they win or lose. Guilford County has some very talented athletes and I’m proud to say my county had 3 schools competing for a championship. For someone to make a negative comment regarding any of these schools is just ridiculous. Please grow-up and support these athletes. From listening to you I assume your son didn’t make the big dance. Don’t rain on others parade. #GuilfordCountyStrong

  • Grimsley fan225 said,

    That what page gets a big fat L (guess you can’t recruit every athlete in NC)

  • C'mon man said,

    @street –
    Think you owe Andy an apology just because you to ignorant to understand how it works! Northern fans would never have this problem…cause we’d be at the game!!!!

  • SMH!!!! said,

    Grimsley Fan225 you have the audacity to speak of someone losing. Your team can’t bust a grape in NO SPORT boys or girls. Don’t be mad at Page because your team isn’t that good. No offense to Grimsley athletes because I know you worked hard. Its just ignorant fans that run their mouth and bash other schools like Grimsley is winning in something. The HAECO is coming up and we shall see where Grimsley stands. Grow up and stop talking about these schools. Wasn’t you taught that If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say NOTHING!!!! Especially when you can’t back it up. Im not a Page fan but Im extremely proud of all 3 schools that made the big dance. Congrats Pirates/Wildcats/Panthers all of you deserve this moment.

  • Lol said,

    @ C’mon Man- you are funny!!! Lol, but you are right. Especially, regarding apologizing to Andy, the information been posted since yesterday on how to listen.

  • Grimsley alum said,

    What’s new Page doing all that talk and then get smashed.All that extra talk catches up with you.

  • Grimsley fan225 said,

    Thank you Grimsley alum 4 taking the words from my fingers. Page will NEVER win A ship and I put that on my momma. HAIL TO THE WHIRLIE

  • PageDad said,

    Hey Grimsley people….learn to spell, and proper English sentence structure, before you bash anyone, or any team!

  • Proud of GCS said,

    I understand that you are not a fan of Page, neither am I. They do talk alot of smack but at the same time they not only represented their school today they also represented Guilford County and for that I am proud that they made the big dance. They don’t have a reason to hang their heads, they made a good run and represented well same goes for EG Wildcats. It looks like Dudley is going to win the 4A Championship. Congrats to all the Panther fans.

  • Ridiculous said,

    The fact that all of these posts trashing HS kids and teams are from adults and “role models” for our kids – no wonder some kids are so messed up. It is the adults that always mess it up for the well deserving kids. I know more will come – it is a known fact that the same old people post the same old stuff each year.

  • Can't believe these adults said,

    @ Ridiculous, I totally agree! These so-called adults should be ashame of themselves for bashing kids. They should be uplifting them instead of kicking them when there’re down

  • Shyige said,

    Page coaches gave up on the team.

  • smoke said,

    I guess no one likes Reidsville

  • Football fan said,

    Congrats to the Reidsville Rockin Rams! You also deserve accolades for such an awesome season! 336 Rocks- Rams/Pirates/Panthers/Wildcats

  • Page Bandwagon Anyone? said,

    All I will say is kiss the Ring!!! After all the crap you Page fans talked after the Dudley and even after the East Forsyth games now you want to talk like you are all class… GTFOH! After beating Vance you thought that ring was yours. WF didn’t get that memo I guess. They laid the smackdown on the Pirates! ARRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  • Huh? said,

    Just like you Page Band Wagon fans! The Page coaches gave up on the kids!????? More like Wake Forest smack the kids from the opening kickoff. The Coach didn’t tell the end to not block #44 on the blocked punt. The Coaches didn’t tell Jones to throw the ball right to the OLB for WF. Just like you spoiled Page parents. It couldn’t be little Johnny’s fault it has to be Coach G. Last week you were screaming we have the greatest coaches in the state. Now the suck and gave up on the kids. LMAO!!!

  • Triadwatch said,

    Congrats to Dudley for a great game played on both sides of ball. Cape Fear had a huge crowd on hand to witness a complete beat down.

    As a whirlie alumni I was rooting for page to win they just got in a deep hole early and could not get out and getting punt blocked twice was huge.

    Note to parking attendants at NCState you could get out of a parking fiasco if you would not take money directly at entrance to stadium . Plenty missed opening of game because of this debacle.

  • Andy Durham said,

    The word I got was people were listening…

    Sometimes you have to select your player and then you have the stream…

    Heard from quite a few people that said they were tuned in and listening…

    Over 500-600 people last check I had and appreciate those that made the effort to listen…

    Our broadcasts are a little bit different…Not your normal every day operation…

    Very happy for Dudley and the win the Panthers nailed down tonight in Raleigh…

    We jumped on board with Dudley around 8 weeks ago and rode them through the playoffs…That was quite a run…In dire straights at Mocksville, down 14-0 early and fell behind 30-22 in the second half to Davie County…Dudley down at the half to Charlotte Catholic 10-7 and Dudley refused to bow out that was quite the run by the Dudley Panthers…

    As is the case on many an occasion, Dudley had a tougher time with Davie County and Catholic than they did with Cape Fear…

    Hendon Hooker and his Panther teammates chose a great night to step it up to center stage on the main stage in Raleigh at Carter-Finley Stadium…

    Look back at our All-Guilford County team and you will see Dudley leading the way with Hooker as Player of the Year…We Dudley with the most players, Page was second and Eastern Guilford was third and that is pretty much how they finished up the season…

    Page had a great run and this was super year for Page…You hate to end it with a loss in the Title game, but this Page team was better than last year’s team and I am here to tell you that Page could well be better next than they were this year…Just a few of those guys are Kiandre Paige, Givondre Paige, Sincere Davis, Nick Baker and the little wide out from Aycock who was on the JV team this year…Cody of Kobe…The kid is Cody King and I just remembered him and Page will return WR’s Naseem and Asaad Alston too and I think one of the Alstons is the brother of former Pirate Remene Alston…..

    Page will be strong again and we tip our cap to the great job Coach Kevin Gillespie and Coach Norman Weeks do with that Page Pirates football team…They do an outstanding job year-in, year-out….State Champs in 2011, State Finalist in 2015 and 2016, that is a strong football resume and would much rather have that than no being in the finals hunt at all…

    Page is a first-class program and they will continue to be under Coach Gillespie and Coach Weeks….

    Be proud of your Page Pirates and it was a tough day with the blocked punts and the picks, but, it happens to all of us, some days you can’t get out of your own way…Coach Kevin Gillespie will go as one of the top high school football coaches in Guilford County history and he has the record and the wins to prove it…

    Again what else can you say about Coach Steven Davis and the Dudley Panthers???? I say this and I will let the players back it up, Nigel Peele and Patrick Conner are the best linebacking duo in the state of North Carolina….Awstyn Williams got red hot on D for Dudley late in the season and the DB’s got tested and they passed the test…

    Myles White was let go and then reinstated when he got his act together and his house in order and boy what a difference he made in the last two games of the season….Quran Blount gave Dudley quality time on both the offensive and defensive lines and you could go on and on with Seagraves, Berry, and we could go on and on about the great job these Panthers did today and what they might being at the 3-AA level next year with Zariek Rush already ready to be one of the top runningbacks in the state for 2017…With DJ Crossen ready to lead that defense next year and Rush ready to run on Offense, Dudley will be a tough nut to crack in 2017…..

    Coach Curtis McMillan is gone for Dudley and the Panthers will have to wait and see if Coach Steven Davis will weigh his options for 2017…

    Dudley’s JV team was unbeaten and that will be a big part of their Varsity squad for next year…Chris Zellous, I think there is another Rush coming too and there you go, Dudley is not done yet….

    Why don’t we make this a cumulative effort and if you are going to crack on somebody, when not crack on the out-of-town teams and not crack on our local teams….

    We all need to band together and support our Guilford County teams…

    I still feel like the West teams are way better down the ones down East, even Wake Forest gave the East a nice boost today….I will still back the West and call them the best…

    I did not get to follow the Eastern Guilford game today/Saturday, but our web site announcer Kris Walser told me that Weddington was coming EG and that they laid some heavy lumber and heavy hits on the ‘Cats and the ‘Cats QB’s….EG was unreal for most of the year and those players like Bryant Barr, Zion Walker, Isaiah Finerty, James Artis and others that are on the way out, they have helped laid the groundwork for a super strong EG program in the future…

    EG QB Dominique Graves returns and EG has several key players back as well and EG had an unbeaten JV team in 2016 and pretty much causes inclination that 2017 will be good too and the year after that too…

    Very Happy for Dudley and their young leader Hendon Hooker on a job and a career well done and good luck on the road to Va Tech in Blacksburg, Va….

    Will Jones is going to be fine and he has a very bright future on the table at Western Carolina…Things did not go well for Will on Saturday, but his best football days are ahead and the same can be said for Javon Leake, Ronald Polite, Tyler DeBerry and most all of the Pirates and remember, your best football days are ahead, but do not forget the hard work you put and turned in to make 2016 very special too…

    Three Teams on the Big Stage on Championship Saturday….Guilford County needs to be proud of what all of these young men and their coaches have accomplished….

    Good job, Dudley, Page and Eastern Guilford and just outside our turf, Great Job Reidsville Rams….Football City USA/NC has come home to Reidsville and the Rams are running and rolling to the Trophy Store again…Time to purchase a big trophy for the school’s trophy case and time to place an order for around 50 2-A State Championship Rings….

  • Anwar Alston said,

    I enjoyed both 4AA and 4A state championship games. None in this house lost sleep. I wish Assad could have stayed to watch a masterful offensive game called by the coaching staff at Dudley to read defenses. Coach KP sat Assad in his office at Dudley and taught him coverages at 8 years old. I only sat back and took notes. He never huddled in his life until he played at Lewis, and that was and is the worst football in my opinion. Nevertheless, Hooker my God, Hendon Hooker looked like a high school Heisman, but that is life. Throw the ball to athletes in space and allow them to make plays versus tucking heads and running dummy routes to divert attention for the top receiver. That did not work. The route runner and route tree knower had 56% of the receiving yards. What do I know, I have never stayed at a Holiday Inn. lol

    *If any criticisms are directed my way, please use your real name and send me an email if you are a Page person. Do not use a fake name then shake my hand as most do from that school. Real cowards…

  • Seeing Red said,

    I wonder why Page didn’t stay for the last game and support their conference mates; I know I know stupid question but some Page fans were really eating up that 1 point Pirate win and taking petty jabs about knocking out some of the Dudley players. Well atleast now they can say they beat a State Champion.

  • PageDad said,

    The team players of Page had requested to stay for the next game if they won. They didn’t, thus they left…..

    Did Dudley get there early enough to sit in the stands and support Page? N O P E!!

  • streeter said,

    My bad Andy. @C’mon man, dream on.

  • street said,

    My bad Andy. @C’mon man, dream on.

  • Perry Saunders said,

    @PageDad You are wrong, there was Panthers Fans there to support Page. Not everyone for Dudley wore Blue and Yellow. I got to got to the Stadium at 2:20pm, I saw in my section about 15-18 Dudley Folks there quickly. Friday Night, I talked to the Gentleman that was getting 2 buses up for Dudley for the CHAMPIONSHIP Game, there 1st plan was to leave at 12:00noon, because a lot of Panthers Fans wanted to support Page….But the older Fans that are around 65-82 years of age, didn’t want to sat out in the cold that long, so the pushed it back to 3:30pm. My point is this even after all the junk talked Page players did on Twitter and some Page Parents at my Job, we were still being Classy and pulled for you guys. But it was some Dudley fans there Sir.